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Been a long time…


So much change. Since the last post, I have moved my sites — TWICE. My old host where I had been was closing and I moved somewhere else against my better judgement… Really, when your Spidey-senses tell you to do something, you should do it. After a lot of stress and trouble, I moved where the old host suggested. They’re great!


The Spidey-senses also tend to be relevant with things like work too… Since the last post (I really thought it hadn’t been that long), I had changed jobs — to a company that I LOVED. Great pay, decent runs, not sending you out in unsafe weather (how quickly that has changed)… Sadly, the company was part of a larger, growing conglomerate — the largest mail contractor in the country. However, something that had so much promise had a such a very horrible execution. When I started, at our terminal there were over 40 drivers… now there are 7. A whole lot of runs… some the PO changed/killed, but some, many, were lost due to poor management. What kind of person thinks that letting mail sit for 15 hours is a good idea. At other companies I have been, they’d have torn a huge piece of skin off this guy’s ass — actually he’d have been fired. Bad commo is another thing — no one can reach said manager between 5p and 8a… who does that? Anyway, that and the overt favoritism just made it bad. And, I would say speaking to people in a condescending and high-handed manner doesn’t help. They are in shock that the unions are coming in all over the country at most terminals… Leia said it best: “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin (in this case “Darth Vader”), the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” Such truth. They want it like the old days where they could treat drivers like shit and they’d accept it. Fuck that! There are a lot of driving jobs out there and you don’t have to accept ones that yell, try and get you to do unsafe shit or try to claw back money they’ve given you.

The job musical chairs was also too much — sick to my stomach every day about losing my job (and I wasn’t alone) and it finally happened and I had to move to another terminal an hour and 10 minutes away. Had to join the union —guess what, I was wrong about them… the APWU is great. Their recruiters that Jeff and I had talked to years ago, they were “not great” and cause more harm then good… but the union itself. Great. I ended up with a better run though, but the company, in it’s usual disdain for their drivers, had decided to lower the pay there at that “terminal” by $8 an hour >:-o WTF right? I’m moving on. Not just because of this company who has such contempt for their drivers — the ones who do the job that brings in the money — everyone else being just support staff… they don’t get that shit. Higher management has been known to say “Drivers are a dime a dozen” — sure they are pally, but you get what you pay for. Imagine, a company that had 5000 drivers now reduced to a shadow of that. Fuck it — I’m movin’ on. I will say, the manager have now… he’s done right by me and I think he is a good guy.

I should say, there is another part to this… the Postmaster General that Donny put in there, Louis DeJoy, he is a goat fucker. He left XPO to come here, yet he just doesn’t get the Mail. He thinks it’s a business, when in fact it’s in the Constitution. I have to have a badge and a background check, but he’s having them put the mail on the load board and all these foreign outside carriers run it; late, without screening, not being able to speak English and causing accidents, etc. (one article about it is in freightwaves: Lax oversight of trucking contractors plagues postal service). Of course, we’re wrong about that now, don’t ya know.

Corruption and Scumbaggery

You can read a bit about the above-noted corruption, the PO and the Postmaster General’s part in it… DeJoy’s Conflict of Interest.


Te Kings colour

GRIn reenacting, I have retired from WWI — in 2021, it was. Two good friends had passed and it wasn’t the same. That’s the gist of it. I’m still doing Roman, for now and playing at building a British Revvy War impression. Gives me something to do and be excited about.

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A better day


Less postal drama, but… Due to my truck being in the shop I had to take someone else’s… One that is ALWAYS on empty. An extra hour in fueling. And WAY dirty. I cleaned it for him and even armor-alled it. I’m sure that will go unnoticed. Then the first load was not ready when supposed to be, causing me to have to run attaching trip later after everything else. Did make the Dutch trip early… There was some goodness out there.

Of course, with the lateness off my return to the casa, lot Miller couldn’t hold it, but… He’s 15. I have potty pads down for him and he goes there!

Gas is sure going up. Can we say “profiteering?” Let’s hope this $ is here before the weekend. I need to get my car back… Things to do, buy a new mower, etc.

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Life and Work


Gods I am tired. Tired of assholes. Tired of FPR’s

Here’s the thing about a job that are important:

  • Don’t bounce my check or cheat me. Or, try to cheat me.
  • Don’t ask me to do unsafe or illegal shit.
  • Respect and appreciation are nice, but in this industry, very fucking rare.
  • But, the biggest thing is: have my back in regards to the post office; some in the P.O. are very good people, but there are also some who should have been drowned at birth. Anyway, if you don’t have my back in this regard, or violate any of the things I mention, don’t expect any loyalty from me.

Just ruminating. Dealt with some loser scum FPR’s again tonight. Still dealing with other shit. Just tired of life… I live for my dogs and the cat. That’s pretty much it right now.

