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The blahs.


Really, I am numb to most things these days. I was going to go sailing (which is one of the few things that brings me joy anymore), but $ is short until payday. I got laid off on Monday, but it’s a good thing. Really! Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I was unhappy there. Yes, I hate to change jobs, but in reality, I should have last year. If my mother hadn’t have passed last winter, I would have had to, as I just couldn’t afford it. The health insurance went up $300. per month the last two years. This year, it was going to be $1570. per MONTH for the wife and I… I had to drop it and get coverage on the market. That meant the money I was getting for the health care was not usable (neato huh) and went into a 401k, like at the company before. Actually, I wish I had done it that way from the beginning, as I’d have a lot more in my 401k AND have still had health care. Oh well. Anyway, it is what it is.

The ‘Net and my inability to go there anymore

It is strange… I used to LOVE to do stuff on the ‘Net. I would read my emails (a almost dead thing now due to Facebook) and I loved to work on my websites… However, since the last job entailed me being on the Internet and computer SO MUCH, I just don’t seem to feel like it anymore. “Back in the day,” I was on the ‘puter constantly, all day, late into the evening, EVERY day. The last employer didn’t understand what I actually did for the job–it wasn’t constant, but it entailed me being there to fix things ALL day and well into the night–including weekends. I think he felt I did nothing for what he paid me. Fine–his company. Another problem was that I couldn’t go out of town overnight due to my wife’s physical stuff and me having to be here to deal w/ the animals. I understand what they needed. I hope they get it. I’m at peace with it all and the gave me a fair severance. I have nothing bad to say.  C’est La Vie!

I really need a vacation and by that, I mean AWAY. Like going home to Reno. If it works out and I get the money like I’m supposed to AND, if I can line up a job to start, I might try and take a week to go there. I dunno. It costs like $52. a day for the dogs in the kennel. I only have two now, but she-who-shall-not-be-mentioned won’t watch them or take them out. Even just Miller, who is the calmest dog there is. I DO need to get away and I’d like to see the Fam. I used to go every year. However, since I got married, that hasn’t been possible. It was fine when I lived in Cali, but here, no. I have to fly… And the Kennel thing multiplies shit exponentially.

Some Things Are Better

My Fridge... a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge… a Samsung RF4287HAPD

My Fridge's control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

My Fridge’s control panel. Kinda high-tech (for when we got it 5 years ago). No cameras like now. Still, neat, but I bet pricey to fix. IF Samsung tech repair will call, which was promised a WEEK AGO.

On the good front, I now have the $ (or will this week, if all goes as its supposed to) to get my pickup out of hock (it’s been in the shop for a whole year as of today 😮 ) and also, fix the fridge (control panel locked up and a sensor came loose INSIDE the freezer where I cannot get to it) and the dryer too… an on-going pain for years–had a new motor in 2013, but I think it was bad from the beginning. The dryer motor makes noise. Also, needs a roller and maybe a temp sensor… Ugh. But all in all… I have a sailboat. The club is paid until March, as is the storage!! It costs little to sail. I DO want to have someone look at the outboard motor and tell me why it just cuts out while motoring sometimes. I don’t think it’s a big thing, as the outboard starts on the first pull usually. Just when it cuts out on the way back in… 😮 My sailing partner and good friend Marv is not thrilled w/ this aspect. And, I am not yet that skilled at sailing to the dock. Something to practice–Hell, I have trouble docking in a strong wind. Last time… it was trying to keep the tiller and the outboard going same way. I am going to lock the outboard and just steer w/ the tiller. I need to make an extender for the shifter, as it is hard to reach. I DO love the boat. I was able to sail the whole day by my self on Father’s day. Marvin helped me get her int he water and then went and did his family stuff-he looked worried as I left the dock, but it was good. I got a little crispy from the sun/wind, but had a blast. I need a bimini for sure… no shade in the cockpit. Can you, gentle reader, tell what interests me? A bad da at the boat is still better than the best day at work and often home too.

On the Mooring?

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball

A Catalina 22 on a mooring ball (not mine). I swiped the photo off the ‘Net to show what we’re talking about.

