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A Great Author…


We all have our favourite authors — in sailing, it would have to be Lin and Larry Pardey or Hal Roth or Eric Hiscock. In reenacting, I am a fan of Mark Baker who writes about the colonial period and his search for the “Longhunter” or woodsman. He has a lot of fans due to his smooth writing style. He has a good way of saying things… the words just roll off the page. He has certain ways that he does things. And he has a lot of people, like myself, who enjoy his writings. No, I don’t want to go out and do a period trek myself. I like the woods, but period camping is not so much my thing. To each his own. I like to shoot black powder and Mark’s articles on how to do things like they did back then are very interesting.

I was looking for something about Mark’s videos (yes, he has some) and ran accross some Mark-hate. I had forgotten about that. A few years ago, I had seen a lot of snarky comments on some muzzleloading websites. As I read them again, it struck me that some people are just wankers. Mainly it’s sour grapes, but often, its a backlash against something that is “too popular.” I’ve never understood that — I remember back in the day when everyone had an Oakley (sunglasses) sticker on their car and I saw some inbred (yes, truly) with a home-made “Oakleys suck!” sign on his raggedy-ass car. I remember thinking “No, they aren’t — dumbass!” — same kinda thing. A lot of these guys get mad at all the people who follow Mark Baker’s methods… now, he says himself that he doesn’t know everything and he does shoot for the most “common impression,” yet too many people of the doofus class have to strike out against those who have actually DONE something in their life. Maybe that’s it. Probably.

No matter what, Mark seems to try and help people and this drive, to me, makes him a true teacher and mentor. Again, this strikes jealousy in many.

So, if you want to learn about the common longhunter of the 18th century and how to emulate his life, you can’t go wrong reading Mark Baker’s books and/or watch his videos. BTW, you can buy his videos from American Pioneer Video at… You can buy his books in my bookstore on reenactor.Net here: reenactor.Net’s Frontier Area Bookstore and Reading list. ­čÖé

I’ll stop now before I start getting hate mail (which, btw, is often entertaining).

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Some more Romane├č!


Well, I did some work on RiB and really updated the Roman medical area. If you’re into things like that, especially herbal and plant remedies,
why not give it a look?┬á I have been pulling Roman medical stuff together for months… I find the homeopathic and herbal remedies fascinating and am going to work to put together a kind of “med kit” of these things to try out. Who knows how it will go…

By the way, we also have a new domain: should be working soon. RiB is something that we are really passionate about! Bringing Rome to life!! And… of all the Roman lands, Roman Britain, is near the top in neatness factor!!


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Another Friggin’ Day Shot


Most of today was spent in pain. Also, as the back is Effed up, I couldn’t get much done, hence spending the day sitting at the “devil box” as Herrn Steiner calls it. Mostly, it has been the Roman site. Ack, none of the fun things, no. And when I tweak one little thing, something else major pops up. Alas, much of it is in the original code. Some of what I call a “poison pill” — a bit of code that makes your whole page crash and your efforts turn to shit in front of your eyes. A lot of the problems have to do w/ the menus, of course, and so, after it craps out once, I tend to make a solid backup to work from. I KNOW what is wrong… just have to do one thing, then when it blows up still, you do the next thing. Like the old days. Do something, hit “save.” Do another, hit “save” again. Ack!

Evil Adobe

I am not even going to rant about Adobe. I use some of their products and they USED to be great — however, they have chosen, once again, like before, to leave their customers behind and force you to use something shittier — I won’t. Just have to use a workaround and right now, I cannot find my manuals for GoLive to figure out a problem. Of course, knowing them, there might not be an answer, but we’ll see. No, I don’t want, nor need to hear you babble on about how I should switch to Dreamweaver — it sucks shit and I detest it. It has to do with left-brain and right-brain… guess what I am. I’d rather use frigging Microsoft FrontPage.

WordPress Works!

At least this works. I can rant and vent. Hell, my new house is leaking for some reason, right by my desk. The builders, who do an AWESOME job and really DO care, will be here tomorrow to look at it. I had to leave the other day and really, how will it work w/ them being here and the PoD. For that matter, PoD juniorette and Angus would also be trouble… Nah, I gots ta be here fo’ dat. Anyway, I haven’t really eaten today, nor taken my meds, so I guess I need to hobble upstairs and do both. Maybe I will make some tea as I will have a SCREAMER of a headache in the AM since I have had no caffeine today.

