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A Great Author…


We all have our favourite authors — in sailing, it would have to be Lin and Larry Pardey or Hal Roth or Eric Hiscock. In reenacting, I am a fan of Mark Baker who writes about the colonial period and his search for the “Longhunter” or woodsman. He has a lot of fans due to his smooth writing style. He has a good way of saying things… the words just roll off the page. He has certain ways that he does things. And he has a lot of people, like myself, who enjoy his writings. No, I don’t want to go out and do a period trek myself. I like the woods, but period camping is not so much my thing. To each his own. I like to shoot black powder and Mark’s articles on how to do things like they did back then are very interesting.

I was looking for something about Mark’s videos (yes, he has some) and ran accross some Mark-hate. I had forgotten about that. A few years ago, I had seen a lot of snarky comments on some muzzleloading websites. As I read them again, it struck me that some people are just wankers. Mainly it’s sour grapes, but often, its a backlash against something that is “too popular.” I’ve never understood that — I remember back in the day when everyone had an Oakley (sunglasses) sticker on their car and I saw some inbred (yes, truly) with a home-made “Oakleys suck!” sign on his raggedy-ass car. I remember thinking “No, they aren’t — dumbass!” — same kinda thing. A lot of these guys get mad at all the people who follow Mark Baker’s methods… now, he says himself that he doesn’t know everything and he does shoot for the most “common impression,” yet too many people of the doofus class have to strike out against those who have actually DONE something in their life. Maybe that’s it. Probably.

No matter what, Mark seems to try and help people and this drive, to me, makes him a true teacher and mentor. Again, this strikes jealousy in many.

So, if you want to learn about the common longhunter of the 18th century and how to emulate his life, you can’t go wrong reading Mark Baker’s books and/or watch his videos. BTW, you can buy his videos from American Pioneer Video at… You can buy his books in my bookstore on reenactor.Net here: reenactor.Net’s Frontier Area Bookstore and Reading list. 🙂

I’ll stop now before I start getting hate mail (which, btw, is often entertaining).

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A day off, things were done!


Well, it seems of late I get little done on my days off. Today, I got some wood our builders gave me. Been wanting to get — part to re-frame my office door and a big 2 x 12 that I want make some ramps to work on my truck. No, not like you think… Layers to get it up in air — damned thing hits me on the chest when trying work under it.

I also want to start building shelves in the garage… They have some more good wood, so I’ll try and get it. Then some plywood and voila! Alles gute!

A Dog’s Life

What else? Well Angus, who is well behaved, got to go w/ me to get wood — he seemed to dig that. It was only fair that I took Zoey for a walk 🙂 she is so much calmer when Angus is not there. When it gets warmer, I will start taking them separately. I need to walk anyway, Im getting old and now more out of shape.

Amazon Enlightenment

The biggest thing was I called Amazon Associates while the wife was in Wally World. The guy there gave me some good advice on making my bookstore work better. My associates payouts have really went down in last year or two. He looked at things and he was right, it was too hard to get to the books. Also, much to my chagrin, I noticed a bunch of my links to bookstore pages were Effed-up and some of the pages were WAY hosed.

I fixed WWII and RevWar. Civil War is okay, I did it last winter — same w/ Middle Ages and 1870-1900. Of course, after I got it all untangled and uploaded, I saw that the WWI area was AFU. 😮 Oh well, my head hurt too bad to deal with it. I need to just do a bit a day and get into new system, vs. old static pages. When done, it will be great. My problem is that I see something wrong and need to fix said problems, but when I do, I then always seem to find TWO OTHER frigging things to do. Just damned frustrating. And having to go back and see the same shit again and again is stultifying 🙁

Anyway, I DID get some good done. If I could just buckle down and do at least one time area book set a day, or even a week, it will soon be good.

And then

It will also be time to get the RIB up to speed. The Google ads are still in need of tweakage. I am hoping to slowly start updating the pages, beginning with the military pages — that will be easier. I have a lot of info on that :-p The Military area of RIB is pretty weak. Not bad, just weak. Then, once military is under control, I plan on just going through and upgrading other areas; in many cases, just adding more and better pix.

I hope and plan to make RIB a useful and great place for those who have an interest on Roman-Britain (or even in Roman life anywhere).

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Life moveth on >>==>


Been a bit… Been doing some solid work on r.Net, getting it back to speed. Our most recent update messed up a lot and we have to manually fix it.