The guy I bought the boat from, and others, think I should keep her on a mooring ball, but I have been reluctant as I live so far away. If something were to happen, it is TWO hours from here to the boat, at best. However, I then wouldn’t be held hostage by the tides… that IS a problem. Of course, I also would then have to redo the bottom paint 😮 Right now, I leave the boat rigged on her trailer, but still, it takes about an hour from me getting there, to being on the dock. I have a tarp over the cockpit to keep a lot of the leaves out and thus keep the cockpit drains from plugging and then it filling w/ water. Also, the tarp helps keep the windows form leaking, which they do otherwise. Anyway, I have the mains’l bent on (look at me, all using nautical terms), but the jib is not. I wish i could afford a roller furler–it sure would make single-handed sailing easier. Still, I have two jibs and a spinnaker (don’t know how to use that yet).


I still would like to take lessons in sailing. I called a place down there (Washington Sailing Marina) and they gave me this chick’s number, but she blew me off. And, I don’t have $400. for an ASA class. I’d like to mind you, but don’t have it. Most of my life’s problems these days are about money. Ugh. Life used to be less complicated. Oh well… I read a lot and try new stuff. I saw a bunch of mylar balloons cone down in the Potomac on Father’s Day, so I sailed over and got them w/ the boat hook as I went by. 🙂 I need more practice on things like that. Need wind too. Last weekend, it was not windy–yesterday was, but I didn’t have the $35. in gas to go down there. Not sure when next trip is. At least on the 16 July–the birthday trip 🙂 I looked at my weather apps and the rest of the weekend is crap winds. Not worth driving down. Soon though.

The Yard and Garden

I don’t need to mow this weekend (a weed eating wouldn’t hurt as I blew it off last weekend when I DID mow)… with little rain, the lawn has calmed its growing spurt. I used ot water all summer, but now do as the local tribes and I don’t… only the trees and the garden. Ahh, the garden. Strawberries came back booming. This year, I put down cloth, cut around the plants and then mulched. I only have 4 tomato plants in this year. My one bed, I thought I’d not have to plant squash and zucchini, but the damned things grew on their own and are not setting fruit >:-( I’ll have to dig that bed out and get onto replanting. I finished bed #3 and have 2 watermelons and 2 cantaloupes there… extended bed #1’s drip to that one, so all is good. Maybe this week, I shall dig all the fruitless squash out and replant w/ new plants that WILL set fruit. I like them and cook with a lot. Last year, I didn’t do so much because I was stuck running a mail run all summer… 16 hours of driving a day 😮 Ugh. I was so tired all the time. Buying food on he road. Just burnt. Hell, as I was on salary, I got nothing extra for this and in fact, because I was so tired on the way home every day, I got 4 speeding cam tix in Maryland and they cost me $42 each >:-( So, in reality, me running that shit cost me money. Ugh. And for what? Not even a thank you. At least the late Lord Byron would have said that: “Captain, you’re doin’ a Hell of a job… I couldn’t do it without you.” At least you felt good. Last summer was wasted and I didn’t get to do as much w/ m nephew… he did get to go in truck to NY and I could tell it dampened an desire he had to be a truck driver 😛 He wasn’t thrilled w/ that shit at all–which is good. I don’t want him in this downwardly-mobile profession. I don’t like how talking about the garden (which I like) turned into talking about work (which I don’t)… Suffice it to say, this week, if paid like promised,  shall be finishing bed #4 (cheaply to do)… I have fence posts and wire (Thanks Joe!!), but need blocks. I have scrounged all but 4 of the blocks so far. Might just buy the rest. Is it too late to grow peas? Cukes were bitter last year and I am wary of that. Hmmmm. I keep getting the display driver crashing, so I guess I’ll sign off this post and reboot. Can’t run photoshop w/ out that. And… unless yo want my blogs to be pictureless (even more boring) I need to have that working. I think I got all the typos out. I think. I hates dat.


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The Rise and Fall of the Empire of the Horse


This is a story that should serve a cautionary tale for those in the realm of business.

The Empire of the Horse
In the beginning, here was the Empire of the Horse, once a promising minor kingdom, it had fell on evyil times due to the leader, Duke Michael not paying his taxes to the Overking. This was a sad thing, as Duke Michael was a good and just leader – his failure being one of discipline.

The Rise of an Empire
In this time of need for the Empire of the Horse, his lordship, Lord Byron came sailing in to save the day with his free use of gold and he did so – soon expanding the Empire and making it one of the greatest in the realm. The streets were paved with gold, all was milk and honey. Lord Byron was assisted in this endeavor by Sir William, the Privy Councillor of State and a fine one he was, ably serving the Empire. Sir William’s wise council served Lord Byron well, tempering his rash decisions and using his knowledge and connections to advance the cause of the Empire. Sir William was assisted by his most gracious and knowledgeable Bailiff, Sir Pawel. The two of these men fairly well served the Empire, bringing success and making the often ill-planned adventures of Lord Byron come together and work out. Mostly, this worked well, though the Empire of the Horse did see a large number of its people rotate in and out of service.

