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It ain’t really the weekend…


…for us that have to work it. And this week, I won’t get ANY days off. Due to driver shortage, I am working both Saturday AND Sunday… did that last weekend and ended up not having to go to Jessup on Monday… this week, I have to go down there. Oh well, I’ll make it a day… our Head of Maintenance is going to have the mechs put the starter on my pickup!! Cool! I am a bit tired of playing roulette as to whether it will start. When it doesn’t, I have to get out w/ the big screwdriver Kriss loaned me and short across the solenoid–it always shits when there’s a lot of people around watching >:-(

Also, he said I can use their pressure washer, so that will be cool. I want to see if I can get some of the crap off the frame and especially clean up engine area from power steering leak that was there for years before I bought it.

Before bottom was scraped. Needs cleaning and paint now... Wanna donate a gallon of bottom paint?

To the Boat!

I am going to go over and see if I can unbolt the port side forward lifeline stanchion and seal under it w/ 3M 4200… I am told this will help. That and I am going to seal around the main hatch too. That will make it drier. It’s been leaking BAD around that stanchion… I KNOW the deck is all f-ed up there. Gonna suck shit out the butts of monkeys to fix that–I am NOT a woodworking person and it will take that. Removing the decking from below so as not to mess up deck above, then epoxying new in. I know the how’s, but am not really good at this kind of shit ­čÖü Maybe I can delay it a bit. Am hoping to find a trailer to bring it home during Winter and find somewhere around here to work on her… Edgemere’s WAY too far for working on it–TWO HOURS, 20 mins. Anyway, one thing at a time.

Need bottom paint and some new lines. Working on getting lines. Then a new battery… So close I can taste it… I want to go sailing. I will have major male PMS if I can’t use her some this year.

And the OBLIGATORY Marsh political message…

Found this for Jim’s blog… I like it. Wish I had it as a T-Shirt:

I do, actually!