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A New Year


Roman officer, ostenibly CaesarSo, here we are, 2017. It didn’t really start out very promising. Work, little money, tired, borken tooth and insurance BS (something I won’t go into here). I can say that work on the Roman site, moved along by my friend John’s help IS going better, but on the work front, not enough hours, working all night. Caffeine addiction… ugh (have a headache today) and just tiredness and such. Since no one actually reads my blog, I don’t really have much to worry about.

Work stuff

At work, it appears they are installing cameras facing the drivers. I am not real hip on that, to say the least. They say, of course, that it won’t be always on, but in the companies I have known about, they DO use it like that and harass drivers about things such as eating and drinking (I’m a diabetic, so I WILL be doing those things) and talking on the phone–guess who we stay awake at night now… no one talks on a CB anymore. We’ll see where that goes. I am not sure I’m going to continue with that.

Romans in Britain

THe new responsive template is really working, as is the social media code. I need some social media buttons so folks can share the site–that’s coming… At 477 pages, it is a lot to keep up. Without my old program, GoLive CS2 (which actually works w/ the new template, whereas Dreamweaver does NOT), I can do what I need, but… it is all hard. One thing at a time. And, adding code to each page and tweaking and such is really a lot of work. And, while i do this, reenactor.Net languishes. My baby WILL be moving soon to this template, but first, I hav eto figure out hwo to make the link mod work… that and the gallery w/ out using the SMF/TinyPortal system that powers it all now SMF/TP is not responsive, meaning ti won’t work w/ mobile and as such, google penalizes you, HEAVILY. Sucks, but what else can you do w/ this blackmail but adapt. Sad.


My Galaxy 7 Edge is acting stupid, so here in a bit,  am going to go over to Verizon and see what can be done. I guess a new one as it’s still under warranty, but I DETEST changing phones. Gotta have it though. Still, not looking at Facebook would probably be a good thing. The politics and the constant crap from the sour-grapes, sore losers is getting to be a bit much. We gave Odumma a chance, until he screwed the pooch (willingly, I think) and they should too. There is a reason Trump won and tha tis because people are tired of the way the country is going and we want real change, not bullshit, liberal commie change. Anyway, I need ot go. Be nice if I could write on this more.


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The blahs.


Really, I am numb to most things these days. I was going to go sailing (which is one of the few things that brings me joy anymore), but $ is short until payday. I got laid off on Monday, but it’s a good thing. Really! Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I was unhappy there. Yes, I hate to change jobs, but in reality, I should have last year. If my mother hadn’t have passed last winter, I would have had to, as I just couldn’t afford it. The health insurance went up $300. per month the last two years. This year, it was going to be $1570. per MONTH for the wife and I… I had to drop it and get coverage on the market. That meant the money I was getting for the health care was not usable (neato huh) and went into a 401k, like at the company before. Actually, I wish I had done it that way from the beginning, as I’d have a lot more in my 401k AND have still had health care. Oh well. Anyway, it is what it is.

The ‘Net and my inability to go there anymore

It is strange… I used to LOVE to do stuff on the ‘Net. I would read my emails (a almost dead thing now due to Facebook) and I loved to work on my websites… However, since the last job entailed me being on the Internet and computer SO MUCH, I just don’t seem to feel like it anymore. “Back in the day,” I was on the ‘puter constantly, all day, late into the evening, EVERY day. The last employer didn’t understand what I actually did for the job–it wasn’t constant, but it entailed me being there to fix things ALL day and well into the night–including weekends. I think he felt I did nothing for what he paid me. Fine–his company. Another problem was that I couldn’t go out of town overnight due to my wife’s physical stuff and me having to be here to deal w/ the animals. I understand what they needed. I hope they get it. I’m at peace with it all and the gave me a fair severance. I have nothing bad to say.  C’est La Vie!

I really need a vacation and by that, I mean AWAY. Like going home to Reno. If it works out and I get the money like I’m supposed to AND, if I can line up a job to start, I might try and take a week to go there. I dunno. It costs like $52. a day for the dogs in the kennel. I only have two now, but she-who-shall-not-be-mentioned won’t watch them or take them out. Even just Miller, who is the calmest dog there is. I DO need to get away and I’d like to see the Fam. I used to go every year. However, since I got married, that hasn’t been possible. It was fine when I lived in Cali, but here, no. I have to fly… And the Kennel thing multiplies shit exponentially.

