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RIP Angus Blue 6.12.2003—11.18.2015


angus1Angus passed this morning. I was hoping that the course of meds for his Lyme would make him better, but something happened. He had a seizure or a stroke.  He was pacing around and panting all night. I was up w/ him most of the night and I fell sleep around 6 and at 8:30, when I woke up, he was gone.

It’s sad, Angus was a good dog–he loved everyone and was a pretty mellow dog. I’m going ot miss him a lot more than I would any person.

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Poor Angus!


He was having a lot of trouble walking and some other issues. When we got to the vet’s Dr. Ludwig diagnosed him with Lyme disease. He’s now on a 28 day course and then after that, will get vaccinated for it. Got some pain pills and also a shot. He’s already on glucosamine for his joints. I think he’s feeling better–might just be the shot.

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A nice day!


Beautiful!! Took Zoey for a walk around the neighborhood. Only had one dog start to come out. Went around the lower retention pond and noticed some inbreds had been driving down there. Gotta love it. Anyway, Zoey seemd to like it, finding duck/goose crap to eat a couple times before I could stop her. Joy.

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Time, money and a whining dog


So, where do I begin? I have time right now as I am looking for a job. Being laid off does that to you. Before, I never had time to do anything… Now I have lots of time, but little money. And as I sit here, waiting for the wife (imagine that), I have the dog sitting next to me WHINING and the pickup idling – idling you say? Yeah, I fixed the ac two days ago and it’s warmish out… Bite me.

Anyway, as my life is in limbo, I have time to think. I think on a war it looks like our idiot president and his cronies seem hell bent on starting – a war we really should not have ANY part of. Why do more of our tax dollars have to go for this? -and it only makes gas artificially high. WHY do more of our military people have to be killed or have their lives ruined because of this bullshit? My brother says that for what we have paid and are paying now, we could have paid off everyone’s mortgage. I think that’s a way better idea. Let the sand people kill each other off. Why not dump those oil-eating microbes in their oil fields? You know, the ones they developed to get rid of oil slicks… Then they can go back to being Bedouin peasants… Tell me why that’s bad. It is said that we have more oil in our reserves than anywhere – let’s let them user their oil reserves (which I think we are doing), but hasten that by letting the microbes eat their oil…

Contrary to what some turds say, I don’t think we’re a bad country – yes, we have our share of turds, but generally, we’re good. They aren’t.

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Something Good!


So, I did go take the dogs for a nice walk, although it was a bit hot. I need to get them another water carrier. Still, we got to go way far away, smell things, pee some, crap a bit. Eat some grass and mud. Smell some more. Zoey got to roll in the grass somewhere different. Musta been enough, they’re both sacked out. 🙂

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WTF, really!?! :-o


So, once again, the frigging dogs got into a huge fight. I am about tired of this shit! I was upstairs, but my guess is that Zoey tried to snake Angus’ food… She, like all women, tries to take his stuff all the time. He, like most guys, puts her in her place. However, as of late, their fights are worse…, and bloody. She got him on leg and back of neck (I think) he left two nice big punctures on her face. As we were walking out door, I checked them quick and put her in crate. All this was not helped earlier by some punk-ass billy bob shooting over by the tracks. >:-(

Anyway, this has pissed me off in a major way. Solutions? Jessica says an exerpen… Don’t have $100. right now. Zoey can be in crate for a bit — that’s safe.

Oh yeah, to add to my irritation, some jack hole has left their dog in the car — a jack russell who is yiping. People need to be caned. And watching the hillbillies… Yes, I’m at “mutant Walmart” the one in chambersburg. Can we say “untermensch”? A pure reason for Eugenics! We could sterilize some of these at BIRTH knowing how their parents are. Yes, I know, I’m an asshole.

Somewhere, I have a college paper I wrote on eugenics… Will have to scan it and post; you’d hardly know I wrote it… LOL! Well, ’til the end and THAT sounds like me.

Had a neat thought: want to write a bio on Obama as if from 2000 years from now. The things they say about the Roman emperors (a lot prob true, but not all I am sure are prob way distorted… WAS Nero, for example, really THAT heinous? I bet not, the victors write the histories; we know that Nero did NOT “fiddle” while Rome burned, but instead rushed back to direct rescue efforts, personally helping on this w/out his guards. He even used a lot of his own money to help the survivors and displaced.. Not what popular history shows of him. Anyway, I digress… Think of it:

President Obama, while disliked by many of the normal citizens and business class was quite popular with the former slave class.

