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Free the House!


Well, last night it finally happened. I was able to get out of the old place. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved a lot of that house. It was open and neat, weird angles, light, etc. But… it had NO storage. Nada. The dryer vent had a run of over 25′ and my neighbor had a bird get in there and die — their house reeked of rotting dead bird for weeks. That was just sloppy design! The back bedrooms had NO ventilation. In the summer you ROASTED in there — I think, they felt they were for kids and “who cares?” or something. I bought a window A/C unit this summer — made it bearable.

I watched them put up a whole lot of these townhouses and for the most part, they just threw them up. The newer ones have all the neat stuff stripped out. I think the first few sets (like ours was) were done back before the housing crash and they added some neat stuff, wood floors, nice tile work, neat angles, kitchens, etc. but this was all offset by shitty workers. I say this because this winter, I took a number of handfuls of tile, wood, construction debris out of the master bath floor vent. How did it get there? Lazy and sloppy workers… Wasn’t the only thing. One neighbor’s toilet froze solid. One place had mice already when they moved in. Another (the ones w/ the dead bird) had a leaky master bath shower… the ceiling in the foyer was all rotted out. Neato huh? There’s more, but not now. Not worth my time to type it…

Still, it was a good house and we might have bought it except for a couple of things 1. the landlord wanted like $30.k more than it was worth and worse, our neighbors (whom I have chronicled before and call (like all on that block) “The SHITHEADS”). These people are from Philly. They live for drama. Really. Just nasty and rude. They smoke like chimneys all day and the smoke would usually waft over to our porch — nasty! Sure love being gassed out by this nasty crap and it made it so my wife couldn’t go outside there. No, I will not miss “Dick” and “Lina” — no, not at all. My dog has more common sense in the tip of his penis than these two do in their entire beings. I despise people like this. Whatever, like my mother-in-law says “Don’t look back.” I am not. I will miss my tree — the only ones not dead on the whole block because, GASP!, we water and fed them. Something the hillbillies could not understand “Whut, ya mean ya WATER yer grass and that tree???!?” Anyway, this is my “closure.” 🙂

I am finally calming down… not having to feel guilty because I’m not over there packing and cleaning before the looming deadline. Well, it’s done and I’m out. Wanna bet the landlord will try and stiff us out of our deposit? I am told he doesn’t like to return them. We’ll see. I am not perfect, but that place was okay. Anyway got home tonight, took the Wifial-Unit to Wally World, then came home and took stuff out of bedroom one and unpacked, rearranged, etc. From full to door to pretty empty room. Then hung some stuff in my room/office. Looks strangely the same, yet different because I hung much of the stuff in the same relative areas. Works for me.

Messed w/ Mac side of computer… imported all my iTunes crap — that works better for me here in PC world. Must be because that’s where I started it. Got it all back going. 🙂 Even got my music that I d/l-ed on my old laptop to re-download. Awesome! This computer is a joy to work on… music, FAST, fun again. AND… the damned Internet actually works here. At the old place, I never hardly had more than a dial-up speed, yet paid Embarq/Century Link for DSL… I think it was the phone lines in the town house there — they never all worked. Hell, that worked better at our old place in Ft. Loudon and that was built in the early 50’s I think. Anyway, core I5… 8gb ram, Win 7 pro, Mac Snow Leopard, etc. Setup for dual monitors. Yay!!!!

Anyway, time for bed. Late on my Friday night. Too much going on at work for tonight…


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Things are movin’ along!


“What’s dat mean?” you’re askin’… Well, it means things are going well w/the house and perhaps we’ll close on time. I am excited by this; my first home (and at my advanced age). It’s cool, nice lot, nice people in development. I look forward to leaving where we’re at now — and I detest our neighbors… Latest news w/ the Ignorati (or “the SHITHEADS, as we call them): Now that they called the dog warden on ME, these idiots have been been emboldened to call on all the big dogs on the block. Eff it, soon I shall not see them again 🙂 they’re from philly and live for the drama and to try and impress everyone. Really. Philthadelphia is TRULY one of the scum-centers of the known universe! There are some cool people there, but most are just not. And the neighbor thinks he’s Rocky Balboa or something, sitting out there giving everyone “the glare,” like we’re all supposed to quail in fear… I really try to ignore them completely — I have wasted WAY too much of my life dealing w/ them.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited about the new place. The builders do really nice work and the details… Man! Neato stuff! Just the little stuff that most builders ignore — these guy’s went the mile to do it RIGHT! 🙂

Closer to work, nice corner lot… Nice area, view of the mountains on both sides (we’d call the “hills” back home in Cali). One of my Kameraden from work, his lady is GIVING me a hot tub/spa 🙂 woohoo!! That shall sure help out w/the back after a long day in ye olde truck.

After the move, it will be WWI full speed ahead! My unit’s building a bunker out of an old water tank… When all set, w/ bunks framed, we’re going to line it w/brick fascia to make it look like an old tunnel. November is ALWAYS the best event at WWI… Airplanes, bigger turnout, good event! We’re going to have a gots unit turnout too! Last, I am running for president of the GWA (Great War Association), not because I believe it will be “fun,” but because I have been a member since 1990 and I love it and wish to give back! You can visit the GWA @ . Hope you will!