Some Things Are Better

My Fridge... a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge… a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge's control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

My Fridge’s control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

On the good front, I now have the $ (or will this week, if all goes as its supposed to) to get my pickup out of hock (it’s been in the shop for a whole year as of today 😮 ) and also, fix the fridge (control panel locked up and a sensor came loose INSIDE the freezer where I cannot get to it) and the dryer too… an on-going pain for years–had a new motor in 2013, but I think it was bad from the beginning. The dryer motor makes noise. Also, needs a roller and maybe a temp sensor… Ugh. But all in all… I have a sailboat. The club is paid until March, as is the storage!! It costs little to sail. I DO want to have someone look at the outboard motor and tell me why it just cuts out while motoring sometimes. I don’t think it’s a big thing, as the outboard starts on the first pull usually. Just when it cuts out on the way back in… 😮 My sailing partner and good friend Marv is not thrilled w/ this aspect. And, I am not yet that skilled at sailing to the dock. Something to practice–Hell, I have trouble docking in a strong wind. Last time… it was trying to keep the tiller and the outboard going same way. I am going to lock the outboard and just steer w/ the tiller. I need to make an extender for the shifter, as it is hard to reach. I DO love the boat. I was able to sail the whole day by my self on Father’s day. Marvin helped me get her int he water and then went and did his family stuff-he looked worried as I left the dock, but it was good. I got a little crispy from the sun/wind, but had a blast. I need a bimini for sure… no shade in the cockpit. Can you, gentle reader, tell what interests me? A bad da at the boat is still better than the best day at work and often home too.

On the Mooring?

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball (not mine). I swiped the photo off the ‘Net to show what we’re talking about.

The guy I bought the boat from, and others, think I should keep her on a mooring ball, but I have been reluctant as I live so far away. If something were to happen, it is TWO hours from here to the boat, at best. However, I then wouldn’t be held hostage by the tides… that IS a problem. Of course, I also would then have to redo the bottom paint 😮 Right now, I leave the boat rigged on her trailer, but still, it takes about an hour from me getting there, to being on the dock. I have a tarp over the cockpit to keep a lot of the leaves out and thus keep the cockpit drains from plugging and then it filling w/ water. Also, the tarp helps keep the windows form leaking, which they do otherwise. Anyway, I have the mains’l bent on (look at me, all using nautical terms), but the jib is not. I wish i could afford a roller furler–it sure would make single-handed sailing easier. Still, I have two jibs and a spinnaker (don’t know how to use that yet).


I still would like to take lessons in sailing. I called a place down there (Washington Sailing Marina) and they gave me this chick’s number, but she blew me off. And, I don’t have $400. for an ASA class. I’d like to mind you, but don’t have it. Most of my life’s problems these days are about money. Ugh. Life used to be less complicated. Oh well… I read a lot and try new stuff. I saw a bunch of mylar balloons cone down in the Potomac on Father’s Day, so I sailed over and got them w/ the boat hook as I went by. 🙂 I need more practice on things like that. Need wind too. Last weekend, it was not windy–yesterday was, but I didn’t have the $35. in gas to go down there. Not sure when next trip is. At least on the 16 July–the birthday trip 🙂 I looked at my weather apps and the rest of the weekend is crap winds. Not worth driving down. Soon though.

