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Why do I say that? Well tonite, as Wendy and I came home, what was I greeted by? Well somebody about half a mile away was burning trash and a lot of plastic. Yeah, here, it’s legal. I was shocked when I first moved here to see this, but you can burn about anything here, it seems. Hell, when we first moved here, Driver X and I saw some hillbilly burning a WHOLE MOBILE HOME (insulation and ALL) right by the side of the road. That was NOT unique… I’ve seen it since. Unreal. I am not an “environmental whacko,” but “Damn, really? That’s okay, putting all that plastic fumes in the air? Hell, today there was no wind in the late afternoon so it was just like a blanket… >:-( Just needed to rant. I HATE ignorant scumbags.


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Snow, Rain and Life


Yes, it snowed on me today 😮 Hell, I was wearing shorts… mostly it rained, but the white stuff was not amusing. Actually, if the other volcano in Iceland (Not Eyjafjallajokull, but Hekla) goes off, I’ve read we may have a year without summer. That would SUCK! Of course, it’s all part of global warming… you know, it couldn’t be nature, it HAS to be MAN that caused it by something.

What else?

Lessee… my spare truck which was supposed to go to Kearny tomorrow to have it’s GPS antenna replaced is not on the road because the batteries in the other truck were not charging right and may be bad. We’ll see tomorrow. One driver has moved on to get more hours and another today, is probably out for a long while due to health issues 🙁 Good luck to him.


I am doing a couple of websites right now, which is always good–I need the creative activity or I go nuts and get all in a funk… just how I is. Anyway, the new site, for a Gem and Mineral club in California is coming along well! It’s for one my friend Kim’s clubs (he’s in a number as he loves rocks and storms and disasters, etc.)… I know nothing about rocks, but it seems neat–however, i already have WAY too many hobbies and things that interest me.

I should end this now, my right side (back, hip, arm) are killing me. Drove all day and need to get some rest. Maybe a beer would help. 🙂

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An Oil Spill and Quandary


The recent explosion of the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon drilling rig has left a lot of people arguing-you can go on any of the news sites and see the faceless ignoramii bloviating and attacking each other. It’s all bullshit of course–BP didn’t want this to happen. No one did–a methane bubble was hit, so I read, and it ended up going up to the surface and as it did, it expanded massively and this, is what blew up. It’s unfortunate that we need the oil from there, but our need to stop depending on foreign oil is serious. Our nation is like a junkie that is hooked on heroin… we need to break the dependence somehow. Our need for oil is not going away, no matter WHAT the left wing nutcases will say. I don’t have solutions, but we just need more safety systems; if the ignoramii of the left would look for a solution other than “never drill again” or “punish them” we’d be a lot better off. I hate Bolsheviks!

Anyway, I know I cannot be alone in my irritation and disgust at the way our government AND the people of this nation wish to bash each other; we’re ALL Americans, no hyphens people–we need to come together and work as one and we WILL be able to come back. United we stand, divided we fall is not just a slogan, it’s the truth!