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Another one bites the dust


Well, we can now add another restaurant to the grand list of places we “can’t eat at because they pissed off my wife. Ryans, the place she chose for its “fish fry” is now banned. Hey, they have great steak, but no…she doesn’t eat that–much like going to a steakhouse and ordering chicken parm… D’oh! To say I am embarrassed is an understatement…

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Newville, Pa Frúhling 2011


Well, I’m here. Got here too late to set up tent… So im Wagon schlafen.

Went to GWA Social did some politikery :-p We’ll see. My goals are for better commo, more comraderie and to bring in more younger blood, as our hobby is aging, which is sad, very sad.

The WWI centennial is soon upon us… We HAVE to grow and bring in the young guys to our hobby. WWI is a great time period and it has some great people in it. I wish to make it better.

More later… Ende

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Thanksgiving turkey feast


So, our holiday is always the day after. Comes from the Post Office making runs be off the day AFTER. Neato, huh?!

Startin’ off not so hot

Anyway… On the way to Germantown, Maryland where my Mother-in-Law lives, BAM! The pinion (bearing, we hope) goes out of my pick up’s rear end. Luckily, I could drive slowly down the shoulder to the exit. Got to a Sheetz where we called my friend Terry, who was able to bring my white Ford and pick up ol’ Blue in his tow truck. THANKS TERRY!!

So, anyway, once we got going, we arrived only about 3½ hours late, however, it was TOTALLY worth it! My M-in-Law Holly had been cooking up a storm all day. She made the BEST turkey I have EVER had. Wow!! Moist, tasty (she injected it)…without a DOUBT, again, the BEST turkey I have ever had. She also had laid on some great spiral-cut ham (which I am a great fan of) This was accompanied by an awesome string bean casserole along with great potatoes au gratin. Yams… Butternut squash with bacon (awesome). Not to forget an awesome stuffing and roast beef. Hors d’oeuvres too… And both pumpkin and pecan pie! As Kim would say “Woot Woot!”

What a feast! A day which had turned crappy became one of awesomeness. Lastly, my M-in-Law handed me a Borders card to go get a book!Was a good day and I had a good time. And a DAMNED good turkey–something that is usually not my favourite.


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A new, great place to eat!


Wow! So Wendy and I found a new Salvadoran restaurant… AWESOME! Las Palmeras, in Chambersburg is clean, well-lighted and has really good food. Wow again. Fresh chips, authentic salsa… Did I say “fresh?”

Prices are reasonable and it has a great atmosphere. I had Carne Asada, which was smokin’ awsome. Wendy had a chicken Chinichanga… She. Raved! We each had a. Taco also… I can’t say enough: fresh, simple ingredients as Gordon Ramsey says.

Las Palmeras is located in the Southgate. Plaza in Chambersburg. Phone: 717.446.0857

I give this restaurant 10 out of 10 Iron Crosses (you have. your stars, I have my Iron Cross ratings)

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A great party!


Today, I went over to a BBQ/Party put on by John Flannery for members of his pub’s Beer Club. It was great w/ two live bands and a great feast. Every year they cook a whole pig and along w/ some great fixin’s, there is a LOT of free beer! Membership has its advantages! 🙂 By the time I got there, Kent was a little bit fired up, but as he’s been helping to set up for the last two days, I can see it.

A fun time

This is the second time I’ve went to this and I have to say, both times were excellent!! I tried to get Wendy to go, but she doesn’t like parties 🙁

Stuff to see

Well for Kent, it was the Lesbian girls. One was kind of friendly and smiled like a normal human… the other, when I happened to say something friendly (really!) about Kent going and getting the TP, shot me a look like she would have liked to have hammered a 16 penny nail right through my testicles and stomped off w/ her nose in the air :-0 DAMN! I didn’t even have time to say anything. I guess she thinks all guys just wish to procreate w/ her. Sad news sister… A: I’m married. and B: You ain’t my type–I wouldn’t have had sex w/ her even if I could have used Kent’s dick with Chris Hawk pushing. Yes. I am telling the truth. Kent can fantasize about Lesbianism, I guess–a poisonous attitude has never turned me on…

Beer Aggression!

Beer Aggression!

There were many woman there and for a single guy, it could have been awful fun. I’m married–I can look though.

Other Stuffs

The Bands were great and if I had taken any cash, I would have bought a CD or two. Cd’s don’t always come out as good as live, but I’d be willing to take a chance there. Ya know, it is good to get out–I’ve been working too much and stressing WAY too much over shit. Work is something you do to live, not something you live to do.

Here’s some more pix. Sorry for their quality, they were shot w/ my phones (yes, plural) Mine is a blackberry Storm  and the work phone is an Apple iPhone 2g. Both work good. The Apple though, doesn’t send pix w/ text messages, but is easy to shoot with. The Blackberry takes better pix. 🙂

Koonta and Nan... look, he CAN be happy!

Bright lights, leave me alone.

Dumb Drivers


So, it’s Memorial Day, the time when everyone goes out and travels, barbecues, etc. And, OF COURSE, forgets why it (the holiday) is there… AND, as they travel, I am once again reminded what utter jackasses the motoring public can be. All day today, I was dealing with these pendejos who cannot drive. Whether the ones from PA who get on an on ramp and then, instead of merging, come to a complete stop, on to the Ohio drivers who are rude and cannot drive. “Hey, let’s shoot up the left side of that truck and try and get around him.” Wacky!

Tonight’s Fun

I had to go buy some dog food as I was out and didn’t wish to be killed in my sleep by hungry canines. Ack! So, off I goes ta Wally World and this is what I posted while waiting in line for 20 minutes (as mutant old redneck woman with her mutant grandchild) unloads about a 100 frigging items (I won’t tell where she snuck 2 of an item in her bag)…

Oh holy sheepshit Margaret… I’m at Walmart… MUTANT Walmart… Really! Better I guess than “prison walmart in Hagerstown. :O

I then commented a bit more after arriving at home:
It’s all true though. The one in Chambersburg has a lot of mutanty-looking people. The one in Hagerstown, about 20 miles down the road, has all these creepy, sheet-white people w/ bad tattoos walking around at weird hours of the night. (There’s a prison right near, so that’s why). Shippensburg (20 miles North) Wally World is more Yuppies and Mennonites. Go down to Germantown, MD where my mother-in-law lives and it’s “third world Walmart” 😮 Really!


Hey, a pizza. 2 actually, as they have a special. Guess what, I like the new Domino’s sauce and all. Yes, yes, you pizza snob, it’s not “real.” Blah, blah, blah! I like it. I also like New York-style pizza, vs. Chicago… so sue me! However… Chicago HOT DOGS are waaay better than anywhere else. Poppy seed roll, pickle spear and a tomato for part of it. Good, good.