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Politics, the rise of the new nazis (Antifa) and the decline of America…


So, the leftists and anti-Americans controlled by the nazi George soros are doing their best to tear us apart and bring down this country. Pretty disgusting really. You have paid political agitators protesting and causing violence. Destroying landmarks, suppressing their opponents free speech and even attacking them. I saw a video of some slug spraying tear gas in the face of some confederate reenactors. This turd was arrested, but you know he’ll get off 😡 Saw another news article where a WWII group had a dinner and a couple of the employees then got fired for taking photos with them… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.


Nazis, yes, NAZIS in the guise of “anti fascists” what bullshit. They’re nothing more than Nazis. Many claim to be socialists, but ya know what? ALL SOCIALISTS ARE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS! Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not true.


And now, everyone is offended about something and the left whines constantly abut President Trump… at least now they’re off the Russia kick. I find it funny that he’s now a racist when over the years he was the only one hiring blacks and gays and other minorities… Hell, even Jessie Jackson gave him an award for that. The left just knows no shame; they’ll say anything, do anything to smear someone they believe to be an enemy. So many people se another civil war coming… I hope not.

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A New Year


Roman officer, ostenibly CaesarSo, here we are, 2017. It didn’t really start out very promising. Work, little money, tired, borken tooth and insurance BS (something I won’t go into here). I can say that work on the Roman site, moved along by my friend John’s help IS going better, but on the work front, not enough hours, working all night. Caffeine addiction… ugh (have a headache today) and just tiredness and such. Since no one actually reads my blog, I don’t really have much to worry about.

Work stuff

At work, it appears they are installing cameras facing the drivers. I am not real hip on that, to say the least. They say, of course, that it won’t be always on, but in the companies I have known about, they DO use it like that and harass drivers about things such as eating and drinking (I’m a diabetic, so I WILL be doing those things) and talking on the phone–guess who we stay awake at night now… no one talks on a CB anymore. We’ll see where that goes. I am not sure I’m going to continue with that.

Romans in Britain

THe new responsive template is really working, as is the social media code. I need some social media buttons so folks can share the site–that’s coming… At 477 pages, it is a lot to keep up. Without my old program, GoLive CS2 (which actually works w/ the new template, whereas Dreamweaver does NOT), I can do what I need, but… it is all hard. One thing at a time. And, adding code to each page and tweaking and such is really a lot of work. And, while i do this, reenactor.Net languishes. My baby WILL be moving soon to this template, but first, I hav eto figure out hwo to make the link mod work… that and the gallery w/ out using the SMF/TinyPortal system that powers it all now SMF/TP is not responsive, meaning ti won’t work w/ mobile and as such, google penalizes you, HEAVILY. Sucks, but what else can you do w/ this blackmail but adapt. Sad.


My Galaxy 7 Edge is acting stupid, so here in a bit,  am going to go over to Verizon and see what can be done. I guess a new one as it’s still under warranty, but I DETEST changing phones. Gotta have it though. Still, not looking at Facebook would probably be a good thing. The politics and the constant crap from the sour-grapes, sore losers is getting to be a bit much. We gave Odumma a chance, until he screwed the pooch (willingly, I think) and they should too. There is a reason Trump won and tha tis because people are tired of the way the country is going and we want real change, not bullshit, liberal commie change. Anyway, I need ot go. Be nice if I could write on this more.


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The Ideations…


For the last couple of days, they have returned. Went out with some friends and that held them at bay. It was fun and they’re great guys.

Talked to a Contractor… one I hold in high regard and there is some goodness there. I hope. I am so in need of a company that cares about its employees. One that doesn’t have you do illegal stuff… “Make your log legal” yeah, right. This one has the promise of being good. I’ve met them and they’re nice people. To me, that’s important.

I haven’t posted about last weekend’s sailing drama. We saw a guy die. I don’t feel like going over it right now. It was depressing and actually, maddening because the guy didn’t need to drown. Not going out this weekend… just too hot it looks like.

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Still blah… and now this


So, I’m still blah about everything. Looking and networking for a job. I want one that is a good fit and all.

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Okay, so that’s tomorrow. Right now, I’m grilling because someone started nagging me. It’s 2:15. It’s just us. A friend loaned me some money and I was able to buy fresh food. Of course, my “roommate” is not happy with what I dared buy… No, no. We must only buy what said person feels is apropos…

Anyway, it’s just hamburgers and some “donkey dick” as Mark calls it. Got some Amish potato salad and avocados too. Even enough for tomorrow too. Anyway, I am sitting on the deck ruminating about things. Oh shit, need to set timer for grill 😛

It’s not like most people will even think of this date in 1776… To the masses, it’s just a day to drink beer (it was complained that I dared not buy any Redd’s Apple Ale–which I like too). See, some people like to spend the money down to zero, like a money locust… I don’t. Anyway, whilst I am not that hip on the Civil War period, I do find the Revolution quote interesting. We were a “Brexit” before it was cool. Most people in this country though, are simpletons… People so shallow they can’t even tell you about our history, yet will be voting for Hillary (now that their socialist hero Bernie is out–unless Hillary gets properly indicted). They truly should have to pass a test to vote in this country. Simpletons is a good word for many.