The Yard and Garden

I don’t need to mow this weekend (a weed eating wouldn’t hurt as I blew it off last weekend when I DID mow)… with little rain, the lawn has calmed its growing spurt. I used ot water all summer, but now do as the local tribes and I don’t… only the trees and the garden. Ahh, the garden. Strawberries came back booming. This year, I put down cloth, cut around the plants and then mulched. I only have 4 tomato plants in this year. My one bed, I thought I’d not have to plant squash and zucchini, but the damned things grew on their own and are not setting fruit >:-( I’ll have to dig that bed out and get onto replanting. I finished bed #3 and have 2 watermelons and 2 cantaloupes there… extended bed #1’s drip to that one, so all is good. Maybe this week, I shall dig all the fruitless squash out and replant w/ new plants that WILL set fruit. I like them and cook with a lot. Last year, I didn’t do so much because I was stuck running a mail run all summer… 16 hours of driving a day 😮 Ugh. I was so tired all the time. Buying food on he road. Just burnt. Hell, as I was on salary, I got nothing extra for this and in fact, because I was so tired on the way home every day, I got 4 speeding cam tix in Maryland and they cost me $42 each >:-( So, in reality, me running that shit cost me money. Ugh. And for what? Not even a thank you. At least the late Lord Byron would have said that: “Captain, you’re doin’ a Hell of a job… I couldn’t do it without you.” At least you felt good. Last summer was wasted and I didn’t get to do as much w/ m nephew… he did get to go in truck to NY and I could tell it dampened an desire he had to be a truck driver 😛 He wasn’t thrilled w/ that shit at all–which is good. I don’t want him in this downwardly-mobile profession. I don’t like how talking about the garden (which I like) turned into talking about work (which I don’t)… Suffice it to say, this week, if paid like promised,  shall be finishing bed #4 (cheaply to do)… I have fence posts and wire (Thanks Joe!!), but need blocks. I have scrounged all but 4 of the blocks so far. Might just buy the rest. Is it too late to grow peas? Cukes were bitter last year and I am wary of that. Hmmmm. I keep getting the display driver crashing, so I guess I’ll sign off this post and reboot. Can’t run photoshop w/ out that. And… unless yo want my blogs to be pictureless (even more boring) I need to have that working. I think I got all the typos out. I think. I hates dat.


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Just a Sunday


green_and_blueWhat’s new? Noting, really. A unit NCO Skype meeting later. Me reading through the old entries in this blog… some really amuse me. Ha. Things that happened years ago.

Anyway, woke up early. Was supposed to snow some, but didn’t (yay). I don’t know if I feel like talking about politics today. Or a lot of things.

I do know I have hope of getting my pick up back soon. Hey, it went to Ohio July 1. I do know it has the 5 speed in it and drive train hooked up. Mech was going to button up the dash and test drive. I hope it all works. WHY, you ask, did I want to change to a manual trans? Well, a couple years ago, I had the auto rebuilt by a guy in Orbisonia–the BEST GUY IN THE WHOLE AREA all the people I new said. Well, that turned out to be crap. Johnnie, that was his name, had a shop. Anyway, ol’ Johnnie had my truck from August to mid-October and lo, while he rebuilt it, after 21k miles, it took a shit. When I called him, he aid, “Well… it’s out of warranty, I’d like ta help ya but I’m not gonna eat it.” Then, whenever I tried calling this jackass, he was never there. They are going to do an autopsy on that trans soon. Anyway,  just don’t want to deal w/ it. It’s not like a old Turbo 350 that would go for YEARS without problems. My old trans was a 4L60E transmission and those, I have read, have a lot of problems. Anyway, m friend Alan found me a 3/4 ton w/ a 5 speed and we got all the stuff for it. It’s been a bit of a bear getting done. Hope it will be done soon. Need it to splash and tow the boat–I think the jeep isn’t enough. Certainly, I can’t get it into the water w/ out the rear doors going under water.

Onward. MTA is coming up soon. Don’t know what will happen because people who say they want to come can’t be bothered to get their stuff back. Ugh.

Work. Computers having problems. Crashing, then messing up logs for driver side of the system. Hope the can fix it.

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No more dipshits!


Okay, this a good one… hired a guy, older driver, experienced, etc. Anyway, we go through all the crap, get him onboard and he even pulls a run. does a fill-in, but can’t run city as he has no badge yet… is  “sick” Thursday nite when supposed to train. Okay, ran Friday to cover a run and then to train and get badge on Tuesday night. 45 mins before he is too go out, this guy calls and says he’s not gonna take the run. 😮 WTF? Says he doesn’t want to go to NJ, that he doesn’t want to do a 4 hour layover and not get paid (while he’s sleeping, mind you) AND he doesn’t like the idea of having to load and unload the trailer. WTF, WTF, WTF????

Some of the other drivers think one of our drivers scared him away, I don’t know. I do know that I shant hire another person from Huntingdon ever again. Every one of them has screwed us over in some way. I kinda shoulda known when he wanted to meet at the restaurant to do the paperwork, even when I told him that mornings were bad and I had to roll. Some people never get it.

And the day just got worse with an e-mail from the post office… eff this. Let me win the lotto — I’ve paid my dues

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NCIS… sometimes, Fiction Can influence Real Life


NCIS is a great show and one of the most popular. It is great because you can just veg and they’re good stories… except where it’s supposed to be set in Northern Virginia… in the one in watching, is supposed to be Annandale, Virginia. Horse puckey! That’s my home time in Virginia. Anyway, they film in Cali, not NoVa, which is dumb — why not actually film in Virginia? Why not wankers? Typical hollyweird laziness. It would be so much cooler. Anyway, I digress…

Gibbs, the lead character of the show, played by Mark Harmon, has a set of rules he and his team use… I have found this to be a really useful idea.

