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Much better


So, my tooth is out and, as usual, the lead up to the dentist was way worse than it was. Plus, he gave me some Vicodin to take and that is making me all, well not loopy, because I am already kinda loopy, let’s say loopier :-Þ Actually, it went quick – way better than last time I had a tooth yanked which had the dentist straddling me in the chair and yanking away, with my head flopping back and forth — my wife had went in that time and she was way horrified. Anyway, it’s done. Yaaaaay!!!!! Just thought I’d throw that update in. 🙂

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Don’t you hate how some people act?


I get irritated at people who willfully try and cheat me. Especially when they then sit there and pretend they are doing nothing. Gotta love it. Anyway, it’s just a minor morning irritation. They’ll get theirs in the end. I don’t mean at some ethereal point int he afterlife, either. I prefer Haydukian Intervention.

Today’s the Day

Going today to get my bad tooth out! No, i do not like dentists — they freak me out. Much of it comes, as I have already said, from having braces as a child. I doubt they’ve improved the process, but back then it was worse. I HATED going to the orthodontist and while I am sure they all have the best intentions, I KNOW I didn’t have that bad of teeth. My parents were trying to do something good for me. However, I can tell you it, it was years of mouth pain and it has created the situation of me not going to the dentist unless I have to.

Anyway, this tooth will get yanked out today. 🙂 Maybe then I can get on w/ life. W/ this, often, it’s all I can think of. Owwwww.

RIB (Romans in Britain) — Visit it!

What can I say, it’s a good resource and I hope you’ll visit it. I find the Romans SO interesting because it was so long ago. So much we just don’t know. Give the site a look and if there’s something we need to add or do, etc. PLEASE, let us know. We will be updating things as we go. Right now, we are STILL trying to convert all the old pages to the new template — so much work. Worth it. Enjoy.