The First Scourge
You, gentle reader, might ask, what happened to the Empire of the Horse? Well, a series of evils befell the fair Empire. The first was Lord Byron’s wife, Looney – a woman dark and full of evyil. Pretentious and mercurial, she and Byron were a poor match. He, a man more suited to less tight-fitting arrangements; she, more controlling and jealous of his life. In the end, “Lady” Looney ended up betraying Lord Byron with an old lover. In her betrayal, she looted the Empire’s treasury and almost caused it to fall at this time. It was only through much desperate action, that the Empire did not fall. There is no curse too fowl for this vain, evyil and pretentious woman. Dark times were coming.

The Second Scourge
Two years after “Lady” Looney was banished from the Empire, a new scourge arrived… The Sire of Lord Byron, the evyil Halitosis returned from exile from the whole Realm and was invited in by Lord Byron. Immediately, Halitosis began to change the way the Empire was run, working to take from the citizens their just due and make their lives more arduous, whilst at the same time, lowering the standards of upkeep for the steeds of the Empire. More and more people left the Empire, either banished at the insistence of Halitosis or resigning service due to his efforts to make them perform dishonorable deeds. Within less than a YEAR, even Sir William, the man who kept the Empire on an even keel was banished at the insistence of the Evyil and dishonorable Halitosis – this was the beginning of the end and all in the realm who truly knew, felt the end was nigh coming. Sir Pawel kept the Empire alive for half and a year more, but even with all his mighty skills, he could not keep the hollow shell that the Empire had become, alive.

The Evyil Halitosis
Halitosis was not just the sire of Lord Byron, he had once been a mighty king, whose greed and capricious ways had caused him to be cast out of his own Kingdom of the Midwestern World and then, after he had built TWO more empires, his never-failing return to his old ways ended up causing these empires to fall too. In the fall of the empires, many, many, MANY people and their families had been hurt and suffered greatly. And thus this cursed man had been cast into the dungeons of the Overking of the Realm for his crimes. But alas, one day, he was allowed to be released and as such, he wormed his way into the mind and heart of Lord Byron. As he came to gain control over Lord Byron, Halitosis brought forth his poisons again and though his dishonor and bad counsel, brought destruction to the Empire of the Horse. And as it collapsed, in the Empire’s hour of need, he slunk away stealing much of the larder and even the stoves that kept the northern part of the Empire warm. Yes, there is a common thread in the fall of four kingdoms. Know ye, NEVER have anything to do with the foul and evyil Halitosis – he is to be regarded as a foul and dishonorable creature and one cane hope, will be cast back into the deepest dungeons by the men of the Overking.

In the End
Eventually, after constantly saying “later” instead of paying his just debts, Lord Byron found that “later” came to visit and ruin was wrought upon the Empire. Again, many loyal supporters were made to suffer along with their families and loved ones – their pensions squandered and their livelihoods ruined. Some of these hurt were even former loyal followers of Halitosis, who had already been greatly harmed by him and his dishonorable ways. Now Lord Byron flees before the justice of the Realm – his life and freedom forfeit if he is brought before the magistrate of the Overking. What has been learned here?

Know ye, the tale will continue, but that evyil still lives on in the Land of Sunshine, where evyil Halitosis resides.

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A Great Author…


We all have our favourite authors — in sailing, it would have to be Lin and Larry Pardey or Hal Roth or Eric Hiscock. In reenacting, I am a fan of Mark Baker who writes about the colonial period and his search for the “Longhunter” or woodsman. He has a lot of fans due to his smooth writing style. He has a good way of saying things… the words just roll off the page. He has certain ways that he does things. And he has a lot of people, like myself, who enjoy his writings. No, I don’t want to go out and do a period trek myself. I like the woods, but period camping is not so much my thing. To each his own. I like to shoot black powder and Mark’s articles on how to do things like they did back then are very interesting.