“We” means myself and staff. A new member is Kathy whom I have known since she was born. Literally! I rememberws today, the day she was born (I was like 4) and her Dad driving around handing out cigars 🙂

Anyway, she’s been helping a LOT, keeping me on track and not distracted… She’s learning about websites the real way, by doing.

Other staff coming back and getting things going. Bookstore will be back this weekend. ACW close now… WW2 in process.

Reenactor Consumer Guides also this week. Going to a winows server, so, of COURSE, have to move, can’t just be upgraded. 3 databases, 4 websites, a LOT of email addys to reset >:-0 Ack! Donations going nowhere — sadly, but enough for server. Need to get more to pay programmer to fix some of our site “mods” that the upgrade wiped or deactivated. So much to do…

WWI is soon upon us and many Rekruten are not ready and some alte Hase not either. April 14th to 17th is my time for fun… Twice a year, dat’s wuts ah gets. Gonna try Roman Days in May too.

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Fixed it by GAWD!


Dammit, it took hours of thought and looking at code and tweaking and… well, it came down to trying things. I removed stuff and hit the test in browser button :-0 Finally a bit of code for a friend’s book was doing it. I don’t know why. I’ll dink with it later. At least the website is now working again in the “evyil” internet explorer. I can breathe now…

Not Much Else really
Haven’t done too much on moving the site over to tiny portal for a couple of days — I can’t figure out how to make the different time periods menus show up ONLY on THOSE pages. ‘Tis frustrating when you can’t get it to work. I did mess with my blog’s look here and added another really cool blog to check out (if you are so inclined). I even made new image tags (so they all looked the same — I’m anally-retentive that way). A type-setting geek on the Internet?!? Oh well. I don’t always follow the rules there, but I try to make it look good.

My Poor Boat
I haven’t been down there in over a month — partly due to $, as it costs a lot and we haven’t had it. Also, I have to pay the slip fee — not so much really, but I’m late as someone stiffed ME, thus making me not able to pay it yet. I have a web job or two on the near horizon and hope that will allow me to send some cash his way. I still have to buy bottom paint, some new lines and a bit of other crap yet. Be nice to actually USE my boat this year. Now that I have time off. I sure hope I can get the google ads to pay off. I’ve doubled them (almost triple actually) with this book called “The Adsense Code” — who knows… my goal is $200. per day in ads — we’ll see. :-0

Anyway, I am sure Gaia is missing me. I have work to do on her and want to get her back in the water. I wonder if I put a “Get Marsh Back on the Water” button on r.Net if people will donate 🙂 People are actually pretty cool that way. Just so much to do. don’t care — Ilove sailing and the people are cool. Most are really nice, vs. in some hobbies where all the people do is fight or look to fight or engage in “He said that she said that they said…” crap.

Long Day
Today was the 6th straight day I worked. Not grueling, but it makes you sore. It gets old. I know some people say I’m lazy or some crap, but they can all kiss my ass — I’ve been doing this shit for 23 years now. I have paid my dues IN FRIGGING FULL! I have driven in rain and sleet and dark of night. I have been to more post offices then most people out there and really, it’s not worth it anymore. I am thinking of some kind of animal business. Not one where I can’t take my dog(s), where they feel I need to be drug-tested all the time (it just grates, that’s all). Anyway, I’m off tomorrow and Tuesday. Then work Wed/Thrus. and off Fri (our 10th Anniversary) and then work again Sat. Be nicely broken up and less stressful. Oh how I need Google to pay off :-Þ I need to redo my WWII sections and “ad-etize” them tomorrow. Also, I will then convert the pages to the TP setup. Crap to do. My hands are hurting from typing (been a long time since that happend) and my ass is killing me from the dogshit seat in the jalopy I drive all day (needs the seat cushion swapped w/ the passenger side, but it seems this is on the back burner). For that matte,r the lumbar leaks out quickly and the damn seat frame digs into one’s back. I guess when ye olde truck has 1,317,000+ miles on it, things like that will happen (they’re only 2003 models though)

My home town. I hope things are going well there. Haven’t been for a couple of years. Miss my friends there and I miss the weather. I see it through the Internet. Oh well. Next project after r.Net’s revamp is to redo our Alumni website… it’s a pukey orange I’ve grown tired of and I intend to make it a Tiny Portal site like r.Net is going to be. It will help us a LOT!