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A New Year


Roman officer, ostenibly CaesarSo, here we are, 2017. It didn’t really start out very promising. Work, little money, tired, borken tooth and insurance BS (something I won’t go into here). I can say that work on the Roman site, moved along by my friend John’s help IS going better, but on the work front, not enough hours, working all night. Caffeine addiction… ugh (have a headache today) and just tiredness and such. Since no one actually reads my blog, I don’t really have much to worry about.

Work stuff

At work, it appears they are installing cameras facing the drivers. I am not real hip on that, to say the least. They say, of course, that it won’t be always on, but in the companies I have known about, they DO use it like that and harass drivers about things such as eating and drinking (I’m a diabetic, so I WILL be doing those things) and talking on the phone–guess who we stay awake at night now… no one talks on a CB anymore. We’ll see where that goes. I am not sure I’m going to continue with that.

Romans in Britain

THe new responsive template is really working, as is the social media code. I need some social media buttons so folks can share the site–that’s coming… At 477 pages, it is a lot to keep up. Without my old program, GoLive CS2 (which actually works w/ the new template, whereas Dreamweaver does NOT), I can do what I need, but… it is all hard. One thing at a time. And, adding code to each page and tweaking and such is really a lot of work. And, while i do this, reenactor.Net languishes. My baby WILL be moving soon to this template, but first, I hav eto figure out hwo to make the link mod work… that and the gallery w/ out using the SMF/TinyPortal system that powers it all now SMF/TP is not responsive, meaning ti won’t work w/ mobile and as such, google penalizes you, HEAVILY. Sucks, but what else can you do w/ this blackmail but adapt. Sad.


My Galaxy 7 Edge is acting stupid, so here in a bit,  am going to go over to Verizon and see what can be done. I guess a new one as it’s still under warranty, but I DETEST changing phones. Gotta have it though. Still, not looking at Facebook would probably be a good thing. The politics and the constant crap from the sour-grapes, sore losers is getting to be a bit much. We gave Odumma a chance, until he screwed the pooch (willingly, I think) and they should too. There is a reason Trump won and tha tis because people are tired of the way the country is going and we want real change, not bullshit, liberal commie change. Anyway, I need ot go. Be nice if I could write on this more.


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Don’t you hate how some people act?


I get irritated at people who willfully try and cheat me. Especially when they then sit there and pretend they are doing nothing. Gotta love it. Anyway, it’s just a minor morning irritation. They’ll get theirs in the end. I don’t mean at some ethereal point int he afterlife, either. I prefer Haydukian Intervention.

Today’s the Day

Going today to get my bad tooth out! No, i do not like dentists — they freak me out. Much of it comes, as I have already said, from having braces as a child. I doubt they’ve improved the process, but back then it was worse. I HATED going to the orthodontist and while I am sure they all have the best intentions, I KNOW I didn’t have that bad of teeth. My parents were trying to do something good for me. However, I can tell you it, it was years of mouth pain and it has created the situation of me not going to the dentist unless I have to.

Anyway, this tooth will get yanked out today. 🙂 Maybe then I can get on w/ life. W/ this, often, it’s all I can think of. Owwwww.

RIB (Romans in Britain) — Visit it!

What can I say, it’s a good resource and I hope you’ll visit it. I find the Romans SO interesting because it was so long ago. So much we just don’t know. Give the site a look and if there’s something we need to add or do, etc. PLEASE, let us know. We will be updating things as we go. Right now, we are STILL trying to convert all the old pages to the new template — so much work. Worth it. Enjoy.

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Still working on Roman Site…


It’s becoming a drag. Mainly because there are still about a hundred pages to convert. I am having problems w/ GoLive in that pages that are bigger than the template, while showing okay, will not let me edit the content that overflows the template regions, without cutting all the template window out and then pasting it in an edit doc >;-( Dumb, but real. W/ over 400+ pages, things like this really make it harder. Boring to you, a pain the ass for me.

My Back Too

Somehow, on ride home form work, I managed to make my back go out?! Still hurts today. Kent tried to pop it, but didn’t work (I had to go back over and take checks as I forgot last night, as i didn’t see them on floor of car). C’est La Vie! Would like to take down Xmas lites and put some exhaust clamps on my pickup, but is unlikely as it is butt-ass cold (a technical term) and my back hurts too much for that. Plus, when I breathe, the damned tooth lights off. I am sure happy that will be coming out on Thursday.

Roman Banner Question

Here are two banners I was going to start using… which do you like better? E-mail me at and tell me your fav.

Romans in Britain banner 1

Romans in Britain banner 1

Romans in Britain banner 2 for website

Romans in Britain banner 2

So, what do YOU think? Neither are quite what I want, but I like bright, full colour, vs. “graphic-designer muted” which doesn’t work in drawing-in many people. The link, BTW, is


I prob should take them for a walk, but they are calm right now, laying all about me and the desk and besides, like I said, it’s butt-ass cold out. Right now,  Zoey is laying on my foot (it’s a dog thing). Angus, behind, snoring. Zoey’s in the midst of Pon Farr right now, so the two of them are acting like dorks. Ummm, full-colour doggy porn. Oh the joys :-Þ


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So, I have a tooth that needs to come out. It EFFING HURTS! Like in a road flare jabbed in the side of my head hurts. OF COURSE, the dentist cannot get me in until the 19th (today is the 11th for you that can’t count). I tel them: IT HURTS! They recommend aspirin. Oh joy, I am eating FOUR acetaminophens at a time. Ain’t working. Tried Orajel… ain’t doin’ it. I have taken to grabbing the tooth and tugging on it — that ACTUALLY seems to work and MAYBE the damned thing will come out. I keep tugging and twisting and rocking. Eff it — when it goes, it HURTS. If you’ve had a bad tooth, you know. >:-o

Why are medical people like that? They seem to be jaded and forget you are in pain. Probably because they are around it all the time. I surely cannot function like this, so we will see what’s gonna happen. I am tempted to take a week off on vacation (yeah, waste it again Marshie) and try and get a RX for Vicodin or something. Yeah, it hurts that much. Any ideas from out there?

Tooth Pain

All my life, I have had teeth pain. When I was a child, my parents got me braces. OWWW! If you’ve never had the fun of this, think of your mouth burning all the time. Back then, they didn’t glue the damn things to your teeth, they HAMMERED bands on and wired you up. It sucked SHIT. Then headgear and rubber bands to twist your mouth and head around. Later, a retainer. No WONDER I was an asshole from about 10 years old, until, well… NOW. Hmmmmm…. And yes, I have tried Sensodyne and other shit. Ain’t it. I cannot touch my teeth w/ metal, EVER. Ack. Cold stuff, hot stuff, both just light my teeth off and that’s when they’re “good, not all Effed-up , like now. I hate it and really, if I give it much thought, it is damned irritating. No wonder i am the way I am. Grrrrrrrrrr.

BTW, this bad tooth feels much the same. If I could go back, I’d tell my parents NOT to waste the money. I asked why my brother Jim didn’t have to do that and my mom says “He flatly REFUSED.” WTF? How come I couldn’t “flatly refuse”? Parents out there, unless your child has “British teeth” (like Austin Powers) do NOT do this to them…. it’s torture. Of course, in today’s shallow world, people will do it. Is horrible. “Ma child is ‘special’ and deserves the ‘best.'” Idiots!


How come we waste tons of money on dumb research and not on something like figuring out how to replicate what sharks have: the ability to grow new teeth. That sure as Hell would be something worthwhile… Use the stem cells for that dammit.