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So, I have a tooth that needs to come out. It EFFING HURTS! Like in a road flare jabbed in the side of my head hurts. OF COURSE, the dentist cannot get me in until the 19th (today is the 11th for you that can’t count). I tel them: IT HURTS! They recommend aspirin. Oh joy, I am eating FOUR acetaminophens at a time. Ain’t working. Tried Orajel… ain’t doin’ it. I have taken to grabbing the tooth and tugging on it — that ACTUALLY seems to work and MAYBE the damned thing will come out. I keep tugging and twisting and rocking. Eff it — when it goes, it HURTS. If you’ve had a bad tooth, you know. >:-o

Why are medical people like that? They seem to be jaded and forget you are in pain. Probably because they are around it all the time. I surely cannot function like this, so we will see what’s gonna happen. I am tempted to take a week off on vacation (yeah, waste it again Marshie) and try and get a RX for Vicodin or something. Yeah, it hurts that much. Any ideas from out there?

Tooth Pain

All my life, I have had teeth pain. When I was a child, my parents got me braces. OWWW! If you’ve never had the fun of this, think of your mouth burning all the time. Back then, they didn’t glue the damn things to your teeth, they HAMMERED bands on and wired you up. It sucked SHIT. Then headgear and rubber bands to twist your mouth and head around. Later, a retainer. No WONDER I was an asshole from about 10 years old, until, well… NOW. Hmmmmm…. And yes, I have tried Sensodyne and other shit. Ain’t it. I cannot touch my teeth w/ metal, EVER. Ack. Cold stuff, hot stuff, both just light my teeth off and that’s when they’re “good, not all Effed-up , like now. I hate it and really, if I give it much thought, it is damned irritating. No wonder i am the way I am. Grrrrrrrrrr.

BTW, this bad tooth feels much the same. If I could go back, I’d tell my parents NOT to waste the money. I asked why my brother Jim didn’t have to do that and my mom says “He flatly REFUSED.” WTF? How come I couldn’t “flatly refuse”? Parents out there, unless your child has “British teeth” (like Austin Powers) do NOT do this to them…. it’s torture. Of course, in today’s shallow world, people will do it. Is horrible. “Ma child is ‘special’ and deserves the ‘best.'” Idiots!


How come we waste tons of money on dumb research and not on something like figuring out how to replicate what sharks have: the ability to grow new teeth. That sure as Hell would be something worthwhile… Use the stem cells for that dammit.


Started it is!


Finally, I did some real work on the WWII section… it’s not all linked together, but the main WW2 pages are there, plus all the Allied pages and Axis Main. I’m too tired to keep after it. Will work on that tomorrow. It’s just labor-intensive :-0 However, saying all that, it’s not so hard, mainly a lot of search-and-replace in the code I am transferring over — you just have to get that right or it’s ALL messed up.

What else?
I dunno… we had chili tonite. Watched the series finale of M*A*S*H as it was on and I really needed a break. Kind of wierd looking at it… you see sooo many 70-isms and stuff. Plus, being a reenactor-geek, I see ALL the farbisms (besides long hippy hair on 1950’s American military) and Wee hates me going on about stuff like that :-0 Kinda like Cross of Iron with the long 70’s hair… a great movie that needs CGI haircuts real bad.

Battlestar Galactica
Galactica last night was interesting. They seem to just be going off on some wierd tangent. I wonder if it will all end with Zac Adama getting out of a shower and it all being a bad dream of Starbucks?? Ron Moore couldn’t get away with that nowadays as this kind of thing is considered old and hackneyed. Who’s the final Cylon? I’m betting on Gaeta… kinda seems that way, but I bet it’s too obvious. Cottle maybe or a real kicker would be Bill Adama. Or the President… We shall see — in TWO weeks, of course… isn’t that bunch of crap how they do that when a series is winding down… hey, Sci-Fi, you idiots… I’m not gonna watch your other crap in the mean time. I hate corporate hacks.

Was going to go to town to pay my rent and get my meds, but couldn’t get a hold of my landlord. Will go to his work tomorrow. Then on to Wally World with the $4. prescriptions (probably made in China, but who can afford US made?). Shopping at Wal-Mart is like bills, you just sweep the thought under a mental rug and don’t look at it. You’d like to shop somewhere else, give the money to Americans, but it’s kinda hard when everywhere else is sooooo expensive. You know what I mean.