Right now, I’m sitting outside Kohl’s waiting for the wife, then to Wally World, Giant and home. Pay days are always thus. She doesn’t drive anymore, so I am’s be de chauffer. 😮 “Now where’s we go mistus?”

Anyway, NOW we’re at Wally World and Pacha and I are watching the show. Tonight, it’s not the normal show of mutants, but instead, more the ghetto crowd w/ thumpy rap music, actually not even that, as some rap IS good — this aib’t. The crap I was hearing sounded a lot like “oooot-oooot, oooota oooot…” Really. And a speakin’ in de ebonics. Totally stereotypical! 😮 just like the mayor of Philthadelphia was going on about last week and Bill Cosby a couple years back. Do it to yourselves. Here’s another thumpy stereo… All buzzy and loud. Is this cool? Sure I’m old, but I have heard some eminem I liked. Everlast has some good stuff. I have heard black rap I thought good (I am NOT calling it “hip-hop — it’s all the same to me.)… However the shit I am hearing here in this parking lot tonight is a joke. Fullfill the stereotypes dumbasses. Anyway, tonite it’s be ghetto night — many other nights, this Wally World will showcase some of the finest examples of red neck, Billy-Bob, hillbilly inbrededness that one will ever see, every bit as amusing as tonight’s fine performance of “Ghetto Folk on Parade.” Hey, and there went the obligatory pickup of young, white girls (w/ gay friend in tow) jammin’ through the lot to more loud rap music — this morse dance-sounding than the angry stuu you usually hear. Wow, I am in prime form tonight! We be won’t discuss our friends, w/ fake green cards.

I need to stop — I am sure some chunderhead will be calling me a racist or some such crap — I am an equal-opportunity maker of fun… All creeds and all colours have ignorant dumbasses rhat we can laugh at. :-p

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Is hope lost?


Is hope lost? I don’t know. Sometimes I think it is. I see our modern world collapsing, yet I wonder if it is always that way; as you get older, yearning for the past. I don’t yearn for the past per-se, but I just look at it and think it was easier 15, even 10 years ago, with more hope (and even a confidence) that things were going to get better.

Today, I, like most Americans, feel our government has, well if not betrayed us, then failed to do their job, and through their failure (and perhaps a bit of criminal incompetence thrown in there), dug us into a hole of poverty and a decreasing standard of living that I see no relief from.

What can WE as a nation do? I don’t know. I don’t think the left “gets it” yet. Hey, you on the left, it ain’t a blank check in an unlimited account… Somehow we gotta pay for your grand ideas. Now, don’t get me labeled, as I think the Republicans are being just as stupid in their race to slash the budget. Sorry guys, but some social programs NEED to be there. And what happens to people when the unemployment runs out?? It’s all well and good to tell people to “go work at McDonald’s!” (my brother is famous at this) but hey, even McDonald’s isn’t hiring everyone, even WalMart isn’t and… Wally World is now trying to screw all their workers by MAKING most of them go part-time… Nice huh?! Now, why aren’t they cutting their management, of which I am told, they have an abundance.

Anyway, we need jobs here, not in China. Maybe more tariffs ARE the answer. Maybe a REALLY large tax on those companies that “outsource” jobs overseas–make it UNprofitable to do that kind of ignorant shit. WHY wouldn’t people support that? Well, they want cheap stuff of course. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

So, for right now, I’m gonna have to say hope is lost. The dream is dead. :’-0 Hey, why not comment on me blog and tell me WHY I am wrong and WHY I suck… :-Þ

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Scumbags and What We should Do with Them…


I’ll rant about the scumbags and such. I used this in a post on Facebook and then decided it was so apropos to our modern life that I would write more on it… I then decided to post it here, on my blog.

Scumbags You ever get where you just hate people, especially incompetent, lazy, dumb ass people… There are the mean ones, the rude ones, the inconsiderate ones… ever watch the reality jail shows? Kent and I were watching one and we both commented “WHY are we paying for these people? Just put them down!” They’ve killed, robbed, etc. Many are so f-ed up and violent and asocial that they will NEVER be let out. I am sorry, but if you kill someone in COLD BLOOD, you do not deserve to live and WHY should I have to pay for you to live on? And I don’t mean someone that comes in and finds his wife in the sack w/ someone and shoots one or both. I do not mean where someone heinously screws another over and in a fit of blind rage the dumbass gets shot. I mean where someone plans to kill or callously kill someone for the thrill or insane serial killers, etc. In C-O-L-D  B-L-O-O-D… just put them down. “No, you cannot “find Jesus” and be absolved of your sins. Well, maybe in the next life, not in this one.

People You Know

You know, we should just take some people and sterilize them right off the bat–we already know how they’ll turn out. Others, well we wait, and they’ll prove they shouldn’t reproduce. And face it, there are people we all knew in high school (and earlier) who we KNEW were totally f-ed up and should have been sent in to the “dentist” for “essential dental work” wherein they would “have to be sedated” and then, well, if it were Kaiser Marshall I, they would just not wake up… no fuss, no muss, no crying appeals from their mother on TV. No last meals, no nothing… They just don’t wake up. Buh-BYE! Yeah, we all know some like this… people who should just not be allowed to live.