Anyway, it’s a nice day–not cranking hot like last weekend. I wish I could have went sailing yesterday… Nice weather there and wind. None for today it tomorrow, it says. Perhaps next weekend. I know for sure, I’m going sailing on the 16th–wind or no wind.

Hope to be going to get the truck after that. Somehow, I will get to Ohio… I just hope they get her done.


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The blahs.


Really, I am numb to most things these days. I was going to go sailing (which is one of the few things that brings me joy anymore), but $ is short until payday. I got laid off on Monday, but it’s a good thing. Really! Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I was unhappy there. Yes, I hate to change jobs, but in reality, I should have last year. If my mother hadn’t have passed last winter, I would have had to, as I just couldn’t afford it. The health insurance went up $300. per month the last two years. This year, it was going to be $1570. per MONTH for the wife and I… I had to drop it and get coverage on the market. That meant the money I was getting for the health care was not usable (neato huh) and went into a 401k, like at the company before. Actually, I wish I had done it that way from the beginning, as I’d have a lot more in my 401k AND have still had health care. Oh well. Anyway, it is what it is.

The ‘Net and my inability to go there anymore

It is strange… I used to LOVE to do stuff on the ‘Net. I would read my emails (a almost dead thing now due to Facebook) and I loved to work on my websites… However, since the last job entailed me being on the Internet and computer SO MUCH, I just don’t seem to feel like it anymore. “Back in the day,” I was on the ‘puter constantly, all day, late into the evening, EVERY day. The last employer didn’t understand what I actually did for the job–it wasn’t constant, but it entailed me being there to fix things ALL day and well into the night–including weekends. I think he felt I did nothing for what he paid me. Fine–his company. Another problem was that I couldn’t go out of town overnight due to my wife’s physical stuff and me having to be here to deal w/ the animals. I understand what they needed. I hope they get it. I’m at peace with it all and the gave me a fair severance. I have nothing bad to say.  C’est La Vie!

I really need a vacation and by that, I mean AWAY. Like going home to Reno. If it works out and I get the money like I’m supposed to AND, if I can line up a job to start, I might try and take a week to go there. I dunno. It costs like $52. a day for the dogs in the kennel. I only have two now, but she-who-shall-not-be-mentioned won’t watch them or take them out. Even just Miller, who is the calmest dog there is. I DO need to get away and I’d like to see the Fam. I used to go every year. However, since I got married, that hasn’t been possible. It was fine when I lived in Cali, but here, no. I have to fly… And the Kennel thing multiplies shit exponentially.

Some Things Are Better

My Fridge... a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge… a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge's control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

My Fridge’s control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

On the good front, I now have the $ (or will this week, if all goes as its supposed to) to get my pickup out of hock (it’s been in the shop for a whole year as of today 😮 ) and also, fix the fridge (control panel locked up and a sensor came loose INSIDE the freezer where I cannot get to it) and the dryer too… an on-going pain for years–had a new motor in 2013, but I think it was bad from the beginning. The dryer motor makes noise. Also, needs a roller and maybe a temp sensor… Ugh. But all in all… I have a sailboat. The club is paid until March, as is the storage!! It costs little to sail. I DO want to have someone look at the outboard motor and tell me why it just cuts out while motoring sometimes. I don’t think it’s a big thing, as the outboard starts on the first pull usually. Just when it cuts out on the way back in… 😮 My sailing partner and good friend Marv is not thrilled w/ this aspect. And, I am not yet that skilled at sailing to the dock. Something to practice–Hell, I have trouble docking in a strong wind. Last time… it was trying to keep the tiller and the outboard going same way. I am going to lock the outboard and just steer w/ the tiller. I need to make an extender for the shifter, as it is hard to reach. I DO love the boat. I was able to sail the whole day by my self on Father’s day. Marvin helped me get her int he water and then went and did his family stuff-he looked worried as I left the dock, but it was good. I got a little crispy from the sun/wind, but had a blast. I need a bimini for sure… no shade in the cockpit. Can you, gentle reader, tell what interests me? A bad da at the boat is still better than the best day at work and often home too.

On the Mooring?

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball (not mine). I swiped the photo off the ‘Net to show what we’re talking about.

