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Health Care and some problems


I just read an article on yahoo about Doctors going Bankrupt… It’s craxy, but it’s happening because of our Effed up health care system and our truly HORRIBLE legal system; we need Tort Reform NOW!!! Anyway, here below was my ranting answer about this and I feel it’s true still:

Blame EVERYONE wanting a free ride. Blame ambulance-chaser scumbags who file frivolous lawsuits. Blame scammers. However, it’s back to blaming everyone for greed.

There’s no reason we couldn’t have a good health system. Something “like” the UK, Germany, Canada, France or Switzerland have. Yes, I know, say the doubters… it’s baaaad, but what we have is worse. And the joke called “Obamacare” well sorry, but that is INFINITELY worse.Have an answer? I’m waiting. We don’t need perfect, we just need something that works and won’t really screw us — sorry dumb politician scumbags, but telling me I HAVE to buy insurance is a dumb, A$$HOLE thing for you people to do. If I could afford health insurance now, don’t you idiots think I would? Really Barry? Really???

And no right wing, know-it-all nods and crap, about how I don’t know. SOME kind of socialized medicine might be good, but guess what? It needs to be made to work, not by corrupt scumbags in Congress… nor a bloated bureaucracy that is rife w/ corruption. Last, we need to PUNISH cheaters and thieves… how? Oh, for starters, flogging would be a good way to bring down the number of cheats, thieves and scammers. That and fining them to within an inch of their life. Oh, wait, better, why not sell them into indentured SERVITUDE for a set number of years. LOL, THAT WOULD work too. But you all lack the fortitude to make this happen. You think you are entitled, right?!


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Wow! An AA Rating.


Thanks to all the knuckleheads that made that happen. From President Mugabe (Obama) to our corrupt and inefficient Congress ( a bigger repository of thieves, liars and incompetents the world has never known), our nation has been allowed to go down the shitter. For years, by the actions of these self-aggrandizing liars, we have been circling the drain, but now, I feel we are goin’ in.


Our nation has always been one  is epitomized by the Navy SeaBees motto of “can do” but now, we have a whole new credo of “do it for me.” What will we do? Where will we go? I don’t know. I have no children to worry about and i think by the time it really craps out, my wife, my animals and myself will be gone. Sad for my country. Really sad for the world, but you knew the scumbags and power seekers would not let America continue. If you listen to all the chunderheads, you would think that it’s all just bad luck — NO, it was a deliberate choice. Too many idiots who think only of “me.” My friend Joe’s ex-wife is like that, an idiot who believes in Barrack Obama’s vision of socialism — mainly because it will bring this country down to the level of Mexico, where she was born.

I know many others who feel that we should all be equal in that the productive people will give their all and the losers, lazy, non-working, “less-productive” people wil not have to pay. That’s horse shit. This whole thing is a lot of BS and vain posturing. Our “leaders” are not that, they are opportunists and power grabbers. We need laws that say if a politician is convicted of corruption (or downright treason), ten something heinous will happen, say public stoning or impaling, etc. Certainly flogging and other bad things. What say you?

I am too irked and have too much to do today, so will now stop. Think on it gentle readers. Think on WHY we are being sold down the river like this. What can we do? Certainly vote ALL incumbents out. ALL of them. In every election.


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Why things are so Effed up!


A discussion  on a reenactor list I am on came to this bitlet (my comments and thoughts follow): there has become a mode of dress in reenactment “culture” that is considered acceptable that has absolutely zero congruity with average reality.

It’s the same culture where everyone is “entitled” — where you have all these “heroes” wearing high medals and always having to portray an OFFICER. Neeto, huh!? Well, not really. Go on with your bad self Mr. Mitty! Really, it’s the Xbox mentality. Yep. I am not into Xbox. Hell, I was never into Nintendo or whatever — I stopped caring about video games int he 90’s (except for flight and evyil war sims (U-Boats, Panzers, etc. not Call of Duty). They say the year I was born is considered the last year of the baby boomers. Wow! Then, we had Gen X… Oh joy. Now they call the know-it-all, super wonders  Gen “Y”… I call them Gen “L” for LOSER as that is exactly what most of them are — an like most their age, they are all too good to work: “What, I don’t wanna do that, it will suck. That will take all frigging day.” Or “What, you mean I ain’t starting at $80 grand a year?” Our nation is doomed because so many people wanted their children to have it better, that they ruined them for ever having a work ethic, for ever getting ahead through hard work and effort. Now they all believe that they are entitled to it. Eff this. Again, our nation (and most of the modern world) is doomed!

