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A New Year


Roman officer, ostenibly CaesarSo, here we are, 2017. It didn’t really start out very promising. Work, little money, tired, borken tooth and insurance BS (something I won’t go into here). I can say that work on the Roman site, moved along by my friend John’s help IS going better, but on the work front, not enough hours, working all night. Caffeine addiction… ugh (have a headache today) and just tiredness and such. Since no one actually reads my blog, I don’t really have much to worry about.

Work stuff

At work, it appears they are installing cameras facing the drivers. I am not real hip on that, to say the least. They say, of course, that it won’t be always on, but in the companies I have known about, they DO use it like that and harass drivers about things such as eating and drinking (I’m a diabetic, so I WILL be doing those things) and talking on the phone–guess who we stay awake at night now… no one talks on a CB anymore. We’ll see where that goes. I am not sure I’m going to continue with that.

Romans in Britain

THe new responsive template is really working, as is the social media code. I need some social media buttons so folks can share the site–that’s coming… At 477 pages, it is a lot to keep up. Without my old program, GoLive CS2 (which actually works w/ the new template, whereas Dreamweaver does NOT), I can do what I need, but… it is all hard. One thing at a time. And, adding code to each page and tweaking and such is really a lot of work. And, while i do this, reenactor.Net languishes. My baby WILL be moving soon to this template, but first, I hav eto figure out hwo to make the link mod work… that and the gallery w/ out using the SMF/TinyPortal system that powers it all now SMF/TP is not responsive, meaning ti won’t work w/ mobile and as such, google penalizes you, HEAVILY. Sucks, but what else can you do w/ this blackmail but adapt. Sad.


My Galaxy 7 Edge is acting stupid, so here in a bit,  am going to go over to Verizon and see what can be done. I guess a new one as it’s still under warranty, but I DETEST changing phones. Gotta have it though. Still, not looking at Facebook would probably be a good thing. The politics and the constant crap from the sour-grapes, sore losers is getting to be a bit much. We gave Odumma a chance, until he screwed the pooch (willingly, I think) and they should too. There is a reason Trump won and tha tis because people are tired of the way the country is going and we want real change, not bullshit, liberal commie change. Anyway, I need ot go. Be nice if I could write on this more.


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Richmond today


Soon to warp out of here today to go to Richmond and see if I can get some more people who have fallen off the wagon, back to using the computer. Also, a couple are having severe problems. We have a number, most of which seem to be install issues. Oh well, packing up me laptop and all. Putting on my mental armor to deal with a couple of people who are way negative. Sad. Determined to get this fixed.

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I just want to write.


Right now, I have some hope, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not guaranteed. I could be worse off and like everyone else, I have some stuff I HAVE to pay soon. My last job, the guy that owned that company stiffed me out of about $20.K… now, I’m not alone, he did it to a LOT of people. Karma WILL get him. Anyway, moving on, I just am saddened. Why do we work? What are we doing? I certainly do NOT live to work — I work to live and even that, is getting hard.

Maybe I’m just babbling, I don’t know. It’s depressing. I don’t see a bright future. Do you? My hands are getting worse, to the point it’s hard to open doors and stuff w/ my right hand 😮 Sucky huh? I don’t want to be old dammit. And work. Right now, I am implementing an electronic on board recorder (E-Logs really) for our trucks. In some ways it’s going good, but in others, it’s a struggle to get entrenched people to change, even for the better. I think we are slowly getting things hammered out, but sometimes, it’s just SO frustrating.

Soon, I will be going to Reno for my Dad’s memorial… Haven’t been there in a long time. Miss most of the family.


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Colour and the way forward


I posted this on facebook… Prob should be here too.

I don’t care what colour anyone is. I am tired of that shit. I want a conservative. I want someone like Allen West or maybe Herman Cain. It AIN’T about colour — it’s about ethics and ideas and a way to fix our country. Not shitheads like our current president, his nutty-ass vice president nor the idiots (for the most part) in congress who just don’t get it. It’s all really JUST LIKE Animal Farm.

As to people being offended, no, stop it. The race card is WAY overplayed. As it is now, people don’t care anymore. Show me what you have to offer. Show me HOW you will fix my effing country that has been PISSED AWAY by a number of really BAD decisions, and really taking off about 2006.

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The Rise and Fall of the Empire of the Horse


This is a story that should serve a cautionary tale for those in the realm of business.

The Empire of the Horse
In the beginning, here was the Empire of the Horse, once a promising minor kingdom, it had fell on evyil times due to the leader, Duke Michael not paying his taxes to the Overking. This was a sad thing, as Duke Michael was a good and just leader – his failure being one of discipline.