I was looking for something about Mark’s videos (yes, he has some) and ran accross some Mark-hate. I had forgotten about that. A few years ago, I had seen a lot of snarky comments on some muzzleloading websites. As I read them again, it struck me that some people are just wankers. Mainly it’s sour grapes, but often, its a backlash against something that is “too popular.” I’ve never understood that — I remember back in the day when everyone had an Oakley (sunglasses) sticker on their car and I saw some inbred (yes, truly) with a home-made “Oakleys suck!” sign on his raggedy-ass car. I remember thinking “No, they aren’t — dumbass!” — same kinda thing. A lot of these guys get mad at all the people who follow Mark Baker’s methods… now, he says himself that he doesn’t know everything and he does shoot for the most “common impression,” yet too many people of the doofus class have to strike out against those who have actually DONE something in their life. Maybe that’s it. Probably.

No matter what, Mark seems to try and help people and this drive, to me, makes him a true teacher and mentor. Again, this strikes jealousy in many.

So, if you want to learn about the common longhunter of the 18th century and how to emulate his life, you can’t go wrong reading Mark Baker’s books and/or watch his videos. BTW, you can buy his videos from American Pioneer Video at… You can buy his books in my bookstore on reenactor.Net here: reenactor.Net’s Frontier Area Bookstore and Reading list. 🙂

I’ll stop now before I start getting hate mail (which, btw, is often entertaining).

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That is it, exactly.


I was watching Sherlock Holmes and he said “My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work… …and I am in my proper atmosphere. Then I can dispense with artificial stimulants. For I appall the dull routine of existence. I crave mental exaltation.” I feel this too. I need a project, not just coasting, reading Facebook, the news, watching TV. Waugh, say.

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Crappy Week…


Crap at work ALL week. Just bad. Bad people, bad decisions. (not really by me, but others who should know better). And then, a couple of my more, how shall I say this, “troubled members” decided to leave and so gave “notice.” Cool! Last du nicht die Tür in den Arsch kneifen!!! I sure wish I had the personnel to just cut them loose right Effing now. I especially liked the constantly complaining old one who said “two weeks” notice but is really giving me one. Or the younger new guy who thought that all the older, more senior guys should “give up days” for HIM, so that he’ll get more hours?!? What an idiot. And, since most of the drivers really did not like the old bitching one (who tells the same stories all the time, but w/ different endings each time “I was in a gunfight with a guy. He had a brick of .22 shells and I had my .357 with 13 clips… I had had it re-rifled…” [IDIOT, I am a gun-nut, you are telling a STORY to me that I know is bullshit — they don’t really MAKE .357’s in SEMI-Automatic form you dumbass… or if they do, they are/were fabulously expensive… back in the day when he was talking about, there was like one (1), the Automag, I think it was — try $1000.+ back in the 70’s-80’s. I did by-the-way, ASK what kind it was… “A Colt” says he. D’oh!]) And we have the young one who never really listens to what you tell him (I’m sorry Marsh, I’m sorry. I love my job. Really?!) This guy also thinks that he, as the low man, should get the senior guy’s work hours and TOLD enough of them that they all hate his ass. Well, okay… buh-BYE! Next time I get the ol’ Ahoooga about someone, I will just not hire them. I should mention, I also gave both of these doofuses a job when NO ONE else would hire them. Thanks guys. As my boss tells me: You can bend over BACKWARDS to help drivers and they will turn around and try and fuck you!

Reenactor Dorks

I hate dishonorable back-stabbing snakes. Especially goobers that can’t be bothered to come to events, but will run their mouth (on a keyboard, but not to the person’s face) about someone really honorable. 80 months and I am done w/ this. It ain’t fun anymore. I have met some good people there over the years, but the back stabbers and the sad, small, strange little angry people just take their toll over time. In this case, going on 22 years. I don’t like liars, bullies, back-stabbing snake-fuckers, “drama-mamas” and other just plain unpleasant people. It’s a hobby dumb asses. 🙁


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Don’t you hate how some people act?


I get irritated at people who willfully try and cheat me. Especially when they then sit there and pretend they are doing nothing. Gotta love it. Anyway, it’s just a minor morning irritation. They’ll get theirs in the end. I don’t mean at some ethereal point int he afterlife, either. I prefer Haydukian Intervention.

Today’s the Day

Going today to get my bad tooth out! No, i do not like dentists — they freak me out. Much of it comes, as I have already said, from having braces as a child. I doubt they’ve improved the process, but back then it was worse. I HATED going to the orthodontist and while I am sure they all have the best intentions, I KNOW I didn’t have that bad of teeth. My parents were trying to do something good for me. However, I can tell you it, it was years of mouth pain and it has created the situation of me not going to the dentist unless I have to.

