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Where has the truth gone?


I don’t get people… why can’t they just tell the truth? Especially when you will find out they’re lying… Sad, weird–no, sad. And people having your back or following through… just gone in this world. I know, I am way behind on shit, but I will get to it, just am crushed w/ real life right now. On my recent trip to Columbus, it was actually a relief! I didn’t have to get on the computer to deal w/ people or e-mail or whatever. Nice for a change.

And really, why do people have to sneak around and try and do shit w/ out asking anyone? I know that in one organization I’m a member of, it’s pretty much the “RULE” to just go ahead and do stuff without asking or publicizing it, then ask for forgiveness later. I have an end-date there.

And really, reenacting for me will not last forever. I won’t be some old guy w/ translucent skin, pretending I’m a 20 year old soldier. I see guys who were my age now, still reenacting as a frontline soldier. Sure buddy, sure. Nothing lasts forever and you can’t stop time. End date. Remember that.

I’ll stop now. I’m depressed at the cheeseyness of man.


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Saw history today


Went up to Carlisle, PA where they have the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center… had some kind of timeline. Was cool in that I saw a number of people I know, some I hadn’t seen in years. I don’t do WWII right now. Why? I have no idea… just the idea of it seems “blah.” Part of it is I am old and fat and they didn’t really have old and fat soldiers in the German Army in WWII. Oh well, who knows in the future. They did have a number of displays from French and Indian to RevWar to later time periods. Alas, I bee-lined to WWII, then to WWI and back to WWII. ­čÖé

They have a great WWI trench area. Nicely done, with the ONLY realistic WWI MG bunker I have ever seen outside of period photos. It just looks “right.” Will try and post some pix… maybe will edit tomorrow.┬á I dunno–have lots to do and such.

*And yes, I’m smiling.

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The world turns, but stays still


Meaning nothing seems to change. Hey, Google paid me! Biggest check so far!! They wired it on the 23rd and of COURSE, my bank cleared it today at 12 noon-ish. Ack! Anyway, the wifial unit decided she needed milk and ice (don’t ask…), so off we went to town. I took out $100. at good ole Sheetz and put $50. in the tank… it didn’t quite fill it >:-(

Next, was Taco Bell — I like their fresco crunchy tacos and it’s got the least carbs and sugar so woohoo. This was then followed by the obligatory Starbucks. Next, to Rita’s for some custard… (okay, I’m addicted to Rita’s!!). Next on the Wee trip of “fun” was to get her nails “filled” something I don’t know much about, but if she loses one, it will cost a bunch to redo them… okay, whatever. Last, Giant for ice and milk. I kept Pacha company in the car the whole time… was nice today, a little warmish, but still not jungle hot yet. Back home, an argument of epic proportions was had, to the enjoyment of all. Anyway, them’s the facts and dat’s how a’hm is a gonna report ’em.

In the Meantime…
WWII is done and Rob and Harry have begun updating. ­čÖé Also, Civil War is mostly done, only needing a navigation kludge to weave it together until I can get a real one figured out. Next is Ancient Periods for Kim, as I know he is chompin’ at the bit to get at it. Things are looking up. I wish Google was spitting out more $$, but it’s okay. I had signed up on some of the google boards and now get spam form some of these guys. Yeah, it’d be neato-keen to get $500.+ a day from my ads, but I doubt it’ll happen — what I see these guys doing looks like scammery. Don’t really wanna lose my account due to that.

Back to the Mines
Anyway, my “weekend” is over. Gott sei Dank that it was a holiday or I’d a only had one day off. That’s kinda sucky when it happens — ’tis like working 6 days straight — it kills my back and there’s not enough time off to undo the damage.

Started it is!


Finally, I did some real work on the WWII section… it’s not all linked together, but the main WW2 pages are there, plus all the Allied pages and Axis Main. I’m too tired to keep after it. Will work on that tomorrow. It’s just labor-intensive :-0 However, saying all that, it’s not so hard, mainly a lot of search-and-replace in the code I am transferring over — you just have to get that right or it’s ALL messed up.

What else?
I dunno… we had chili tonite. Watched the series finale of M*A*S*H as it was on and I really needed a break. Kind of wierd looking at it… you see sooo many 70-isms and stuff. Plus, being a reenactor-geek, I see ALL the farbisms (besides long hippy hair on 1950’s American military) and Wee hates me going on about stuff like that :-0 Kinda like Cross of Iron with the long 70’s hair… a great movie that needs CGI haircuts real bad.

Battlestar Galactica
Galactica last night was interesting. They seem to just be going off on some wierd tangent. I wonder if it will all end with Zac Adama getting out of a shower and it all being a bad dream of Starbucks?? Ron Moore couldn’t get away with that nowadays as this kind of thing is considered old and hackneyed. Who’s the final Cylon? I’m betting on Gaeta… kinda seems that way, but I bet it’s too obvious. Cottle maybe or a real kicker would be Bill Adama. Or the President… We shall see — in TWO weeks, of course… isn’t that bunch of crap how they do that when a series is winding down… hey, Sci-Fi, you idiots… I’m not gonna watch your other crap in the mean time. I hate corporate hacks.

Was going to go to town to pay my rent and get my meds, but couldn’t get a hold of my landlord. Will go to his work tomorrow. Then on to Wally World with the $4. prescriptions (probably made in China, but who can afford US made?). Shopping at Wal-Mart is like bills, you just sweep the thought under a mental rug and don’t look at it. You’d like to shop somewhere else, give the money to Americans, but it’s kinda hard when everywhere else is sooooo expensive. You know what I mean.