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Another Friggin’ Day Shot


Most of today was spent in pain. Also, as the back is Effed up, I couldn’t get much done, hence spending the day sitting at the “devil box” as Herrn Steiner calls it. Mostly, it has been the Roman site. Ack, none of the fun things, no. And when I tweak one little thing, something else major pops up. Alas, much of it is in the original code. Some of what I call a “poison pill” — a bit of code that makes your whole page crash and your efforts turn to shit in front of your eyes. A lot of the problems have to do w/ the menus, of course, and so, after it craps out once, I tend to make a solid backup to work from. I KNOW what is wrong… just have to do one thing, then when it blows up still, you do the next thing. Like the old days. Do something, hit “save.” Do another, hit “save” again. Ack!

Evil Adobe

I am not even going to rant about Adobe. I use some of their products and they USED to be great — however, they have chosen, once again, like before, to leave their customers behind and force you to use something shittier — I won’t. Just have to use a workaround and right now, I cannot find my manuals for GoLive to figure out a problem. Of course, knowing them, there might not be an answer, but we’ll see. No, I don’t want, nor need to hear you babble on about how I should switch to Dreamweaver — it sucks shit and I detest it. It has to do with left-brain and right-brain… guess what I am. I’d rather use frigging Microsoft FrontPage.

WordPress Works!

At least this works. I can rant and vent. Hell, my new house is leaking for some reason, right by my desk. The builders, who do an AWESOME job and really DO care, will be here tomorrow to look at it. I had to leave the other day and really, how will it work w/ them being here and the PoD. For that matter, PoD juniorette and Angus would also be trouble… Nah, I gots ta be here fo’ dat. Anyway, I haven’t really eaten today, nor taken my meds, so I guess I need to hobble upstairs and do both. Maybe I will make some tea as I will have a SCREAMER of a headache in the AM since I have had no caffeine today.

Ende für jetzt!

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The Ring is Closing.


Well, we’re almost there. Am typing this on my new computer in it’s “Mac” mode. Yep, it’s a dual-boot Win 7/Mac Snow Leopard … Mac is weird. Growing on me though. Lots of stuff did not transfer though 🙁 I KNEW I’d have to hook the old one up to snag shit out of her. Need to actually use the MS discs to add my keyboard… printer too. At least I am NOW on the ‘Net. For days I wasn’t and am using a borrowed modem. 🙂

As tot he move… just mainly dregs and piles of stuff. Some dishes (well, still a lot of that) and really no furniture. Like I said, just details and some clean up. I don’t know how much as everyone I have ever talked to about this says my landlord there NEVER gives back deposits… What’s dat mean? Means ah ain’t a gonna use extreme measures to make it clean. One set of neighbors (who bailed partly because of the “shitheads”) spent DAYS cleaning and painting and got the ol’ “stifferoo.” Kewl huh!? I am also told by some realty professionals, that the landlord must provide an itemized list of what the $$ was spent on. You know I want that… They say the “standard” is “broom swept.” Yeaaaahhhhh, bet he’ll pull out the old white gloves. I hear that’s his trick. Hope I am wrong. The truth is out there.

Well, it’s late — I can play w/ the Mac another day. Plus the Mother-in-law is coming tomorrow, so you know WHO is in a panic that all must pass “inspection.” Gotta go clean Nero’s cat box. Damn these shortcuts are different. >:-o


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Got house!


Yay! We just closed on our new home!! Look left. And… we’re soon to be all gone from the nice looking, but ghetto-people-filled neighborhood we live in. One of my neighbors who moved out, called it the nicest trailer park he’d ever lived in. Not fair, as I’ve lived in trailer parks before and they were nice. Our neighbor’s on the one side just suck! As in ignorant, flies buzzin’ around their face suck. Fine, soon I shall never see their sorry asses again. ’nuff said about them. Oh yeah… “vile” works.

Anyway, now we just gotta move our stuff. 🙁 Of COURSE, right during hurricane Irene… And being short a driver at work. Still, I have until Sept. 30… I have a company that helped me before — Mr. Moves out of York, PA… Awesome workers, reasonable prices, no bullshit. Gotta pack though and wife’s health is AFU. 🙁 Just gonna take time — come home from work and friggin’ pack… Did that shit last move and it blew!

Being a homeowner IS cool though and when my brother Jim asked if I had made “carpet angels” I had to admit “yes.” :-p

Of course, Lowes got the fridge handles wrong, but they were cool and ordered new ones and then loaned us some stainless ones until our black handles come in. Oh, and dumbass me on first trip over, I missed a step and landed right on the knee I crunched slipping on truck… D’oh! Dat done be a hurtin’ still now.

Please excuse any typos, I’m writing this on my cell out in front of Wally World… Starting to rain pretty good…  Hey, at least it will water my new grass! Needs it, been dry here — not back-home, Cali dry, but for Pennsyltuckey, it’s been bad. For a bit, they’d throw a cig out the windah of the car and stuff would catch fire. Duh!

