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A nice day!


Beautiful!! Took Zoey for a walk around the neighborhood. Only had one dog start to come out. Went around the lower retention pond and noticed some inbreds had been driving down there. Gotta love it. Anyway, Zoey seemd to like it, finding duck/goose crap to eat a couple times before I could stop her. Joy.

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Life On de Road


Just a quick blog… I have been doing stuff on the road for a few weeks, something that will probably be explained later.

Anyway, our latest (mis)adventure consists of the dogs and I bring put out of service at a way station outside of Lavonia, Ga. A suspension part crapped out on the trailer and it will be morning before they can get it. I was almost out of hours, so it worked out. It did earn me my first overweight tix in my life ๐Ÿ˜ฎ however, it’s on the company they told me. ๐Ÿ™‚

The guys working the scale were really nice and even gave me some ice for my cooler… I have a very favorable impression of the DOT guys here and they were also very helpful about who to get to come out and fix the trailer. Hope that happens quick, as I need to warp to Jessup. My biggest irritation is that my apu took a shit Sunday afternoon ๐Ÿ™ and this truck will only idle for 20 mins. Uggh. The heat woke me up in the middle of the night just now… turned truck on to cool us down in here for a little while. Well let that go a couple cycles and it will stay cool for a few.

We did have a tornado warning right here for about an hour. The alarm on my cell phone sure wakes you up. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I can say, in my freight-hauling “adventures” I have had the good fortune to meet some really nice people, and only a few “not-so-nice” ones… the South is a pretty cool place to travel. And I will also say, North Carolina has the best rest stops, followed by Georgia and then South Carolina (still, very nice). Virginia’s are hit and miss… the ones in I-81… meh! The Old Dominion’s rest areas on I-85 are much nicer though.

So, back to sleep in a sec… just felt a need to write something. Oh, and congrats to Will and Kate!! And to Britain.

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Man it’s hot.


I hate this part of summer. You just can’t breathe. How did our forebears deal with this? And wearing WOOL and full clothing, as in w/ a vest and tie?? Ack. And right now, due to storms, so many are without power. I truly feel for them. Just miserable. ๐Ÿ™

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Ice, BS, Life (not neccesarily in that order)


So, we now haul freight on some runs. One of my former runs was a on-way Mail route (one of the P.O.’s grand “genius” ideas) and now, after many years, we are hauling freight back. NOT even my run anymore… And sure, I understand it. Makes sense, but alas, they (guys now managing it) have no one there and ends up, MY guys have to deliver it >:-( My one guy normally can do it, he likes it and the money (he’s ALL ABOUT MONEY), but on Mondays, he’s off. EVERYONE needs a day off. Everyone. My two relief drivers don’t want to do it because:

  1. They’re both over 70 years old
  2. The other day, my young driver had to unload furniture (not to happen again)
  3. They get paid differently than on Mail… less as they don’t get the health and welfare part that Mail pays.
  4. Did I say they were both over 70? 74 and 73…

Now, both of these older guys also don’t like each other and feud like my two dogs, wildly mad over some perceived insult or that one might get away with more than the other. What they don’t get is that this WILL happen and since they won’t help w/ the freight, then they WILL alternate on Sunday so my young driver can be off. Not a “maybe” or a “might” a “WILL DO.” Ya gotta love people.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are both really good guys, hard workers etc. but they have this perception of the job and unfortunately, that job has changed ๐Ÿ™ Not my fault, not my desire, but we have to deal w/ it. Still, their feuding is going to end up costing one or the other, their job. I don’t think they realize just how hard that will be. In today’s world, most companies will not hire older workers. My Dad had to deal w/ this after he retired. They don’t say it, but companies will not hire older workers. Age discrimination does exist. Here, we have them, they do a good job. Mainly because these runs are low intensity. I doubt it would work on one of my NJ runs at night, w/ a 3-4 hour layover. Those are rough on younger guys. I don’t have a solution, other than trying to explain to them. AND, if one quits, the other will have to take up the slack. What about when the younger guy goes on vacation?? SOMEONE will have to do the freight. Maybe rotate and do in AM other guy do Mail in afternoon, I don’t know.