The guy I bought the boat from, and others, think I should keep her on a mooring ball, but I have been reluctant as I live so far away. If something were to happen, it is TWO hours from here to the boat, at best. However, I then wouldn’t be held hostage by the tides… that IS a problem. Of course, I also would then have to redo the bottom paint 😮 Right now, I leave the boat rigged on her trailer, but still, it takes about an hour from me getting there, to being on the dock. I have a tarp over the cockpit to keep a lot of the leaves out and thus keep the cockpit drains from plugging and then it filling w/ water. Also, the tarp helps keep the windows form leaking, which they do otherwise. Anyway, I have the mains’l bent on (look at me, all using nautical terms), but the jib is not. I wish i could afford a roller furler–it sure would make single-handed sailing easier. Still, I have two jibs and a spinnaker (don’t know how to use that yet).


I still would like to take lessons in sailing. I called a place down there (Washington Sailing Marina) and they gave me this chick’s number, but she blew me off. And, I don’t have $400. for an ASA class. I’d like to mind you, but don’t have it. Most of my life’s problems these days are about money. Ugh. Life used to be less complicated. Oh well… I read a lot and try new stuff. I saw a bunch of mylar balloons cone down in the Potomac on Father’s Day, so I sailed over and got them w/ the boat hook as I went by. 🙂 I need more practice on things like that. Need wind too. Last weekend, it was not windy–yesterday was, but I didn’t have the $35. in gas to go down there. Not sure when next trip is. At least on the 16 July–the birthday trip 🙂 I looked at my weather apps and the rest of the weekend is crap winds. Not worth driving down. Soon though.

The Yard and Garden

I don’t need to mow this weekend (a weed eating wouldn’t hurt as I blew it off last weekend when I DID mow)… with little rain, the lawn has calmed its growing spurt. I used ot water all summer, but now do as the local tribes and I don’t… only the trees and the garden. Ahh, the garden. Strawberries came back booming. This year, I put down cloth, cut around the plants and then mulched. I only have 4 tomato plants in this year. My one bed, I thought I’d not have to plant squash and zucchini, but the damned things grew on their own and are not setting fruit >:-( I’ll have to dig that bed out and get onto replanting. I finished bed #3 and have 2 watermelons and 2 cantaloupes there… extended bed #1’s drip to that one, so all is good. Maybe this week, I shall dig all the fruitless squash out and replant w/ new plants that WILL set fruit. I like them and cook with a lot. Last year, I didn’t do so much because I was stuck running a mail run all summer… 16 hours of driving a day 😮 Ugh. I was so tired all the time. Buying food on he road. Just burnt. Hell, as I was on salary, I got nothing extra for this and in fact, because I was so tired on the way home every day, I got 4 speeding cam tix in Maryland and they cost me $42 each >:-( So, in reality, me running that shit cost me money. Ugh. And for what? Not even a thank you. At least the late Lord Byron would have said that: “Captain, you’re doin’ a Hell of a job… I couldn’t do it without you.” At least you felt good. Last summer was wasted and I didn’t get to do as much w/ m nephew… he did get to go in truck to NY and I could tell it dampened an desire he had to be a truck driver 😛 He wasn’t thrilled w/ that shit at all–which is good. I don’t want him in this downwardly-mobile profession. I don’t like how talking about the garden (which I like) turned into talking about work (which I don’t)… Suffice it to say, this week, if paid like promised,  shall be finishing bed #4 (cheaply to do)… I have fence posts and wire (Thanks Joe!!), but need blocks. I have scrounged all but 4 of the blocks so far. Might just buy the rest. Is it too late to grow peas? Cukes were bitter last year and I am wary of that. Hmmmm. I keep getting the display driver crashing, so I guess I’ll sign off this post and reboot. Can’t run photoshop w/ out that. And… unless yo want my blogs to be pictureless (even more boring) I need to have that working. I think I got all the typos out. I think. I hates dat.


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Ugh to people, ugh to the future.


12108220_10153209866136134_7191698313849032629_nToday is one of those days. I am taking a break from work to write. Tired of having friends attack me. I’m tired of people all over. I know I’m not alone in all this. Things are SO expensive and no matter what, it’s all just getting worse. Health care is going nowhere but up. And for what? Getting screwed by these insurance companies. And, everyone is hurting. Young people know nothing different. Thanks Obama and your shithead pals. I am tired of being broke–not even being able to buy stupid things. Hell, today is my anniversary and we can’t go out to eat. Ugh.

As to the future, I just don’t know. I keep buying lotto tickets in the hope of maybe winning. It would be nice to know I could someday retire. Thanks to our glorious leaders for making life in our country worse. And you watch, the dummies in this country, who think they should get crap for free, will elect that scumbag liar Hillary G-Damned Clinton. GO ahead, fools. We’re swirling the bowl now. 🙁