For someone that far detached, it would seem plausible. In 2000 years, the time will seem to run together. If you think of it, Julius Caesar died almost 100 years before Nero and the “Year of Four Emperors.” To us, it seems quite close together. Like crap from the Victorian Age having any relevance or effect on us now. Oh well, amusing to think on.

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A day off, things were done!


Well, it seems of late I get little done on my days off. Today, I got some wood our builders gave me. Been wanting to get — part to re-frame my office door and a big 2 x 12 that I want make some ramps to work on my truck. No, not like you think… Layers to get it up in air — damned thing hits me on the chest when trying work under it.

I also want to start building shelves in the garage… They have some more good wood, so I’ll try and get it. Then some plywood and voila! Alles gute!

A Dog’s Life

What else? Well Angus, who is well behaved, got to go w/ me to get wood — he seemed to dig that. It was only fair that I took Zoey for a walk 🙂 she is so much calmer when Angus is not there. When it gets warmer, I will start taking them separately. I need to walk anyway, Im getting old and now more out of shape.

Amazon Enlightenment

The biggest thing was I called Amazon Associates while the wife was in Wally World. The guy there gave me some good advice on making my bookstore work better. My associates payouts have really went down in last year or two. He looked at things and he was right, it was too hard to get to the books. Also, much to my chagrin, I noticed a bunch of my links to bookstore pages were Effed-up and some of the pages were WAY hosed.

I fixed WWII and RevWar. Civil War is okay, I did it last winter — same w/ Middle Ages and 1870-1900. Of course, after I got it all untangled and uploaded, I saw that the WWI area was AFU. 😮 Oh well, my head hurt too bad to deal with it. I need to just do a bit a day and get into new system, vs. old static pages. When done, it will be great. My problem is that I see something wrong and need to fix said problems, but when I do, I then always seem to find TWO OTHER frigging things to do. Just damned frustrating. And having to go back and see the same shit again and again is stultifying 🙁

Anyway, I DID get some good done. If I could just buckle down and do at least one time area book set a day, or even a week, it will soon be good.

And then

It will also be time to get the RIB up to speed. The Google ads are still in need of tweakage. I am hoping to slowly start updating the pages, beginning with the military pages — that will be easier. I have a lot of info on that :-p The Military area of RIB is pretty weak. Not bad, just weak. Then, once military is under control, I plan on just going through and upgrading other areas; in many cases, just adding more and better pix.

I hope and plan to make RIB a useful and great place for those who have an interest on Roman-Britain (or even in Roman life anywhere).

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Another Friggin’ Day Shot


Most of today was spent in pain. Also, as the back is Effed up, I couldn’t get much done, hence spending the day sitting at the “devil box” as Herrn Steiner calls it. Mostly, it has been the Roman site. Ack, none of the fun things, no. And when I tweak one little thing, something else major pops up. Alas, much of it is in the original code. Some of what I call a “poison pill” — a bit of code that makes your whole page crash and your efforts turn to shit in front of your eyes. A lot of the problems have to do w/ the menus, of course, and so, after it craps out once, I tend to make a solid backup to work from. I KNOW what is wrong… just have to do one thing, then when it blows up still, you do the next thing. Like the old days. Do something, hit “save.” Do another, hit “save” again. Ack!

Evil Adobe

I am not even going to rant about Adobe. I use some of their products and they USED to be great — however, they have chosen, once again, like before, to leave their customers behind and force you to use something shittier — I won’t. Just have to use a workaround and right now, I cannot find my manuals for GoLive to figure out a problem. Of course, knowing them, there might not be an answer, but we’ll see. No, I don’t want, nor need to hear you babble on about how I should switch to Dreamweaver — it sucks shit and I detest it. It has to do with left-brain and right-brain… guess what I am. I’d rather use frigging Microsoft FrontPage.

WordPress Works!

At least this works. I can rant and vent. Hell, my new house is leaking for some reason, right by my desk. The builders, who do an AWESOME job and really DO care, will be here tomorrow to look at it. I had to leave the other day and really, how will it work w/ them being here and the PoD. For that matter, PoD juniorette and Angus would also be trouble… Nah, I gots ta be here fo’ dat. Anyway, I haven’t really eaten today, nor taken my meds, so I guess I need to hobble upstairs and do both. Maybe I will make some tea as I will have a SCREAMER of a headache in the AM since I have had no caffeine today.

Ende für jetzt!