The Rise of an Empire
In this time of need for the Empire of the Horse, his lordship, Lord Byron came sailing in to save the day with his free use of gold and he did so – soon expanding the Empire and making it one of the greatest in the realm. The streets were paved with gold, all was milk and honey. Lord Byron was assisted in this endeavor by Sir William, the Privy Councillor of State and a fine one he was, ably serving the Empire. Sir William’s wise council served Lord Byron well, tempering his rash decisions and using his knowledge and connections to advance the cause of the Empire. Sir William was assisted by his most gracious and knowledgeable Bailiff, Sir Pawel. The two of these men fairly well served the Empire, bringing success and making the often ill-planned adventures of Lord Byron come together and work out. Mostly, this worked well, though the Empire of the Horse did see a large number of its people rotate in and out of service.

The First Scourge
You, gentle reader, might ask, what happened to the Empire of the Horse? Well, a series of evils befell the fair Empire. The first was Lord Byron’s wife, Looney – a woman dark and full of evyil. Pretentious and mercurial, she and Byron were a poor match. He, a man more suited to less tight-fitting arrangements; she, more controlling and jealous of his life. In the end, “Lady” Looney ended up betraying Lord Byron with an old lover. In her betrayal, she looted the Empire’s treasury and almost caused it to fall at this time. It was only through much desperate action, that the Empire did not fall. There is no curse too fowl for this vain, evyil and pretentious woman. Dark times were coming.

The Second Scourge
Two years after “Lady” Looney was banished from the Empire, a new scourge arrived… The Sire of Lord Byron, the evyil Halitosis returned from exile from the whole Realm and was invited in by Lord Byron. Immediately, Halitosis began to change the way the Empire was run, working to take from the citizens their just due and make their lives more arduous, whilst at the same time, lowering the standards of upkeep for the steeds of the Empire. More and more people left the Empire, either banished at the insistence of Halitosis or resigning service due to his efforts to make them perform dishonorable deeds. Within less than a YEAR, even Sir William, the man who kept the Empire on an even keel was banished at the insistence of the Evyil and dishonorable Halitosis – this was the beginning of the end and all in the realm who truly knew, felt the end was nigh coming. Sir Pawel kept the Empire alive for half and a year more, but even with all his mighty skills, he could not keep the hollow shell that the Empire had become, alive.

The Evyil Halitosis
Halitosis was not just the sire of Lord Byron, he had once been a mighty king, whose greed and capricious ways had caused him to be cast out of his own Kingdom of the Midwestern World and then, after he had built TWO more empires, his never-failing return to his old ways ended up causing these empires to fall too. In the fall of the empires, many, many, MANY people and their families had been hurt and suffered greatly. And thus this cursed man had been cast into the dungeons of the Overking of the Realm for his crimes. But alas, one day, he was allowed to be released and as such, he wormed his way into the mind and heart of Lord Byron. As he came to gain control over Lord Byron, Halitosis brought forth his poisons again and though his dishonor and bad counsel, brought destruction to the Empire of the Horse. And as it collapsed, in the Empire’s hour of need, he slunk away stealing much of the larder and even the stoves that kept the northern part of the Empire warm. Yes, there is a common thread in the fall of four kingdoms. Know ye, NEVER have anything to do with the foul and evyil Halitosis – he is to be regarded as a foul and dishonorable creature and one cane hope, will be cast back into the deepest dungeons by the men of the Overking.

In the End
Eventually, after constantly saying “later” instead of paying his just debts, Lord Byron found that “later” came to visit and ruin was wrought upon the Empire. Again, many loyal supporters were made to suffer along with their families and loved ones – their pensions squandered and their livelihoods ruined. Some of these hurt were even former loyal followers of Halitosis, who had already been greatly harmed by him and his dishonorable ways. Now Lord Byron flees before the justice of the Realm – his life and freedom forfeit if he is brought before the magistrate of the Overking. What has been learned here?

Know ye, the tale will continue, but that evyil still lives on in the Land of Sunshine, where evyil Halitosis resides.

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Spammers and other unhappy stuff


Why do spammers try and post on my blog? I have it set so all content has to be approved. Now, for some reason my FRIENDS can’t seem to even post and yet these scum get to? WTF? Same on my website(s) — we actively keep them out. I dunno, I think the penalty for spammers should be a cattle prod applied to the nether regions.


Well, I see they’ve reached a deal after weeks of posturing and people getting hurt. Of anger and strife. The “leaders” of our country and no better than children. It use dto be you could count onthe right to act responsibly and it was the Democrats who would act like spastic children — now BOTH do this. A bad congress and a bad president. Ugh.

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Don’t you just get tired of manipulative people?


The ones who act like everything is YOUR fault, when in fact, they are responsible for their own problems… Anyway, not much to say. Won’t rant here about this person, just tired of them. Tired of their hate, anger, BS, Games… I hate two-faced people. Hell, I have a “friend” I have known for YEARS who now, just won’t give me the time of day due to things happening and his own decisions. Whatever.