Why Freight Hauling Sucks Shit

I detest freight. Delivery places treat drivers like shit “You’ll have to wait 4 hours” and shit like that. In our case, the answer is “We have a Mail run after this — if you won’t unload, we are leaving and you can reschedule your product another day.” Hasn’t quite come to that harsh an answer, but it’s there. All y’all wonder WHY there are so many truck accidents — this is part of it, shippers delaying drivers (most of whom get paid by the MILE, vs. by the hour) and the drivers trying to get caught up. Also, they not only don’t usually get paid while they’re cooling their heels at these places, they also are “on duty” which means they HAVE to log off 14 hours form the time they logged on, no matter how man hours they have driven, nor even if they’ve had a 4 hour nap. No. 14 hours, off duty. Used to be you could take and push your time out w/ a break but stupid, dumb-ass politicians and lawyers and dumb mothers-against-truckers_driving or whatever screwed that up. Hell, get this: for teams, you used to be able to do 5 and 5 forever. Worked well — 5 hours and you were off. Guess what… NOW you have to drive 10-11 hours before that can happen. Pretty bright huh? These are the dumbshits that are causing accidents and killing people. Know-it-all (well, know-NOTHING) “experts” get it wrong EVERY time. They pass laws, then there are huge court cases over this. Why can’t there be any common sense? WHY? Anyway, this is why the industry is screwed. Worse than that because there is already a driver shortage and it’s getting worse. Plus the new CSA system is weeding out scumbag drivers and there is no replacement. Young people are not coming into the industry. Old shitty, big, mongo freight hauling companies (whom I will not mention here) take new people and work the shit out of them, paying them peanuts to live on the road — not coming home, but MAYBE once a week, IF they are lucky. New people don’t want that — they want a life. Companies don’t care. Really, they act like they do, but the answer from “on-high” is “If they don’t like it here, get rid of ’em.” Sure. Where will we find another driver? This ain’t the ’80’s. The driver shortage is real and getting worse – good drivers can pick and choose and ya know what, they are increasingly picking not to drive for scumbag companies. C’est La Vie!

The Good News

Driver wages will surely go up as these companies will not be able to hire drivers to run stuff. Even w/ hiring new drivers, their accident rates will go up, as will maintenance costs. D’OH! I foresee a time not to far off where drivers will be making $50. an hour and owner operators, maybe $100. — well they should. Sure, your groceries will cost more. Got a better solution? Drivers deserve health benefits too. Cheating them on their pay is getting harder too with on-board log and monitoring computers (though they still find ways to do this) and someday, maybe trucking will be a decent profession again.


Yeah…. today, is freezing rain. Gott sei DANK it happened today, on my day off. What a mess. A kid spun out and got stuck right by my house. His buddies were trying to pull him out w/ an ATV, but that didn’t work. I wandered over looked and went and got Blue. They had a come along and w/ that, I had her in 4-lo and didn’t even gun it, just tightened up the cable and out he came. Peoples done wonders why ah gots me a foah wheel drives now. :-p

Trips Today and Saturday’s UnpleasantneรŸ

Current weather radar

Current weather radar (1.23.2012 -- Happy Birthday Erin and Ericka!)

I have one run out and going. I am sure they will salt the Pike and highways. The snow sure made things out of whack — mainly out in the Midwest. They were all WAY late the other night, then when it got rolling, there was a neat tanker accident right into Pennsyltuckey. Finally getting all those runs straight.

Anyway, here, to the left, is a radar from my phone a little bit ago. Sorry the text here touches the caption frame, but I couldn’t figure out how to rem that. Ever the A-R layout dork, I am! ๐Ÿ™ So… it looks mainly just rain, so he’ll probably be alright. We hope. Now, I know, someone is going “But Marsh, you are an evyil, icky bastard to send out trips in this weather.” My answer is: “Doofus, ‘Through rain, through sleet, through dark of night’ AIN’T a marketing gimmick… it’s what we do.” How the HELL do you think you get your Mail on time? Fed Ex and “Buster Brown” (UPS) do it too. Don’t be naive.

Tech Thought

As a side note: ain’t technology grand? I love the weather radar on my phone and Weatherbug seems to do it really well. Okay, the ads kinda suck, but I have read their “pro” version is real buggy, so I will stay with this one. Koonta seems to like Weather Channel, but I haven’t had the joy with it.

Damn, it’s almost 2PM, where did my ONE day off this week go? I am not counting the day I had my tooth yanked as that was not particularly fun. Days off should be lounging around in the official uniform of the Internet (your underwear) and surfing or web building or facebooking or… whatever. Damn, wish I had money for a pizza (ha-HA, I could make ANOTHER driver go out in this weather).