Ende f├╝r jetzt!

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Newville, Pa Fr├║hling 2011


Well, I’m here. Got here too late to set up tent… So im Wagon schlafen.

Went to GWA Social did some politikery :-p We’ll see. My goals are for better commo, more comraderie and to bring in more younger blood, as our hobby is aging, which is sad, very sad.

The WWI centennial is soon upon us… We HAVE to grow and bring in the young guys to our hobby. WWI is a great time period and it has some great people in it. I wish to make it better.

More later… Ende

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Life moveth on >>==>


Been a bit… Been doing some solid work on r.Net, getting it back to speed. Our most recent update messed up a lot and we have to manually fix it.

“We” means myself and staff. A new member is Kathy whom I have known since she was born. Literally! I rememberws today, the day she was born (I was like 4) and her Dad driving around handing out cigars ­čÖé

Anyway, she’s been helping a LOT, keeping me on track and not distracted… She’s learning about websites the real way, by doing.

Other staff coming back and getting things going. Bookstore will be back this weekend. ACW close now… WW2 in process.

Reenactor Consumer Guides also this week. Going to a winows server, so, of COURSE, have to move, can’t just be upgraded. 3 databases, 4 websites, a LOT of email addys to reset >:-0 Ack! Donations going nowhere — sadly, but enough for server. Need to get more to pay programmer to fix some of our site “mods” that the upgrade wiped or deactivated. So much to do…

WWI is soon upon us and many Rekruten are not ready and some alte Hase not either. April 14th to 17th is my time for fun… Twice a year, dat’s wuts ah gets. Gonna try Roman Days in May too.

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Some Great Quotes from Proud American Citizens


I found some good quotes earlier. Enough that I thought I’d post them. I notice no one is commenting, which means there must be something on TV…

Winston Churchill, a great AMERICAN Citizen!

Winston Churchill, a great AMERICAN Citizen!

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

~Winston Churchill

“To sit home, read one’s favorite paper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. It is what evil men count upon the good men’s doing.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

ÔÇťWhen governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

“It isn’t that Liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

~Ronald Reagan

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

~Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, the GREATEST President in our lifetime.

Ronald Reagan, the GREATEST President in our lifetime.

(BTW, before some dumbass whines at me, Winston Churchill was made an American Citizen after WWII, although he was also that by birth, his mother being an American)

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Saw history today


Went up to Carlisle, PA where they have the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center… had some kind of timeline. Was cool in that I saw a number of people I know, some I hadn’t seen in years. I don’t do WWII right now. Why? I have no idea… just the idea of it seems “blah.” Part of it is I am old and fat and they didn’t really have old and fat soldiers in the German Army in WWII. Oh well, who knows in the future. They did have a number of displays from French and Indian to RevWar to later time periods. Alas, I bee-lined to WWII, then to WWI and back to WWII. ­čÖé

They have a great WWI trench area. Nicely done, with the ONLY realistic WWI MG bunker I have ever seen outside of period photos. It just looks “right.” Will try and post some pix… maybe will edit tomorrow.┬á I dunno–have lots to do and such.

*And yes, I’m smiling.

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So, it works…


I guess that means I’ll have to put a link to it on the website. Good thing GoLive is open. Where should I go w/ this? I dunno. Some people like to read my blogs, others, well… less so. ‘Tis a free country.

My goal, back in force nowadays is to get r.Net really going. We are working to get it to be a CMS (content management system), so that we can update it and upgrade the site more easily. I know many people get pissed because it takes me so long to update links and stuff. ­čÖü Alas, we have volunteers, but many don’t know how to do web pages, so it’s hard. W/ the new system, it should work like myspace and be easy to use.

What’s new w/ my life?
Well, last week I went back to driving… I have been a manager for a small trucking company for the last 2 years. Sometimes it was good, but lately, not so much. Of course, with this change in jobs, comes less money, but I think it will be manageable… Wendy is worried, but I think we’ll be okay. That and I am renewing and redoubling my efforts to make r.Net financially viable. Of course, saying this, one must realize that I don’t wish to change how r.Net is — a place for reenactors, not corporations or accountants. We’ll see how it goes.
So for now, Ende!