Xbox — Ruining Children Everywhere

Kill your children’s Xboxes — I mean it! You are doing them NO favor in getting them one of these brain-melters AND for that matter even allowing them to have one. Be a parent, not their “friend.” Make them, GASP, read a book. “Oh my, books, books are icky, there’s be’s no pitchers in ’em. How boring, nothing moves.” In truck driver-ese, I’d say “Shut up stupid!” Don’t agree with me? Fine, go bury your head in the sand you idiot.

Reenacting and Other Hobbies Going in the Shitter

Anyway, that’s why reenacting of ALL time periods is going in the shitter. “What, wear hot, itchy wool? Exert myself? Run?? CRAWL WHERE? Why I am an uhleet hero in my video world…” and Hell, the reenacting world is aging too. Young people don’t want to do this and anyway, it’s too damned expensive for them — like hot rods. Building and running and playing with Hot Rods used to a young man’s sport, now it’s all rich old geezers. When the junky-ass shit that we drove back in high school is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, something is WRONG. Wrong as two dogs screwing on the White House lawn — on Sunday, in front of the Pope, the First Lady and 16,000 pre-schoolers.

Back to the geezery

Hey Skippy, news flash here: There were no 65-70 year old Waffen-SS privates or Uhleet Army Paratrooopers… in fact, us in our 40’s are WAY too old. >:-o (Marsh is an über a-hole for saying that!!). Sorry guys, there needs to be an end date. It’s sad ad depressing sometimes: Rev War’s average age is like in their 60’s. Silly War, is what, 50’s? WWI and WWII late 40’s…. 🙁 We need new blood. And we need it so new guys can afford this stuff, as we’ve made all the stuff they could afford (like WE used when we started: Swedish and DDR wool, etc.) go away. So now, some decry the Chinese stuff. So what. Want young guys? Make it so they can afford this. You try buying a K98k on McDonald’s wages.

It ain’t gonna happen. Young guys cannot afford $2000. to get into a hobby.  Like Hot Rods, ours will age and the guys who are big in it will be the ones who started young at the beginning and stayed in. Think about that old geezer who has to use a walker in his new Corvette. Why “He’s cool.” is he? Or is it just sad. I have went to car shows and stuff with my brother Jim, he’s into that stuff and even HE is in his mid-40’s (sorry Jim!). Wait, maybe that new stuff they claim will make us all young again will work. Or will we all be young looking old curmudgeons? I dunno. Food for thought and, as always, I welcome your comments.


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Hoops that they want you to jump through


Okay, so the wife and I are trying to buy a house–we’ve been living here for 2 years, paying the rent, paying the bills. Are we perfect? No, but they sure make it hard. I make good money and have no debt, other than a dumb student loan I have. Small too. However, it seems they’d rather I were like everyone else my age–$40 THOUSAND DOLLARS deep in credit card debt. No wonder our country is doomed… And look at the scam that is mortgage remod… Holy sheepshit Margaret, what a rip-off–just a way to generate fees from the desperate >:-0

Anyway, I am just now, not comfortable in my own home, not fun. My animals are my children… Oh, did I mention I have the most unpleasant neighbors I’ve had in my life…

I worry about where my industry is headed… The PO is WAY far in debt and is cutting stuff into the bone…Not good. Hey, let’s break faith w/ our employees and vendors, some advocate… No honor, no loyalty… When some company comes along w these two things, methinks they will be snowed under w/apps!

And when I look at our nation, I really worry–everyone feels “entitled and “special” — what Pferdescheiße! If we don’t get after it, if we don’t knuckle down, we are doomed.

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Another Employee Screwover


So, I hired this guy last month, everything’s going good. Today, on my day off (as usual) he calls and says he’s giving notice to go work for our enemy. Nice huh? WTF?

People think the manager gig is so fun and easy… No! Horse pucky… It’s massively stressful and no matter whatever you do, someone will be unhappy and, in fact, downright PISSY. On top of that, America’s workforce is increasingly unwilling to work or ven put in the minimum to do a job.

I try to be loyal to my drivers and take care of them, but some will still turn around and try and fuck me over.

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Late and tired


Well, finally, I’m off. For a work party and now it seems that everyone in my unit is going to cheese. Oh joy. And of course, at work, we have dumb people thinking they “know” and who will be finding out that they can be replaced and though they think they have me over a barrel, as soon as something happens, they are going bye-bye. And ya know what… not even me being an asshole; said idiot has fucked up enough to be fired. I’m done protecting people here. I’m done, really, worrying about some people.