Over the last year or so, Driver “X” and I have come up with some for my life and that apply to my drivers. I did Swipe some of Gibvs’ rules too… the ones after rule 13. So sue me, some apply.

strongMarsh’s Rules/strong

1. Get the Mail moving.

2. Never_assume.

3. Ask!

4. Don’t count on others.

5. Always CYA!

6.Always make sure.

7.Don’t wait to call with a problem.

8.Keep in touch.

9.Always have a screwdriver, pliers, crescent-wrench and a flashlight.

10.Don’t argue with the P.O. — call you manager.

11.Try common sense.

12.If you gotta ask, it’s probably “No!”

13.YOU are responsible for keeping track of your hours.

14.Don’t believe what you’re told. Double check.

15.Never be unreachable.

16.The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell
one other person – if you must. There is no third best.

17.You don’t waste good.

18.Never say “You’re Sorry.” It’s a sign of weakness.

19.Always be specific when you lie.

20.Never take anything for granted.

21.Never go anywhere without a knife.

22.When the job is done, walk away.

23.Never date a co-worker.

24.Never, ever involve a lawyer.

25.Always work as a team.

26.If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.

27.It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.

28.If you feel like you are being played, you probably are.

29.There is no such thing as coincidence.

30.If it seems someone is out to get you, they are.

31.Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you.

32.Clean up the mess that you make.

33.Sometimes – you’re wrong.

34.Never trust a woman who doesn’t trust her man.

35.You do what you have to do for family.

36.Don’t work the system when you can work the people

37.Never second guess yourself in a relationship and life.

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All good things must end…


So, it is late. My vacation, such that it was, is ended and I need to go to bed. It is also snowing like a MOTHER out there and when last I looked, there was at least 4-5″ on the ground. I detest Winter, I do. I am also DAMNED happy that we had a a few nice days last week so that we could pull all the stuff (well, almost all of it) out of the garage and thus go through so much. Now we can even get to other boxes and walk through the garage!! And, since we can now do this, yay!! I went through 3-4 boxes today, disposing of ruined stuff, old crap, paperwork I don’t need anymore… We’re gonna keep that up. Although, unlike most of the younglings here, we have “stuff,” and will continue to have it.

Trash Day

Another yay! As we have a number of bags this time. All the extra crap from the garage. I bought a bunch of the “extra trash” tags (I sure miss the construction dumpster that was in the neighborhood until a couple months back)… Anyway, been working on office some too. Found my shelves, so will be setting those up! 🙂 Miss my full library and having it in shelves, vs. stacks of books. Wow, all the old Sci-Fi novels I have to re-read. Keeps me from wasting all that money on new books.


Ours is messing up, so we will have to call my friend Steve, from whom we bought it and the washer. Good stuff, older Maytag (not the new garbage, but the older quality ones). Anyway, it is getting too hot and shuts off. Lots of clothes to wash, hard to get dry.


Mine are like my children. But better. No dirty diapers. No hating me because I tell them to do their homework. My one dog doesn’t even chew my shit up anymore. Okay, that’s not quite true–when she get’s pissed at me, she will eat my pillows (hence, they go in the closet when I am not in there) and she will eat up certain books to get attention. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that describes her fully.

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be “fun” as my 4×4 is back in the shop. The new rear-end is making thunks and Dr. Terry wanted it back in to check out and make sure it doesn’t grenade again. I agree! We don’t need that again. He also has a friend who does sandblasting, so it looks like I can get the cancer off the frame. 🙂


Oh well, can you believe, I kinda look forward to getting back in my truck? It was at the main office for over 2 weeks, so I have not had her for almost a month >:-( Lots of electrical problems… she is a former Roadway truck that was leased from (and maintained by) Penske–let’s just say they didn’t do that hot a job… certainly all the wiring on it and her sister trucks is F-ed up! Little short jumpers, etc. Why can’t they just frigging fix shit right? I hate that. Part of what’s wrong w/ America… we all know it… a general malaise and lack of pride in one’s work. Not that many companies theses days give a tinker’s damn about their employees either. Look at the crap in Wisconsin… I may be a conservative, but unions DO have their place. We owe a LOT to unions and whilst many have seemingly went to far, without them, we’d be back working crazy hours for peanuts. And companies SURELY seem to be going back to a place where they think that their workers are slaves, owned by them. We see it in the news every day–don’t have many answers, but I DO think that we need to bring jobs back the f*ck HERE, not outsource them to China or India. Tariffs… why not? Really, why the HELL not? A real reason, not some BS one.