It Won’t

It won’t happen though because we, as a Nation, have lost our momentum and our drive and everything that made us unique. We’ve lost our way. We’ve lost our morals. We’ve even lost our Nation (well, it’s close now). And now, we all buy all our stuff from China WalMart… “Made in the USA” is just a slogan that some mouth… very few actually follow that. My friends Kriss and Donna do in their business and in life… few others I know do.


My brother rants about tariffs… how come we can’t have them? How come Mr. President? How come Congress? How come? How come we can’t start making shit here again? How come? Why can’t we punish companies that outsource to the third world? “Oh no… we’re a global economy.” they tell us. Oh BULLSHIT! Sayeth I. Can I have an “Amen!” ?? More than one or two? Will YOU look at a lbel or three to see where stuff is made? Will you?

I’m gonna stop now. My wife is bitching that I need to go buy her some ice (don’t ask) and so, I need to get all bundled back up to go out and drive to Rutter’s. The ice is probably made in China too. Waugh!


Dumb Drivers


So, it’s Memorial Day, the time when everyone goes out and travels, barbecues, etc. And, OF COURSE, forgets why it (the holiday) is there… AND, as they travel, I am once again reminded what utter jackasses the motoring public can be. All day today, I was dealing with these pendejos who cannot drive. Whether the ones from PA who get on an on ramp and then, instead of merging, come to a complete stop, on to the Ohio drivers who are rude and cannot drive. “Hey, let’s shoot up the left side of that truck and try and get around him.” Wacky!

Tonight’s Fun

I had to go buy some dog food as I was out and didn’t wish to be killed in my sleep by hungry canines. Ack! So, off I goes ta Wally World and this is what I posted while waiting in line for 20 minutes (as mutant old redneck woman with her mutant grandchild) unloads about a 100 frigging items (I won’t tell where she snuck 2 of an item in her bag)…

Oh holy sheepshit Margaret… I’m at Walmart… MUTANT Walmart… Really! Better I guess than “prison walmart in Hagerstown. :O

I then commented a bit more after arriving at home:
It’s all true though. The one in Chambersburg has a lot of mutanty-looking people. The one in Hagerstown, about 20 miles down the road, has all these creepy, sheet-white people w/ bad tattoos walking around at weird hours of the night. (There’s a prison right near, so that’s why). Shippensburg (20 miles North) Wally World is more Yuppies and Mennonites. Go down to Germantown, MD where my mother-in-law lives and it’s “third world Walmart” 😮 Really!


Hey, a pizza. 2 actually, as they have a special. Guess what, I like the new Domino’s sauce and all. Yes, yes, you pizza snob, it’s not “real.” Blah, blah, blah! I like it. I also like New York-style pizza, vs. Chicago… so sue me! However… Chicago HOT DOGS are waaay better than anywhere else. Poppy seed roll, pickle spear and a tomato for part of it. Good, good.


Started it is!


Finally, I did some real work on the WWII section… it’s not all linked together, but the main WW2 pages are there, plus all the Allied pages and Axis Main. I’m too tired to keep after it. Will work on that tomorrow. It’s just labor-intensive :-0 However, saying all that, it’s not so hard, mainly a lot of search-and-replace in the code I am transferring over — you just have to get that right or it’s ALL messed up.

What else?
I dunno… we had chili tonite. Watched the series finale of M*A*S*H as it was on and I really needed a break. Kind of wierd looking at it… you see sooo many 70-isms and stuff. Plus, being a reenactor-geek, I see ALL the farbisms (besides long hippy hair on 1950’s American military) and Wee hates me going on about stuff like that :-0 Kinda like Cross of Iron with the long 70’s hair… a great movie that needs CGI haircuts real bad.

Battlestar Galactica
Galactica last night was interesting. They seem to just be going off on some wierd tangent. I wonder if it will all end with Zac Adama getting out of a shower and it all being a bad dream of Starbucks?? Ron Moore couldn’t get away with that nowadays as this kind of thing is considered old and hackneyed. Who’s the final Cylon? I’m betting on Gaeta… kinda seems that way, but I bet it’s too obvious. Cottle maybe or a real kicker would be Bill Adama. Or the President… We shall see — in TWO weeks, of course… isn’t that bunch of crap how they do that when a series is winding down… hey, Sci-Fi, you idiots… I’m not gonna watch your other crap in the mean time. I hate corporate hacks.

Was going to go to town to pay my rent and get my meds, but couldn’t get a hold of my landlord. Will go to his work tomorrow. Then on to Wally World with the $4. prescriptions (probably made in China, but who can afford US made?). Shopping at Wal-Mart is like bills, you just sweep the thought under a mental rug and don’t look at it. You’d like to shop somewhere else, give the money to Americans, but it’s kinda hard when everywhere else is sooooo expensive. You know what I mean.