Some good news, I have a great new programmer who has gotten the Reenactor Consumer Guide (RCG) going. It had a LOT of bad code that wasn’t allowing it to work. Microsoft ASP really sucks!! Anyway, it’s working at BTW, we have now made it “all-era” vs. just WW1 and the orignal WW2 version. What is this thing? Well, it’s a place for reenactin’ folk to review their experiences, good AND bad with vendors servicing the hobby… Give it a look! It sure helped straighten up some shady dealers in WW2 reenacting (and made a couple of the real bad ones go away!)

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Life moveth on >>==>


Been a bit… Been doing some solid work on r.Net, getting it back to speed. Our most recent update messed up a lot and we have to manually fix it.

“We” means myself and staff. A new member is Kathy whom I have known since she was born. Literally! I rememberws today, the day she was born (I was like 4) and her Dad driving around handing out cigars 🙂

Anyway, she’s been helping a LOT, keeping me on track and not distracted… She’s learning about websites the real way, by doing.

Other staff coming back and getting things going. Bookstore will be back this weekend. ACW close now… WW2 in process.

Reenactor Consumer Guides also this week. Going to a winows server, so, of COURSE, have to move, can’t just be upgraded. 3 databases, 4 websites, a LOT of email addys to reset >:-0 Ack! Donations going nowhere — sadly, but enough for server. Need to get more to pay programmer to fix some of our site “mods” that the upgrade wiped or deactivated. So much to do…

WWI is soon upon us and many Rekruten are not ready and some alte Hase not either. April 14th to 17th is my time for fun… Twice a year, dat’s wuts ah gets. Gonna try Roman Days in May too.

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A Productive weekend fo’ me!


First, I had traded a Zelt to a Kamerad for a 300 GB hard drive for my computer… it was a small chore to put in, involving ghosting the old drive (a 80GB which was bursting at the seams) and a few phone calls to said computer Kamerad! When the ghosting was done (it took a couple hours), I then went and installed the HD in the box. Fun stuff–I need to break down and buy a computer tool kit as much as I am into this crap. Eventually, it fired up (after I found the wire I’d knocked loose and plugged it back into the video card) and I was off. DAMN, it is FAST. Way faster than when new… WAY FASTER. Of course, it helps that it now has 2GB of Ram in it. I shouldn’t say this, but this computer is an 8 year old eMachines T2080 and with this update it is still rocking along. Fast! Yaaaaay!

Once I was going, I decided to do something productive, I click the icon for InDesign and lo, it tells me “Hey fat bastard, you moved to a new hard drive or computer and in order to make sure you’re not some pirate scum (“Arrrgh!“, says I!), you must re-activate this program.” Frak! That ended up meaning a lot of work and such. Oh well, after a while, I was back up AND had installed the Office XP I had bought from Chris this last Fall and hadn’t had the room then to install it. Woohoo! Fast, lots of room; a pleasure to work upon! Coolneß! So, I even let the damned thing do all the Microsoft updates I’d been holding off on. Including IE8 (it keeps telling me to restart, but I haven’t had time today, been busy).

Work Done

So, today I have worked on 3 sites. The first is for my friends at K&D Repair… I had a major fight w/ GoLive in that it kept messing things up. I finally got the “poison pill” out and it’s working. Gave it a new look, added some rollover effects and some real good directions, etc. Added weather info just now for S&G. Next was the finish-up and hand-over on a Rockhounding Club site: I finished it a while back, but their web person (a friend of mine) needed some help setting up his part. He’s a good Jedi Padawan. Last, I did some work on a Roman-period craftsman’s site… this one is MUCH harder, as he wishes it to look just right to showcase his work. He’s done masterful things in photoshop, the trick is to make it all work on the web. We’ll get it there. The framework and structure of a website is the most important thing, followed by the “feel” of it and then details.

Hot in Here!

Damn, it’s hot in my office. The ding-dong who designed these places messed up the ducting or something–the back two rooms are SWELTERING in the summer on all of them. I like these places and I AM going to do something w/ the ducting; a fan in there perhaps.

A damned funny t-shirt I saw

Actually, there were three of them… You should get one. I never thought I’d wear a shirt with Hillary Clinton on it… this site is at

Here are some of the pix of these shirts… DAMNED FUNNY! I want them all!!

Miss me yet?Oh yeah we do!!

Then this one of the best President we had in my lifetime!

There you go again!

Ronald Reagan, oh how we miss you!

And, well, one of my lesser-favs in politics, but she was right!

I Tried to Tell You

Hillary was RIGHT!? Damn!!

So there, I have posted some. I need to post more and all, but am too tired when I get home. I need a new desk chair as mine is wasted and hurts my back. 🙁 What I’d REALLY like is one of those tape recorders that will export to text, so when I am driving and have one of those thought processes that I want to blog, I can remember it. I miss a lot that way (part of it is laziness!!). So anyway, w/ fond adieu….