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Still working on Roman Site…


It’s becoming a drag. Mainly because there are still about a hundred pages to convert. I am having problems w/ GoLive in that pages that are bigger than the template, while showing okay, will not let me edit the content that overflows the template regions, without cutting all the template window out and then pasting it in an edit doc >;-( Dumb, but real. W/ over 400+ pages, things like this really make it harder. Boring to you, a pain the ass for me.

My Back Too

Somehow, on ride home form work, I managed to make my back go out?! Still hurts today. Kent tried to pop it, but didn’t work (I had to go back over and take checks as I forgot last night, as i didn’t see them on floor of car). C’est La Vie! Would like to take down Xmas lites and put some exhaust clamps on my pickup, but is unlikely as it is butt-ass cold (a technical term) and my back hurts too much for that. Plus, when I breathe, the damned tooth lights off. I am sure happy that will be coming out on Thursday.

Roman Banner Question

Here are two banners I was going to start using… which do you like better? E-mail me at and tell me your fav.

Romans in Britain banner 1

Romans in Britain banner 1

Romans in Britain banner 2 for website

Romans in Britain banner 2

So, what do YOU think? Neither are quite what I want, but I like bright, full colour, vs. “graphic-designer muted” which doesn’t work in drawing-in many people. The link, BTW, is


I prob should take them for a walk, but they are calm right now, laying all about me and the desk and besides, like I said, it’s butt-ass cold out. Right now,  Zoey is laying on my foot (it’s a dog thing). Angus, behind, snoring. Zoey’s in the midst of Pon Farr right now, so the two of them are acting like dorks. Ummm, full-colour doggy porn. Oh the joys :-Þ


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All good things must end…


So, it is late. My vacation, such that it was, is ended and I need to go to bed. It is also snowing like a MOTHER out there and when last I looked, there was at least 4-5″ on the ground. I detest Winter, I do. I am also DAMNED happy that we had a a few nice days last week so that we could pull all the stuff (well, almost all of it) out of the garage and thus go through so much. Now we can even get to other boxes and walk through the garage!! And, since we can now do this, yay!! I went through 3-4 boxes today, disposing of ruined stuff, old crap, paperwork I don’t need anymore… We’re gonna keep that up. Although, unlike most of the younglings here, we have “stuff,” and will continue to have it.

Trash Day

Another yay! As we have a number of bags this time. All the extra crap from the garage. I bought a bunch of the “extra trash” tags (I sure miss the construction dumpster that was in the neighborhood until a couple months back)… Anyway, been working on office some too. Found my shelves, so will be setting those up! 🙂 Miss my full library and having it in shelves, vs. stacks of books. Wow, all the old Sci-Fi novels I have to re-read. Keeps me from wasting all that money on new books.


Ours is messing up, so we will have to call my friend Steve, from whom we bought it and the washer. Good stuff, older Maytag (not the new garbage, but the older quality ones). Anyway, it is getting too hot and shuts off. Lots of clothes to wash, hard to get dry.


Mine are like my children. But better. No dirty diapers. No hating me because I tell them to do their homework. My one dog doesn’t even chew my shit up anymore. Okay, that’s not quite true–when she get’s pissed at me, she will eat my pillows (hence, they go in the closet when I am not in there) and she will eat up certain books to get attention. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that describes her fully.

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be “fun” as my 4×4 is back in the shop. The new rear-end is making thunks and Dr. Terry wanted it back in to check out and make sure it doesn’t grenade again. I agree! We don’t need that again. He also has a friend who does sandblasting, so it looks like I can get the cancer off the frame. 🙂


Oh well, can you believe, I kinda look forward to getting back in my truck? It was at the main office for over 2 weeks, so I have not had her for almost a month >:-( Lots of electrical problems… she is a former Roadway truck that was leased from (and maintained by) Penske–let’s just say they didn’t do that hot a job… certainly all the wiring on it and her sister trucks is F-ed up! Little short jumpers, etc. Why can’t they just frigging fix shit right? I hate that. Part of what’s wrong w/ America… we all know it… a general malaise and lack of pride in one’s work. Not that many companies theses days give a tinker’s damn about their employees either. Look at the crap in Wisconsin… I may be a conservative, but unions DO have their place. We owe a LOT to unions and whilst many have seemingly went to far, without them, we’d be back working crazy hours for peanuts. And companies SURELY seem to be going back to a place where they think that their workers are slaves, owned by them. We see it in the news every day–don’t have many answers, but I DO think that we need to bring jobs back the f*ck HERE, not outsource them to China or India. Tariffs… why not? Really, why the HELL not? A real reason, not some BS one.

Anyway, enough, I go now.