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Life, health and things I miss


Okay, I missed my doctor’s appointment. Wendy made hers though and they now want her to do a cat scan and an MRI :-0 Frak!! That’ll cost some $$. And right when I have less money. Well, we’ll figure it out. My health seems better. I worry about her.

Checks came, of course the bank was closed by then (“Oh, we’re gonna have direct deposit in 5 months from now” — this was in the Fall), so I have to do it tomorrow and pay the rent on Wednesday. Fortunately, we don’t actually NEED cash until tomorrow. Nice though, huh?! This gettin’ paid on the 1st and 15th thing just blows!!

Ya know what I miss about my old position? The company fuel card. Yep, that’s it. Yes, it was a pain in the ass… it only worked like TWO places locally and it was a pain to schedule trips there, but it was nice not paying $3.26 a gallon. Oh well. The freedom is well worth it.

Off to watch some move w/ Wee. r.Net coming along well.
M. Out!

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The dawn’s early light


Okay, not so much like dawn… I don’t like mornings and don’t do so well. On my days off, I sleep in and now turn off the ringer. As an old college professor, Stan Spencer used to say “AM’s are for sleeping, PM’s are for working!” I try to live that credo. Doesn’t always work, but I have to be at work at 10:30am so it’s close enough.

Finally got the bank card thing straightened out… we hadn’t used them since December, so the bank put a block on them… okay…. in the words of Tony Soprano “Gimme my MONEY!”

Gotta roll, but will be adding more today. Have to jet out to “Fredneck” and get Wendy’s drugs to Costco, then she has a doc appt. at 3 and I have one at 5:45.

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So, it works…


I guess that means I’ll have to put a link to it on the website. Good thing GoLive is open. Where should I go w/ this? I dunno. Some people like to read my blogs, others, well… less so. ‘Tis a free country.

My goal, back in force nowadays is to get r.Net really going. We are working to get it to be a CMS (content management system), so that we can update it and upgrade the site more easily. I know many people get pissed because it takes me so long to update links and stuff. ­čÖü Alas, we have volunteers, but many don’t know how to do web pages, so it’s hard. W/ the new system, it should work like myspace and be easy to use.

What’s new w/ my life?
Well, last week I went back to driving… I have been a manager for a small trucking company for the last 2 years. Sometimes it was good, but lately, not so much. Of course, with this change in jobs, comes less money, but I think it will be manageable… Wendy is worried, but I think we’ll be okay. That and I am renewing and redoubling my efforts to make r.Net financially viable. Of course, saying this, one must realize that I don’t wish to change how r.Net is — a place for reenactors, not corporations or accountants. We’ll see how it goes.
So for now, Ende!

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A first step


For the first blog, I’m just going to see if it works :-0 Will it? I don’t know as the instructions are a bit skimpy. Oh well, I hope so as I have wanted a blog on r.Net for a long time. I have one on myspace, but usually don’t let anyone but a few friends read the entires. This will be different!