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Time, money and a whining dog


So, where do I begin? I have time right now as I am looking for a job. Being laid off does that to you. Before, I never had time to do anything… Now I have lots of time, but little money. And as I sit here, waiting for the wife (imagine that), I have the dog sitting next to me WHINING and the pickup idling – idling you say? Yeah, I fixed the ac two days ago and it’s warmish out… Bite me.

Anyway, as my life is in limbo, I have time to think. I think on a war it looks like our idiot president and his cronies seem hell bent on starting – a war we really should not have ANY part of. Why do more of our tax dollars have to go for this? -and it only makes gas artificially high. WHY do more of our military people have to be killed or have their lives ruined because of this bullshit? My brother says that for what we have paid and are paying now, we could have paid off everyone’s mortgage. I think that’s a way better idea. Let the sand people kill each other off. Why not dump those oil-eating microbes in their oil fields? You know, the ones they developed to get rid of oil slicks… Then they can go back to being Bedouin peasants… Tell me why that’s bad. It is said that we have more oil in our reserves than anywhere – let’s let them user their oil reserves (which I think we are doing), but hasten that by letting the microbes eat their oil…

Contrary to what some turds say, I don’t think we’re a bad country – yes, we have our share of turds, but generally, we’re good. They aren’t.

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Life has been more stressful lately. Problems at work. Problems at home. Problems in general. First, I hate incompetence and I hate bullies. Makes it hard to deal w/ things, doesn’t it?

Yesterday’s Day

Yesterday was essentially a 18 hour day. I got up at 05:15, left at 06:30 drove to Baltimore, fly to Raleigh then rode to Rocky Mount, wherein the truck would not start. >:-( Jumped off the APU and it then took from 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm for the APU to power the truck enough to get it to turn over and start. Got trailer and left at about 5:30. Got to yard in Baltimore at 10:30, off at 10:45. Drove home. Back at 01:00… it was more complicated than that, but that was the day in a nutshell.

Just a long day. And it was really hot and nasty down south yesterday. I was getting sick from the heat, which was a “fun” new experience. Joy.

Today’s Joy

This AM was a great fight w/ the wife. Over dumb stuff. Another joy. I just have too much to deal with. Worry, stress, drivers CONTINUING to call me about their checks and money… what can I tell them? Nada. Life is not ordered right now and that makes it worse. Causes me to stress out heavily.


Sounds like I get to fly to Georgia — a whole new set of stresses. Have to put Zoey in the kennel (who can’t take her till Monday) and she needs her distemper and lepto shots. Yay, $90. I don’t have.

The Internet

It’s not that fun anymore and I cannot do creative stuff under stress — a main reason my websites have not been really worked on for the last 8 months or so. Just too hard. The Roman one has been getting some work, but I keep getting disturbed. R-Net needs an update of software, which takes money first for some upgrades. one, before the other, always, but before that, THIS other thing HAS to be done.


Really windy early this AM. Lots of rain, lighting. Poor Angus went into Zoey’s crate (she was fine)… his 10th Birthday yesterday… He does seem to be feeling better on the Clucosamine Chondroitin I’ve been giving him. Getting stiff in his old age — I can relate — my left hand gets worse every day. ring finger and pinky and part of my palm there ache. Ring finger get’s “stuck” and I have to move it past a certain point to free it. Yay.

I’ll stop — you don’t need to read about my blather. Just another day in the countdown.


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Does it get better?


So, today started out with ice, then the joyful discovery that I had a flat. After Nationwide roadside came out and aired me up… Went and got a used tire, then home for argument with wife.

Next, my driver called and he will be out for a while (or longer) due to heart problems. Hopefully one of the new people we have in the pipeline will work out.

In WWI, the thing we do twice a year is still holding me, when I’m usually two months into Roman work. It seems the drama has died, but in a hobby with huge passions…

In the Roman world, we seem to be moving forward, with recruits, an immersion event before Military Through the Ages (MTA) which is In March at Jamestown Settlement. I haven’t Ben since 1999, the unit went last year (I was stuck working). Sadly, the unit we went with got banned and we were in trouble for a few things. Our centurio did a lot of liasing with them and got us invited back. We have work to do!

