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I like Dogs Better.


Dogs are way better than people. Even if they do get mad, they don’t stay that way. You can punish a dog and he’ll still love you. In fact, no matter what, a dog will love you.

People… they’re never happy and whatever you for them do is never enough. You can give them food and it’s not what they like. You can give them clothes and they’re not the right style. Dogs are loyal to their “owners” Guardians… what are people loyal to? Maybe the person of the minute. You can trust a dog to watch your back while you sleep–a person is always suspect because you KNOW they could change and then just stab you in the back. No, dogs are better. Actually, cats are better too, but are more like people than dogs are. Cats can be indifferent, but still they will give you love–however, if you really piss a cat off, they might pee in your shoe or leave an “egg” in your bed–yes, it can happen.

Of course, dogs like to eat “Kitty Rocca,” but hey, no one’s perfect. Just don’t come up and want to lick me after. So yeah, I love my dogs–they’re like my children. No, I don’t think YOUR children are smarter. NO, I don’t give a shit if he’s an honor student–Zoey’s smarter!