Anyway, this tooth will get yanked out today. 🙂 Maybe then I can get on w/ life. W/ this, often, it’s all I can think of. Owwwww.

RIB (Romans in Britain) — Visit it!

What can I say, it’s a good resource and I hope you’ll visit it. I find the Romans SO interesting because it was so long ago. So much we just don’t know. Give the site a look and if there’s something we need to add or do, etc. PLEASE, let us know. We will be updating things as we go. Right now, we are STILL trying to convert all the old pages to the new template — so much work. Worth it. Enjoy.

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Don’t Mess with the Ocean…


Wow, it truly DOES seem that history can repeat itself. Well, sorta. Most of us have now heard about the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia hitting a reef and sinking. Okay, not sinking like the Titanic, but rolling over and coming to rest right close to shore. Still there’s been a death toll of 11 so far with 20-some STILL missing. WHY? HOW? Mainly, it looks like, incompetence. The Captain, trying to do something nice, went off course and hit ye olde reef. Ship loses power, dirfts into bay, he drops anchors, Prob does save lives, BUT, is a dumb-ass and a coward and, like most of his officers it seems, abandons the ship BEFORE many of his passengers and crew, even refusing orders from the Italian Coast Guard on scene to go back aboard and help rescue people. Wow! What a black eye for Italy!

Foreign Crew

By “foreign crew” I mean largely Asian (and non-English/Italian/German/French speaking, it seems)… Still, it was people like cooks and stewards who saved the day. Wow, most crew and the officers bugged out. Sorry, isn’t it sort of part of the deal wherein they let you wear the cool uniform and drive the big toys, that YOU have to be the last one off. That YOU have to do your utmost to ensure safety? Whacky! They need to take a big stick and “whack his pee-pee!” I bet that would make people feel better.

Women and Children First?!

Uh no, sadly, unlike the Titanic, in this case, many of the men and crew pushed past the older cruisers and women (even a PREGNANT WOMAN) to get in the boats themselves. And really, big pussies, WHY do you need a life boat? The damned shore is like 50 feet away, AT MOST.


Poor Carnival 🙁

I kind of feel for Carnival, the ships owner. Well, they own the company that owns the ship, so same thing. I really doubt they want this to happen and you KNOW the ambulance-chasers are lining up already. You cannot control people and employees, I have found, do what they want, even with explicit orders. Still, safety is (or should be) their FIRST business. One good thing is Italian law is different and it appears that we won’t have any cases filed HERE by OUR ambulance chasers.

The Captain

I could rant on about this dipshit, but it seems he has stepped on his penis and his life and career are pretty much over. DUMBASS! A: you let it happen. B: You ran away and C: when caught, you REFUSED to go back and help. That makes you an ASSHOLE! At least in my book. I know I am not alone. I need to go to bed.


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Dont you just get tired of BS?


I hate people who think they’re better than everyone else. That they know more, or better. That they know better than YOU and should therefore decide what IS BEST FOR YOU.

Hobby politics are bad. They are stupid bad and if you throw money into the mix, well people will do the most dishonorable shit. They will stab their best friend in the back, throw their mom under the bus. Its sad, and disgusting too.

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Another week almost gone.


Well, where are we?

I still need to mow my lawn. It’s been raining and even though I tried to get up early this AM, it was too wet w/ dew to mow. I guess I will have to wait until Monday and do it then. Supposed to be nice until then.

On The Landlord (ex) Front

As I predicted, he is trying to keep the deposit. First it was “Well, you broke your lease.” When I asked his assistant “How?” she said, we didn’t stay long enough… I pointed out that we moved in in Nov. 2008 and it was a 2 year lease. “Hmmm”, says she, “you’re right. I’ll have to ask him.” Now the new bullshit lie “reason” I can’t have my deposit back is that the lease went to a year’s lease after we stayed past the 2 year mark?! I am gonna dig the lease out and look, but if so, how disingenuous. You would basically have to move out on the anniversary of your move in. I wonder if that’s even legal? IF he does manage to screw me, well, I WILL review it all, naming names and everything that happened w/ him and while there on the ‘Net. Perhaps that sounds dumb, but I know people check them out and a realtor w/ bad reviews is not good. I have acted in good faith through this. I even cleaned the house really good — which I WOULD NOT HAVE BOTHERED WITH if I knew he was really going to try and stiff me like this. Someone I know in the Real Estate biz told me about a good lawyer to check with. I don’t like bullies. Again, I have dealt w/ this in good faith. This guy even told his assistant that the house “Looked pretty good.” Marvy. Gimme ma money.

