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I care too much.


I do. I care too much about my drivers. I look out for them because, well I feel that “leaders LEAD” and supervisors supervise. I KNOW for a FACT that if you look out for people and take care of them, they WILL (for the vast majority) in turn, look out for you. I know that my drivers are more than a number and lo, I try to let them know they are appreciated. I also try and look out for the company and take a dim view of those who would squander what we have. Alas, I think I am outnumbered there.

Anyway, I am done bloviating on work. I am too stressed out and it’s affecting my health… it has given me (years ago) high blood pressure and diabetes from the stress. A goodly part of that stress is looking out for my drivers, hence my stress. Anyway, away…

Personal Cell Phone

I got a new phone in the 2 year deal, and I WANTED an iPhone, but Verizon kept lying about it and my Blackberry was f-ing up constantly. Of COURSE, as soon as I bought a Samsung Fascinate, those pricks at Verizon came out w/ their iPhone deal. Wankers! No, I don’t want an ATT personal phone, I have one for work and the service BLOWS… “Less bars in more places.” Still, w/ Verizon, I can never forget they used to be the hated Bell Atlantic and before that, C&P Telephone. I DETESTED Bell Atlantic as they were wankers when they had a monopoly… when we got to choose, why, they were so nice then… Anyway, the phone is different and appears customizable. Will play w/ it and see.

A New High

I sure wish I could smoke weed. I need to calm down. Maybe I will try the Miley Cyrus route and try smoking cinnamon with a hookah… I can see it now… Safety/Authority type: “Mr. Wise, we have found traces of CINNAMON in your urine, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?” Me: “Uhh, I had a friggin’ bagel!?” LOL! That ought to throw a wrench in the bean counter’s works.