Anyway, just a lot to do and not enough time or money for everything.

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Why is it?


Why is it some people are just so unreasonable? No matter what, they have to find something to be mad about.

Other Bullshit
And then we have others, others who do things but conveniently neglect to tell you that they’ve done it, thus leaving your ASS HANGING IN THE WIND. >:-0 Once again my old motto of “Don’t count on others!” is proven to be true yet again. 🙁 WTF?

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The Ring is Closing.


Well, we’re almost there. Am typing this on my new computer in it’s “Mac” mode. Yep, it’s a dual-boot Win 7/Mac Snow Leopard … Mac is weird. Growing on me though. Lots of stuff did not transfer though 🙁 I KNEW I’d have to hook the old one up to snag shit out of her. Need to actually use the MS discs to add my keyboard… printer too. At least I am NOW on the ‘Net. For days I wasn’t and am using a borrowed modem. 🙂

As tot he move… just mainly dregs and piles of stuff. Some dishes (well, still a lot of that) and really no furniture. Like I said, just details and some clean up. I don’t know how much as everyone I have ever talked to about this says my landlord there NEVER gives back deposits… What’s dat mean? Means ah ain’t a gonna use extreme measures to make it clean. One set of neighbors (who bailed partly because of the “shitheads”) spent DAYS cleaning and painting and got the ol’ “stifferoo.” Kewl huh!? I am also told by some realty professionals, that the landlord must provide an itemized list of what the $$ was spent on. You know I want that… They say the “standard” is “broom swept.” Yeaaaahhhhh, bet he’ll pull out the old white gloves. I hear that’s his trick. Hope I am wrong. The truth is out there.

Well, it’s late — I can play w/ the Mac another day. Plus the Mother-in-law is coming tomorrow, so you know WHO is in a panic that all must pass “inspection.” Gotta go clean Nero’s cat box. Damn these shortcuts are different. >:-o


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Got house!


Yay! We just closed on our new home!! Look left. And… we’re soon to be all gone from the nice looking, but ghetto-people-filled neighborhood we live in. One of my neighbors who moved out, called it the nicest trailer park he’d ever lived in. Not fair, as I’ve lived in trailer parks before and they were nice. Our neighbor’s on the one side just suck! As in ignorant, flies buzzin’ around their face suck. Fine, soon I shall never see their sorry asses again. ’nuff said about them. Oh yeah… “vile” works.

Anyway, now we just gotta move our stuff. 🙁 Of COURSE, right during hurricane Irene… And being short a driver at work. Still, I have until Sept. 30… I have a company that helped me before — Mr. Moves out of York, PA… Awesome workers, reasonable prices, no bullshit. Gotta pack though and wife’s health is AFU. 🙁 Just gonna take time — come home from work and friggin’ pack… Did that shit last move and it blew!

Being a homeowner IS cool though and when my brother Jim asked if I had made “carpet angels” I had to admit “yes.” :-p

Of course, Lowes got the fridge handles wrong, but they were cool and ordered new ones and then loaned us some stainless ones until our black handles come in. Oh, and dumbass me on first trip over, I missed a step and landed right on the knee I crunched slipping on truck… D’oh! Dat done be a hurtin’ still now.

Please excuse any typos, I’m writing this on my cell out in front of Wally World… Starting to rain pretty good…  Hey, at least it will water my new grass! Needs it, been dry here — not back-home, Cali dry, but for Pennsyltuckey, it’s been bad. For a bit, they’d throw a cig out the windah of the car and stuff would catch fire. Duh!

Some good news, I have a great new programmer who has gotten the Reenactor Consumer Guide (RCG) going. It had a LOT of bad code that wasn’t allowing it to work. Microsoft ASP really sucks!! Anyway, it’s working at BTW, we have now made it “all-era” vs. just WW1 and the orignal WW2 version. What is this thing? Well, it’s a place for reenactin’ folk to review their experiences, good AND bad with vendors servicing the hobby… Give it a look! It sure helped straighten up some shady dealers in WW2 reenacting (and made a couple of the real bad ones go away!)

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Things are movin’ along!