Anyway, enough, I go now.


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Is hope lost?


Is hope lost? I don’t know. Sometimes I think it is. I see our modern world collapsing, yet I wonder if it is always that way; as you get older, yearning for the past. I don’t yearn for the past per-se, but I just look at it and think it was easier 15, even 10 years ago, with more hope (and even a confidence) that things were going to get better.

Today, I, like most Americans, feel our government has, well if not betrayed us, then failed to do their job, and through their failure (and perhaps a bit of criminal incompetence thrown in there), dug us into a hole of poverty and a decreasing standard of living that I see no relief from.

What can WE as a nation do? I don’t know. I don’t think the left “gets it” yet. Hey, you on the left, it ain’t a blank check in an unlimited account… Somehow we gotta pay for your grand ideas. Now, don’t get me labeled, as I think the Republicans are being just as stupid in their race to slash the budget. Sorry guys, but some social programs NEED to be there. And what happens to people when the unemployment runs out?? It’s all well and good to tell people to “go work at McDonald’s!” (my brother is famous at this) but hey, even McDonald’s isn’t hiring everyone, even WalMart isn’t and… Wally World is now trying to screw all their workers by MAKING most of them go part-time… Nice huh?! Now, why aren’t they cutting their management, of which I am told, they have an abundance.

Anyway, we need jobs here, not in China. Maybe more tariffs ARE the answer. Maybe a REALLY large tax on those companies that “outsource” jobs overseas–make it UNprofitable to do that kind of ignorant shit. WHY wouldn’t people support that? Well, they want cheap stuff of course. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

So, for right now, I’m gonna have to say hope is lost. The dream is dead. :’-0 Hey, why not comment on me blog and tell me WHY I am wrong and WHY I suck… :-Þ

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Sometimes ya just gotta wonder ’bout people…


So, I’m on vacation. I took off this week to make sure I would be ready for WWI. Of course, this would be the week one advertiser pulled out due to the economy. It’s been rough in the hobby. Kinda needed the money, but hey… What can you do? Nice people. Unlike some who’ve just said nothing or “F-you!” I think I’m going to concentrate more on google, Amazon and vendors with an affiliate program.

I have to pack and get ready. Send a jacket back to a vendor for a size issue (awesome service!), yet methinks I have not the $. I’m married… Need I say more? Well, I’ll figure somehing out.

Um:, so I’m on vacation… Work has called a number of times. They are harassing my fill-in to fire one guy (right before the holidays… For sure, a truly non-Christian thing to do) and to hire someone else… He can’t do all that and Hell, he’s doing this as a favor. I sure aint working on my vacation! Made that mistake last year. >:-o BTW, whatever happened to loyalty and honor to your employees?

Aa I am doing this on my cell, me thimbs are gettin’ sore… Hard to see too-I broke my reading glaasses. Ain’t gettin’ old F-ed up? Also had another classmate pass this week 🙁 Too sad.
Done fer now… Ende

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Another Employee Screwover


So, I hired this guy last month, everything’s going good. Today, on my day off (as usual) he calls and says he’s giving notice to go work for our enemy. Nice huh? WTF?

People think the manager gig is so fun and easy… No! Horse pucky… It’s massively stressful and no matter whatever you do, someone will be unhappy and, in fact, downright PISSY. On top of that, America’s workforce is increasingly unwilling to work or ven put in the minimum to do a job.

I try to be loyal to my drivers and take care of them, but some will still turn around and try and fuck me over.

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Another “fine” Postal day


Well, we have another fine Postal day. My inbound driver has a 1 HOUR and 38 minute late slip… Again 😮 This is crazy. It’s just crazy bad and makes them get in way late and then they can’t understand why it comes back late. Cwazy!

Also, when they moved post offices around, they wacked a bunch of time OFF the schedule when their changes made it take a lot longer. Joy?! >:-0

Ah gots ta go…. Ende!