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Marriage Musings

(Some of this (the marriage part anyway) was typed out on my cell phone whilst sitting in Pizza Hut tonight during an argument with my wife):

Why is marriage so painful? I think part of it is the needs of the "me" being subordinated to the "we" and the "me" getting shortchanged by the other "me." Each "me" needs things which are NOT important to the other "me."

Not Nearly So Profound
Of course, the above, when re-read out of the moment is not nearly so profound... As usual, money issues rear their ugly head :-( Tomorrow is our 10th Anniversary... doesn't seem that long most of the time, but then if you think on it, why it WAS that long :-0 I remember Tim Fensch telling me that about the 7th year you'd hate each other and you just had to grit your teeth and tough through it. When, pray tell, does this part end? I am tired of gritting my teeth... At least if I weren't a driver, I could smoke some weed :-) Oh well.

Northern Virginia
So, in the morning, we are driving down to Annandale to the park where we got married... haven't been there since 1999 when we moved away. :-0 I liked Annandale, but now it's kind of like Korea-town and has a lot of gangs and crap :-( That blows. When I moved to Annandale, it was a nice place... Hell, Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court justice lived there. Now, the "progress" of Northern Virginia's "boom" has kind of messed up the feel of the area.

Well, it's called that, but I don't think so. Progress means going forward and things getting better, not worse. Watch out "world leaders" remember the Czar.

Food Riots and Upheaval
Have you noticed the large amount of food riots going on all over the world in the past few months -- this could get really interesting. I was noticing it in the paper the other day and thinking about it. There will reach a point where things will break down. I wonder if our idiot leader (who I voted for btw), will break with his oil cronies and finally come to the realization that the country is in deep shite! We need his leadership, not the Bush/Clinton way of "looking out for your buddies." Every day, the gas prices are climbing higher and I read in the papers how the oil companies are making record profits and they JUSTIFY it as okay?! What crap!! I sure hope another collapse of the oil industry happens like in the '80s; them Bastards!!

It seems we're in for an interesting ride this summer... wonder when the mass demonstrations will happen in DC? Think "W" will hang in there or bug out of town... You KNOW most of the idiots in congress will bug out. Parasitical scum!