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All good things must end…


So, it is late. My vacation, such that it was, is ended and I need to go to bed. It is also snowing like a MOTHER out there and when last I looked, there was at least 4-5″ on the ground. I detest Winter, I do. I am also DAMNED happy that we had a a few nice days last week so that we could pull all the stuff (well, almost all of it) out of the garage and thus go through so much. Now we can even get to other boxes and walk through the garage!! And, since we can now do this, yay!! I went through 3-4 boxes today, disposing of ruined stuff, old crap, paperwork I don’t need anymore… We’re gonna keep that up. Although, unlike most of the younglings here, we have “stuff,” and will continue to have it.

Trash Day

Another yay! As we have a number of bags this time. All the extra crap from the garage. I bought a bunch of the “extra trash” tags (I sure miss the construction dumpster that was in the neighborhood until a couple months back)… Anyway, been working on office some too. Found my shelves, so will be setting those up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss my full library and having it in shelves, vs. stacks of books. Wow, all the old Sci-Fi novels I have to re-read. Keeps me from wasting all that money on new books.


Ours is messing up, so we will have to call my friend Steve, from whom we bought it and the washer. Good stuff, older Maytag (not the new garbage, but the older quality ones). Anyway, it is getting too hot and shuts off. Lots of clothes to wash, hard to get dry.


Mine are like my children. But better. No dirty diapers. No hating me because I tell them to do their homework. My one dog doesn’t even chew my shit up anymore. Okay, that’s not quite true–when she get’s pissed at me, she will eat my pillows (hence, they go in the closet when I am not in there) and she will eat up certain books to get attention. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that describes her fully.

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be “fun” as my 4×4 is back in the shop. The new rear-end is making thunks and Dr. Terry wanted it back in to check out and make sure it doesn’t grenade again. I agree! We don’t need that again. He also has a friend who does sandblasting, so it looks like I can get the cancer off the frame. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh well, can you believe, I kinda look forward to getting back in my truck? It was at the main office for over 2 weeks, so I have not had her for almost a month >:-( Lots of electrical problems… she is a former Roadway truck that was leased from (and maintained by) Penske–let’s just say they didn’t do that hot a job… certainly all the wiring on it and her sister trucks is F-ed up! Little short jumpers, etc. Why can’t they just frigging fix shit right? I hate that. Part of what’s wrong w/ America… we all know it… a general malaise and lack of pride in one’s work. Not that many companies theses days give a tinker’s damn about their employees either. Look at the crap in Wisconsin… I may be a conservative, but unions DO have their place. We owe a LOT to unions and whilst many have seemingly went to far, without them, we’d be back working crazy hours for peanuts. And companies SURELY seem to be going back to a place where they think that their workers are slaves, owned by them. We see it in the news every day–don’t have many answers, but I DO think that we need to bring jobs back the f*ck HERE, not outsource them to China or India. Tariffs… why not? Really, why the HELL not? A real reason, not some BS one.

Anyway, enough, I go now.


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A Three Day weekend…


Memorial Day…

Alas, it has become simply an excuse to go relax and party. Hell, our President, Robert Mugabe Barry Obama isn’t even gonna be Presidential and hang in DC for this, nah, he’s going on vacation… Too good he is to go to Arlington and attend those events. But hey, as his wife says, he’s a “native Kenyan” so I doubt he cares about this kind of thing. Doesn’t matter, most Americans feel the same ๐Ÿ™

Getting Hot

Wow, all hot in muggy in a couple of days. Sticky nasty… And I have people suggesting I go to historical events and wear wool. No thank you. Hot is NOT fun. Talking to hot, bored touronz is also not much fun. I guess I am jaded and mean. However, it just isn’t fun.

I DID want to go to Roman Days this year, but they went and moved it back to the SAME weekend as the Reading WWII Airshow. I already made plans… I know quite a number of others who already planned on attending Reading too ๐Ÿ™ The answer i was told was that 1-2 of the RD event committee also does War of 1812, so to make sure it didn’t conflict with that (in Sept.) They went back to 1st weekend June. Hmmmm,m war of 1812, all 25 of them in the entire reenacting world. Oh well, there will be other Roman things to do.

Work Tragedies…

A lot of BS and trouble. “Gott sei Dank” it’s over. Weekend coming soon. That will be nice, I have a lot to do in those 3 days.