I miss having a fun life. Not perfect, but decent. Each day, it gets worse. Bad government. Bad home life. Probs w/ the job.. you can’t count on anything. Arrrggghhhh.

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Life On de Road


Just a quick blog… I have been doing stuff on the road for a few weeks, something that will probably be explained later.

Anyway, our latest (mis)adventure consists of the dogs and I bring put out of service at a way station outside of Lavonia, Ga. A suspension part crapped out on the trailer and it will be morning before they can get it. I was almost out of hours, so it worked out. It did earn me my first overweight tix in my life 😮 however, it’s on the company they told me. 🙂

The guys working the scale were really nice and even gave me some ice for my cooler… I have a very favorable impression of the DOT guys here and they were also very helpful about who to get to come out and fix the trailer. Hope that happens quick, as I need to warp to Jessup. My biggest irritation is that my apu took a shit Sunday afternoon 🙁 and this truck will only idle for 20 mins. Uggh. The heat woke me up in the middle of the night just now… turned truck on to cool us down in here for a little while. Well let that go a couple cycles and it will stay cool for a few.

We did have a tornado warning right here for about an hour. The alarm on my cell phone sure wakes you up. 😮

I can say, in my freight-hauling “adventures” I have had the good fortune to meet some really nice people, and only a few “not-so-nice” ones… the South is a pretty cool place to travel. And I will also say, North Carolina has the best rest stops, followed by Georgia and then South Carolina (still, very nice). Virginia’s are hit and miss… the ones in I-81… meh! The Old Dominion’s rest areas on I-85 are much nicer though.

So, back to sleep in a sec… just felt a need to write something. Oh, and congrats to Will and Kate!! And to Britain.

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Life has been more stressful lately. Problems at work. Problems at home. Problems in general. First, I hate incompetence and I hate bullies. Makes it hard to deal w/ things, doesn’t it?

Yesterday’s Day

Yesterday was essentially a 18 hour day. I got up at 05:15, left at 06:30 drove to Baltimore, fly to Raleigh then rode to Rocky Mount, wherein the truck would not start. >:-( Jumped off the APU and it then took from 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm for the APU to power the truck enough to get it to turn over and start. Got trailer and left at about 5:30. Got to yard in Baltimore at 10:30, off at 10:45. Drove home. Back at 01:00… it was more complicated than that, but that was the day in a nutshell.

Just a long day. And it was really hot and nasty down south yesterday. I was getting sick from the heat, which was a “fun” new experience. Joy.

Today’s Joy

This AM was a great fight w/ the wife. Over dumb stuff. Another joy. I just have too much to deal with. Worry, stress, drivers CONTINUING to call me about their checks and money… what can I tell them? Nada. Life is not ordered right now and that makes it worse. Causes me to stress out heavily.


Sounds like I get to fly to Georgia — a whole new set of stresses. Have to put Zoey in the kennel (who can’t take her till Monday) and she needs her distemper and lepto shots. Yay, $90. I don’t have.

The Internet

It’s not that fun anymore and I cannot do creative stuff under stress — a main reason my websites have not been really worked on for the last 8 months or so. Just too hard. The Roman one has been getting some work, but I keep getting disturbed. R-Net needs an update of software, which takes money first for some upgrades. one, before the other, always, but before that, THIS other thing HAS to be done.


Really windy early this AM. Lots of rain, lighting. Poor Angus went into Zoey’s crate (she was fine)… his 10th Birthday yesterday… He does seem to be feeling better on the Clucosamine Chondroitin I’ve been giving him. Getting stiff in his old age — I can relate — my left hand gets worse every day. ring finger and pinky and part of my palm there ache. Ring finger get’s “stuck” and I have to move it past a certain point to free it. Yay.

I’ll stop — you don’t need to read about my blather. Just another day in the countdown.


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I hate mixers.


Yes, I do. Like dump truck drivers and other constructoid drivers, mixer drivers have this ignorance to them. Showing up next to my housU.e at 7 am… Yeah, one can expect that, but leaving your piece of shit in reverse, so I have to listen to the frigging backup alarm for an hour?? Or occasionally revving up the motor (thus allowing me to discover you are one of those ignorant fucked without a muffler)… that’s plain annoying or worse.hackers like this, wonder why people hate my profession… just a lack of carrying about those around you. Straight pipes on a truck are just like on a Harley… rudeness on purpose. There’s a reason that construction drivers are at the bottom of the driving hierarchy… And yeah, they are. If course though, I consider those aholes in big kenworths, pulling a”covered wagon”to be right up there too. If you ever notice on the road, they’re the ones speeding, tailgating and in general, doing ignorant stuff on the road. Not all mind you, but most.

Anyway, I just want to thank this asshole for this morning’s fine beginning.