“What’s dat mean?” you’re askin’… Well, it means things are going well w/the house and perhaps we’ll close on time. I am excited by this; my first home (and at my advanced age). It’s cool, nice lot, nice people in development. I look forward to leaving where we’re at now — and I detest our neighbors… Latest news w/ the Ignorati (or “the SHITHEADS, as we call them): Now that they called the dog warden on ME, these idiots have been been emboldened to call on all the big dogs on the block. Eff it, soon I shall not see them again 🙂 they’re from philly and live for the drama and to try and impress everyone. Really. Philthadelphia is TRULY one of the scum-centers of the known universe! There are some cool people there, but most are just not. And the neighbor thinks he’s Rocky Balboa or something, sitting out there giving everyone “the glare,” like we’re all supposed to quail in fear… I really try to ignore them completely — I have wasted WAY too much of my life dealing w/ them.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited about the new place. The builders do really nice work and the details… Man! Neato stuff! Just the little stuff that most builders ignore — these guy’s went the mile to do it RIGHT! 🙂

Closer to work, nice corner lot… Nice area, view of the mountains on both sides (we’d call the “hills” back home in Cali). One of my Kameraden from work, his lady is GIVING me a hot tub/spa 🙂 woohoo!! That shall sure help out w/the back after a long day in ye olde truck.

After the move, it will be WWI full speed ahead! My unit’s building a bunker out of an old water tank… When all set, w/ bunks framed, we’re going to line it w/brick fascia to make it look like an old tunnel. November is ALWAYS the best event at WWI… Airplanes, bigger turnout, good event! We’re going to have a gots unit turnout too! Last, I am running for president of the GWA (Great War Association), not because I believe it will be “fun,” but because I have been a member since 1990 and I love it and wish to give back! You can visit the GWA @ . Hope you will!

Right now, I’m sitting outside Kohl’s waiting for the wife, then to Wally World, Giant and home. Pay days are always thus. She doesn’t drive anymore, so I am’s be de chauffer. 😮 “Now where’s we go mistus?”

Anyway, NOW we’re at Wally World and Pacha and I are watching the show. Tonight, it’s not the normal show of mutants, but instead, more the ghetto crowd w/ thumpy rap music, actually not even that, as some rap IS good — this aib’t. The crap I was hearing sounded a lot like “oooot-oooot, oooota oooot…” Really. And a speakin’ in de ebonics. Totally stereotypical! 😮 just like the mayor of Philthadelphia was going on about last week and Bill Cosby a couple years back. Do it to yourselves. Here’s another thumpy stereo… All buzzy and loud. Is this cool? Sure I’m old, but I have heard some eminem I liked. Everlast has some good stuff. I have heard black rap I thought good (I am NOT calling it “hip-hop — it’s all the same to me.)… However the shit I am hearing here in this parking lot tonight is a joke. Fullfill the stereotypes dumbasses. Anyway, tonite it’s be ghetto night — many other nights, this Wally World will showcase some of the finest examples of red neck, Billy-Bob, hillbilly inbrededness that one will ever see, every bit as amusing as tonight’s fine performance of “Ghetto Folk on Parade.” Hey, and there went the obligatory pickup of young, white girls (w/ gay friend in tow) jammin’ through the lot to more loud rap music — this morse dance-sounding than the angry stuu you usually hear. Wow, I am in prime form tonight! We be won’t discuss our friends, w/ fake green cards.

I need to stop — I am sure some chunderhead will be calling me a racist or some such crap — I am an equal-opportunity maker of fun… All creeds and all colours have ignorant dumbasses rhat we can laugh at. :-p

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Rude people


I hate rude people… Don’t you? The knuckleheads, the arrogant, the know-it-alls… I especially detest the people who decide it’s their way or the highway,  always… Black and white — yes or no. Eff that. I know a few of these types and they truly just hard to be around. What are your thoughts?

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I hurt!