As for tomorrow, well, I hope some who said they’d come, will. I don’t have a lot of faith.

And of course, she who must not be mentioned just HAS to poke the toad.

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Okay, so many know I have been trying to hire some drivers. Get this, for a job that pays $ hour + in this crappy economy, I am having a horrible time finding people. HORRIBLE. Get this, most laid-off drivers say they’d rather sit at home on unemployment because they can make like $500+ a week. WHAT A BUNCH OF LAZY SCUMBAGS! Do NOT come to me when your Obama welfare unemployment scam runs out. They can go piss up a rope before I will hire one of these turds.

I swear, it’s crazy. People whine say that the economy is sooo bad, yet it is almost impossible to find qualified drivers because so many won’t work. Now some have crappy driving or work records. Some don’t have enough experience. But really, in many cases it’s just laziness. “Ahm’s is too good to be a workin’ at McDonald’s. Why, ahm an uhleet worker and deserve to be paid UNION SCALE for all ma hard work…” Blah-blah-blah. Thanks Barry, you slug. You and all your corrupt cronies. Now you’re ruined the American work ethic too. Great, now we have a whole crop of former East Germans.

Another Reason

Everyone here thinks they’re entitled–that they “Deserve” to get to sit on their ass and have everyone else pay for them >:-o This is the same sickness where these ding-dongs all think their children are “gifted” or “special” yeah, special as in “special ed.” Hey dork, your kid is the same as everyone else’s : Picking their boogers and eating paste. No, your spawn is NOT a future Nobel winner or a genius. Your kids, like most will be working at the Quickie Mart and probably have a kid out of wedlock.

Back to losers

Many of these losers were told all their life that they’re “special.” They’re not. They’re LOSERS. And they’re bringing this country down. Thanks scumbags.


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And another dilhole!


So I get a text from a driver awhile ago (this has not been a good night) and he says something like “Im not drv n dis trk tomro Dnt even thnk bout it. Service my trk friday.” Seriously, that was it. I think I unnerved him w/ my sudden explosion and copious and sustained use of the F-Bomb. That and my musings about wanting to beat the shit out of someone w/ a blunt instrument and mentioning it to the big boss. WTF?! And they wonder WHY I am stressed out. And to think, I WORRY about these guys. I worry about their runs, I worry that they’ll do something dumb and get fired (highly likely). I worry that they won’t have their normal truck that they work their asses off to keep clean and decent. Why do I do this??? I DO NOT KNOW. 🙁

Some of the truck nastiness


Nasty crap on the floor of truck 7431

And some damage (these are just representitive shots mind you)



I know, maybe I am overreacting, but EVERY TIME we get a truck from somewhere else (mainly NJ, NY or Fremont) they are MESSED UP. Ask Kent, he will tell you. DIRTY and in a way my boss would go nuts over. And damage… I mean stuff that SHOULD have been fixed (and NO, I don’t mean safety stuff you ambulance-chasin’ scumbag, not at ALL). Alternators, A/C, seats wasted, needing windows, just tons of work. Hell, what are we, the Resto-Terminal??? This ain’t rocket science! My boss is a pretty good guy. These things aren’t hard fixes… it just pisses me off. AND NO, I am NOT perfect. Not by a long shot, but I try. Why do my drivers always have to ask me “Why do you make all our trucks only go 65, when EVERY truck we get form some other area goes like 72+ MPH??” I can only say “We follow the rules. They aren’t supposed to do that.” And ya know, I turn them down. How hard is it? Especially in today’s trucking climate. We need to lose the cowboys in my profession.

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Hmmmm, the need to post..


Been busy and not much to say. Had a crappy day and loved the part where I got told I was a liar and wrong about all the work we did at Christmas… If I said the sky was blue and some wino bum said it was red, well I’d hear how I was dead-wrong and the sky was actually blood red. Anyway, I’m not going into it until I can block IP addresses or I work elsewhere. Sad huh!? 🙁 All I can say is my new saying: N-E-C-B!! I’ll remember it. I’ll live it. Need to stop thinking of this crap.

I also need to remember that the world keeps turning and all the good things are still out there. What was good 3 years ago is still there, I just need to re-connect. Oft muß Mann zum Teufel damit! Life, love, happiness… not work, toil, misery.

Anyway, it’s über-late and I need to get to sleep. Maybe I can do some more work tomorrow. I DO need to work on converting the rest of the Ancient Period for Kim and then start on the last two: The Colonial Period (1600-1800) and 1865-1900… the last will be pretty easy as there’s little to move over—it’s in need of an overhaul too.
So, until then… Schlaft gut!