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I hate mixers.


Yes, I do. Like dump truck drivers and other constructoid drivers, mixer drivers have this ignorance to them. Showing up next to my housU.e at 7 am… Yeah, one can expect that, but leaving your piece of shit in reverse, so I have to listen to the frigging backup alarm for an hour?? Or occasionally revving up the motor (thus allowing me to discover you are one of those ignorant fucked without a muffler)… that’s plain annoying or worse.hackers like this, wonder why people hate my profession… just a lack of carrying about those around you. Straight pipes on a truck are just like on a Harley… rudeness on purpose. There’s a reason that construction drivers are at the bottom of the driving hierarchy… And yeah, they are. If course though, I consider those aholes in big kenworths, pulling a”covered wagon”to be right up there too. If you ever notice on the road, they’re the ones speeding, tailgating and in general, doing ignorant stuff on the road. Not all mind you, but most.

Anyway, I just want to thank this asshole for this morning’s fine beginning.

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Some people are just bastards


Why do I say that? Well, I had a driver recently quit–okay, fine, he’s got a better job… we’re happy for him! His replacement… that’s harder, but discounting all of last weekend’s unpleasantness, I thought we had this covered.  I had been talking to another driver who was on layoff (his request… I wonder if the unemployment people would like that knowledge) and he was going to come back to work. He’s worked on and off here since 2006… of course, he always quits right before he gets his 2 weeks vacation (don’t ask me why… if he stayed, he’d get it). Anyway, we got him a drug test. We ran a new DAC. This stuff costs MONEY people… Anyway, everything is ready… No problems. I call him today to touch base and he asks me “What did you plan for me to run?” and I told him. Boom! He tells me “I ain’t gonna do it.” “Whuuut?” says I? Seems he has talked to unemployment as to whether we can call him back to drive that far–the distance he was already driving EACH time we hired him!?! WTF? Sure would have been nice if he told me BEFORE we wasted all this money on his ass. And then he tells me he thinks he has a job. Well ain’t that fuckin’ nice… when were ya gonna call me? Tomorrow night when the run was due to go out? And really, I think of all the shit I did for him. He was stuck in a Schneider truck getting MAYBE $300. a week when I told him we needed a driver and he could come back. And to think, I thought of this guy as kind of a friend. My boss Paul told me “You can bend over backwards to help these guys and they will turn around and FUCK YOU!” and you know what… it’s TRUE. Well, I will say this: He will NEVER work here again, even when we again get runs down by where he lives. NEVER!!! Not eligible for rehire! says his record.

What to Do?

It just disgusts me. Don’t know what I’ll do for Saturday… had to have some other drivers cover for this and because he was here (and was “dependable”) I let drivers go on vacation. Nice, now we’re WAY shorthanded. I need 1½ drivers RIGHT NOW. And there really aren’t any. Good drivers are getting harder to find every day and guys we hired a couple years ago are totally unsuitable today. Oh well, we’ll figure it out, but these douche-bags will NOT be coming back. If I have my way, they will be blackballed from Mail Hauling. Hell, I want to be the one to write their DAC reports and will ask for this privilege.

Something dumb, this way comes

Two somethings actually… the day was already going bad because the NY shop let some guys take one of our trucks. Now, I am sure you will say “Well, aren’t they all company trucks?” Well yes, they are… but some of the other terminals don’t actually keep their trucks clean or in decent order. I just spent $4000. since June on that tractor to fix it. AND when we got it, it had all the stuff stripped out and was SOOO dirty. Like someone had spilled a soda or 3 on the floor, then dumped junkyard dirt all over the floor and ground it in. It took a hose to get it out and weeks of work. The dash and such took ME two hours to clean it up it was so encrusted. It’s Kent’s truck, so I hate to think what will happen when it comes back… AND, the truck they gave us for that one while they worked on it… DIRTIER EVEN YET (my driver had to scrub the floor for 25 mins before he would even drive it… dirt, scum, bird feathers… disgusting!) and it had been all scraped up — it used to be one of our trucks here, but it was let go and it is just so heartbreaking to see it now. Used to be in such great shape. I don’t know why the other areas can’t have their drivers keep the trucks up… it’s not like the company doesn’t tel everyone to get them washed–it doesn’t cost drivers. What dirtbag would want to drive a dirty, smelly truck??? I guess that says it all. And before someone asks, no, my truck isn’t all sparkly, but it is clean inside. Our stuff runs (even w/ 1,950,000+ miles on it) and is maintained.

The other dumb thing was one of my drivers mentioned that the guys he meet never have DVIR books or the trucks they switch out w/ don’t have them… “WHY?” asketh I… because they tell him “We all keep our own books.” WTF? What a frigging DUMBSHIT! You leave the book in the truck so drivers who come after you can know of any problems and whether they’ve been fixed.

No wonder the boss goes nuts about things. This is NOT rocket science. It ain’t. These yahoos embarrass me to be a driver. Are there any good drivers out there? Do you have a CLEAN Class A CDL? Want a good paying job? Let me know.

Dumb Drivers


So, it’s Memorial Day, the time when everyone goes out and travels, barbecues, etc. And, OF COURSE, forgets why it (the holiday) is there… AND, as they travel, I am once again reminded what utter jackasses the motoring public can be. All day today, I was dealing with these pendejos who cannot drive. Whether the ones from PA who get on an on ramp and then, instead of merging, come to a complete stop, on to the Ohio drivers who are rude and cannot drive. “Hey, let’s shoot up the left side of that truck and try and get around him.” Wacky!

Tonight’s Fun

I had to go buy some dog food as I was out and didn’t wish to be killed in my sleep by hungry canines. Ack! So, off I goes ta Wally World and this is what I posted while waiting in line for 20 minutes (as mutant old redneck woman with her mutant grandchild) unloads about a 100 frigging items (I won’t tell where she snuck 2 of an item in her bag)…

Oh holy sheepshit Margaret… I’m at Walmart… MUTANT Walmart… Really! Better I guess than “prison walmart in Hagerstown. :O

I then commented a bit more after arriving at home:
It’s all true though. The one in Chambersburg has a lot of mutanty-looking people. The one in Hagerstown, about 20 miles down the road, has all these creepy, sheet-white people w/ bad tattoos walking around at weird hours of the night. (There’s a prison right near, so that’s why). Shippensburg (20 miles North) Wally World is more Yuppies and Mennonites. Go down to Germantown, MD where my mother-in-law lives and it’s “third world Walmart” 😮 Really!


Hey, a pizza. 2 actually, as they have a special. Guess what, I like the new Domino’s sauce and all. Yes, yes, you pizza snob, it’s not “real.” Blah, blah, blah! I like it. I also like New York-style pizza, vs. Chicago… so sue me! However… Chicago HOT DOGS are waaay better than anywhere else. Poppy seed roll, pickle spear and a tomato for part of it. Good, good.