Okay, so I took vacation the last couple of weeks. Mainly to do my wife’s Spring cleaning and clean out the garage. Our garage has been FULL since we moved in. Actually, it used to be WAY worse. Over the last two years, I have went through and cleaned out boxes on a smaller scale, but this time, we pulled out most of the garage and went through all the “wardrobe” boxes that the movers just threw shit into. A LOT of that was ruined by the basement in the house we used to rented Ft. Loudon. We had it down there, because… well, it was a tiny house. This place is much bigger, but prob still not as big as what we had in Cali, and that was a trailer. A big trailer mind you, but anyway… I digreß (BTW, this character: “ß” called an “essett” means the “ss” sound. It’s a German thing, I like it, I always have–I’m gonna just use it here; Deal w/ it!).

So anyway, we melted down about 18 wardrobe boxes (by that I mean we cleaned them out, kept some things, dx-ed a LOT of stuff (the tightwad in my screams at all my money wasted there <grits teeth> )). Lots of stuff out, found the shelves for my book shelfs… nice huh. Needed those for the last 5+ years. I found my chain mail, some other stuff. Some lost Roman things and my 4-Zelt tent of original WWII Zelts. So, all is good there, but I am beat! I am way too old for this kinda crap. My neighbor, who is 25 helped. Wow! W/out him, I’d have died. Anyway, my right elbow and arm ACHE. Neck has a crick in it and I am beat.

We DID find out about the cardboard recycling place around the corner. Cool. Open 24/7 and free. Takes office paper too, so that when I write things (reenacting stuff) and whole forests quail, I can get rid of the proof copies. Kewl. Anyway, I thought I’d write about this. It’s been a long proceß and I think we’ve turned the corner on it. I just am whining because I feel old and beat. Oh, and I wasted my vacation on it and won’t get to go anywhere cool. Oh well, screw it, not like I’ve had a real vacation since 1998. I didn’t win the Powerball either. That’s a bunch of crap–we all know I should be the one to win, not the usual type of winner who is usually from West Virginia or an illegal alien (they should have to forfeit it if that’s the case) or some 90 year old person. Let ME win. I will put it to good use… and NO, you will not EVER hear ME say something stupid like: “Ahm’s is gonna keep on drivin’ a truck!” Uh, no. I would be done w/ that for good. In fact, I believe I would fly to Amsterdam to celebrate by legally smoking the demon Marijuana… something I’ve not been able to really do for WAY too many years. Oh well. Some day. I sure wish Cali would have legalized it, that would have sure helped balance their budget AND maybe made it happen around the country. We won’t discuß it here right now, I am tired and not in the mood. Just rambling.

Damn people are rude these days. Ever notice that? Look on yahoo’s discussion forums after EVERY news article and crap, there are some nasty SCUMBAGS there. And on both sides. The liberal f*cktards ranting about George Bush and the right wing zealots going on (and ON and ON) about Obama. Screw them all–I am tired of this. Can’t WE, as a NATION just frigging stop this shit? No wonder we’re going down the godsdamned toilet. I’ll stop here too. It’s just kinda fun to be blogging on the computer, vs. the damned phone which is slow and hard to type on.


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Thanksgiving turkey feast


So, our holiday is always the day after. Comes from the Post Office making runs be off the day AFTER. Neato, huh?!

Startin’ off not so hot

Anyway… On the way to Germantown, Maryland where my Mother-in-Law lives, BAM! The pinion (bearing, we hope) goes out of my pick up’s rear end. Luckily, I could drive slowly down the shoulder to the exit. Got to a Sheetz where we called my friend Terry, who was able to bring my white Ford and pick up ol’ Blue in his tow truck. THANKS TERRY!!

So, anyway, once we got going, we arrived only about 3½ hours late, however, it was TOTALLY worth it! My M-in-Law Holly had been cooking up a storm all day. She made the BEST turkey I have EVER had. Wow!! Moist, tasty (she injected it)…without a DOUBT, again, the BEST turkey I have ever had. She also had laid on some great spiral-cut ham (which I am a great fan of) This was accompanied by an awesome string bean casserole along with great potatoes au gratin. Yams… Butternut squash with bacon (awesome). Not to forget an awesome stuffing and roast beef. Hors d’oeuvres too… And both pumpkin and pecan pie! As Kim would say “Woot Woot!”

What a feast! A day which had turned crappy became one of awesomeness. Lastly, my M-in-Law handed me a Borders card to go get a book!Was a good day and I had a good time. And a DAMNED good turkey–something that is usually not my favourite.