 On the work front

Had a guy go take his drug test today. Talked to another, but he needs his DOT Physical… can’t even interview him until then. Came home to find 2 more prospects — will call them tomorrow! 🙂 I need, really, at least 1½ drivers. One full time and a part=time fill-in guy. AND, I need a guy who will run every Saturday night, as my one driver says he will run every layover if he can be off Sat night so that he may attend the Temple of Jesús… Weez is a beez tryin’. The letter write thing is still there. Everyone is pissed because now they can’t get days off because one driver got fired over it. Well, not fired, he was part time, not allowed to use him, is a better term. Sad. Getting ready to ramp up for X-Mas Rush 😮 I detest Christmas in the P.O. — just makes you nasty. You would too if you were there.

‘Nuff said tonite. Ende

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Free the House!


Well, last night it finally happened. I was able to get out of the old place. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved a lot of that house. It was open and neat, weird angles, light, etc. But… it had NO storage. Nada. The dryer vent had a run of over 25′ and my neighbor had a bird get in there and die — their house reeked of rotting dead bird for weeks. That was just sloppy design! The back bedrooms had NO ventilation. In the summer you ROASTED in there — I think, they felt they were for kids and “who cares?” or something. I bought a window A/C unit this summer — made it bearable.

I watched them put up a whole lot of these townhouses and for the most part, they just threw them up. The newer ones have all the neat stuff stripped out. I think the first few sets (like ours was) were done back before the housing crash and they added some neat stuff, wood floors, nice tile work, neat angles, kitchens, etc. but this was all offset by shitty workers. I say this because this winter, I took a number of handfuls of tile, wood, construction debris out of the master bath floor vent. How did it get there? Lazy and sloppy workers… Wasn’t the only thing. One neighbor’s toilet froze solid. One place had mice already when they moved in. Another (the ones w/ the dead bird) had a leaky master bath shower… the ceiling in the foyer was all rotted out. Neato huh? There’s more, but not now. Not worth my time to type it…

Still, it was a good house and we might have bought it except for a couple of things 1. the landlord wanted like $30.k more than it was worth and worse, our neighbors (whom I have chronicled before and call (like all on that block) “The SHITHEADS”). These people are from Philly. They live for drama. Really. Just nasty and rude. They smoke like chimneys all day and the smoke would usually waft over to our porch — nasty! Sure love being gassed out by this nasty crap and it made it so my wife couldn’t go outside there. No, I will not miss “Dick” and “Lina” — no, not at all. My dog has more common sense in the tip of his penis than these two do in their entire beings. I despise people like this. Whatever, like my mother-in-law says “Don’t look back.” I am not. I will miss my tree — the only ones not dead on the whole block because, GASP!, we water and fed them. Something the hillbillies could not understand “Whut, ya mean ya WATER yer grass and that tree???!?” Anyway, this is my “closure.” 🙂

I am finally calming down… not having to feel guilty because I’m not over there packing and cleaning before the looming deadline. Well, it’s done and I’m out. Wanna bet the landlord will try and stiff us out of our deposit? I am told he doesn’t like to return them. We’ll see. I am not perfect, but that place was okay. Anyway got home tonight, took the Wifial-Unit to Wally World, then came home and took stuff out of bedroom one and unpacked, rearranged, etc. From full to door to pretty empty room. Then hung some stuff in my room/office. Looks strangely the same, yet different because I hung much of the stuff in the same relative areas. Works for me.

Messed w/ Mac side of computer… imported all my iTunes crap — that works better for me here in PC world. Must be because that’s where I started it. Got it all back going. 🙂 Even got my music that I d/l-ed on my old laptop to re-download. Awesome! This computer is a joy to work on… music, FAST, fun again. AND… the damned Internet actually works here. At the old place, I never hardly had more than a dial-up speed, yet paid Embarq/Century Link for DSL… I think it was the phone lines in the town house there — they never all worked. Hell, that worked better at our old place in Ft. Loudon and that was built in the early 50’s I think. Anyway, core I5… 8gb ram, Win 7 pro, Mac Snow Leopard, etc. Setup for dual monitors. Yay!!!!

Anyway, time for bed. Late on my Friday night. Too much going on at work for tonight…