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I am stuffed. Holly, my mother-in-law out did herself. The turkey was great, but the roast pork loin was AWESOME! The green beans and cranberries were smokin’ too. Mashed potatoes to die for. Mmmmmmm… I wish I didn’t have to drive home. Oohhhhhhh man 😮

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I was just reading through the blog (for typos I need to work on) and saw that I have mentioned “The SHITHEADS” a lot. I will try not to anymore as I won’t see them again. Sorry for that!! Onward!

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The Seventh Ring of Hell


I hate moving… I do. no matter what, it’s blowishus. I bet it sucks for rich folks who can afford to have everything done for them. The inconvenience alone is just screwed.

Anyway, the flag has been transferred and it’s now just a mop up game — still a lot of shit to do, but the hard parts are mostly done. (Note: I particularly like the dumb twat who just let her spawn kick the door open . right into MY door w/out even an “I’m sorry.”). More to do tonight

Got a nice threatening phone message from ye olde landlord… What can he do? Same w/ the shitheads… No trouble. So tired… More later.

It posted before I was done… Oh well, y’all get the gist of what I was saying.


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Taco Bell…


Our Taco Bell is kinda crappy. They NEVER seem to get it… If I say “no rice, extra beans” guess what I want. Same with cheese — I detest nasty-ass American cheese… Yuck!

Anyway, they’ve had several “crews” the best being the black crew… They did a damn good job. The tattooed and pieced white hillbilly crowd does not do that good of a job 🙁 nor do I appreciate their semi-rude manners. It’s fast food for christsakes.

Does the bean counter management team at yum foods (who owns Taco Bell, KFC’ and Burger King) really think we’re so friggin’ dumb that we won’t notice that they’ve made everything SMALLER?!  Taco salads used to be about twice as big. Burritos were 1/3 longer… Bean counting wankers! And they keep getting rid of good stuff. Last year they had authentic tacos… like real messican tacos with soft corn tortillas and cilantro, served with lime slices… Very good but too authentic for here. “Wut, ah wants me my boiled green stuff an ma tacos needs to be hamburger stuffs.”

Anyway, I was irked once again by this store. My wife has actually rated it (the Chambersburg store) the WORST in America on Yelp. Pretty bad. Owners need to woek on customer service — maybe “Secret Boss” or something. Bad employees can RUIN a cuisines quicker than shit.

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Eff China!


The arrogant pieces of shit! I’m not addicted to credit and REALLY why is our economy fucked? Because we have no jobs here anymore because everything is now made in effing china… The solution is simple: a: don’t buy Chinese products and b: lay a BIG tariff on Chinese goods. Yes, it will work if we can keep all our cheap-assed losers buying American. Oh, and make shit HERE again.


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Wow… Unpacking :-o


Been going thru boxes from the last two moves… Lots of things I’ve been missing since Cali. I miss my life, my things–things I know I have, yet haven’t seen in 4 years… My “Schrank,” it sure would be nice to be able to use it, instead of still being taped closed w/ boxes around it. Well this week I’ll get to some of that. Hell, getting my library set up again would be nice. Soldatenjahrbücher and Militaria Magazines out and accessable… 🙂

Wendy wants to hang up some of my Roman crap–okay… Why not? Won’t scare peoples like my WWII German stuff (which misses me, I’m sure). “Bis unsere der Sieg ist!” Or… “Am Ende ist der Sieg!”, both very apropos slogans for my life right now.

Oh well, I’ll stop now… It’s a real pain in the ass to type this on my phone :-p

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Some thoughts on movie


So, watching the new Nanny McPhee… W/ surround it’s a bit much and the damned thing has NO captions >:-0
A cacophony of noise and I can’t frigging hear the dialog… (I know, aahoooogha, geez alert, aahoooooga!) This movie is NOT nearly as good as the first one. Too flighty and like it has to impart “messages” etc. Don’t waste your $$.

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A Beautiful Day… or is it?


Sitting at Starbucks w/ the wife, enjoying the weather (other than the idiots smoking out there) and I realize “MAN, it’s noisy out here.” Now granted, Starbucks is right on the main drag, but all the ass clowns with their loud motorcycle exhaust and the young punks w/ their rice rockets and über-loud ricey exhaust is just plain annoying! “No ASSHOLE, loud pipes do not save lives.” They’re just noise pollution and you trying to be a dick.

Which leads to another fun thing: the recent trend for biker people (and by this, I mean yuppie harley riders who like to pretend to be bad, vs. real bikers who ARE bad) is wearing a fluorescent orange or green shirt that says something cute like “Can you see me NOW Asshole?” My thoughts are usually “Yes, I can, under the wheels of my tractor tailer!!” (watch some miscreant ride under my truck and an ambulance chaser reading this…).

Anyway, back to noise… I don’t really wish to hear your loud exhaust or worse, thumpy ghetto music coming in my car whilst you pretend to be a gangsta–you look and sound, like an ASS–a really dorky ass! Yeah really, just because you think it’s cool to try and act like some gangsta and do ignorant shit, does not make it cool. It isn’t. Maybe I’m old and a grump, but it’s just annoying!!! Oh, there goes another loud asshole… too bad Harleys will now be made in Mexico. Next it will be “Loud Jap bikes are cool.”

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Still Trying on the iPhone


So, today, I spent well over an hour on the pone with at least 3 people from AT&T and 2 from Apple. These people were all very nice and very helpful—quite unlike what I experienced the other night. Still, the iPhone is not hooked to my work account. There is great hope hat it will be tomorrow eve as they have to get me a “virgin” sim card. Back tot he corporate store w/ orders to talk to no one except the manager. Let’s just hope the a-hole I encountered before was not the manager.

Before anyone thinks I’m rich or something, this phone was given to me by a friend. It’s for my work phone, so that’s different. Anyway, it IS neat–I hope Verizon gets them soon—it’s been rumoured for years, but they are saying around/after Christmas. Cool!


DAMN, it was hot today, I damn near passed out while out today. Still kinda sick and dizzy feeling. I’m sorry, but when it gets this hot and humid, really, all I care about is being inside in the A/C. Of course, I, like everyone else, will whine this next winter in the snow.


Took the new oil pan over to shop. It matches. When they have time, it’ll go on and I will have me truck back. Comfy, working A/C, yaaaay!

Tired, late at night, so much I WISH to blog, but just too tired and office too hot.


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Wow! A whole month…


SO what’s been going on? Stuff–new truck has hole rusted in oil pan. Nice, right when it is stifling hot.

Tired. Real tired and my ear is hurting, no, not  a earache, this is on the outside and also under my ear.  Tip of ear itches, rest is normal and back of ear hurts?!? Neck very sensitive ounder ear also.

Anyway, got a new Hard drive in a trade w/ a Kamerad. Of course, when I ghosted the drives, a number of softwares didn’t work as their security thinks I installed the min a new computer. So tired! Wish my office chair didn’t suck so bad and kill my back and ass. I need a nice ergonomic one.