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Fixed it by GAWD!


Dammit, it took hours of thought and looking at code and tweaking and… well, it came down to trying things. I removed stuff and hit the test in browser button :-0 Finally a bit of code for a friend’s book was doing it. I don’t know why. I’ll dink with it later. At least the website is now working again in the “evyil” internet explorer. I can breathe now…

Not Much Else really
Haven’t done too much on moving the site over to tiny portal for a couple of days — I can’t figure out how to make the different time periods menus show up ONLY on THOSE pages. ‘Tis frustrating when you can’t get it to work. I did mess with my blog’s look here and added another really cool blog to check out (if you are so inclined). I even made new image tags (so they all looked the same — I’m anally-retentive that way). A type-setting geek on the Internet?!? Oh well. I don’t always follow the rules there, but I try to make it look good.

My Poor Boat
I haven’t been down there in over a month — partly due to $, as it costs a lot and we haven’t had it. Also, I have to pay the slip fee — not so much really, but I’m late as someone stiffed ME, thus making me not able to pay it yet. I have a web job or two on the near horizon and hope that will allow me to send some cash his way. I still have to buy bottom paint, some new lines and a bit of other crap yet. Be nice to actually USE my boat this year. Now that I have time off. I sure hope I can get the google ads to pay off. I’ve doubled them (almost triple actually) with this book called “The Adsense Code” — who knows… my goal is $200. per day in ads — we’ll see. :-0

Anyway, I am sure Gaia is missing me. I have work to do on her and want to get her back in the water. I wonder if I put a “Get Marsh Back on the Water” button on r.Net if people will donate πŸ™‚ People are actually pretty cool that way. Just so much to do. don’t care — Ilove sailing and the people are cool. Most are really nice, vs. in some hobbies where all the people do is fight or look to fight or engage in “He said that she said that they said…” crap.

Long Day
Today was the 6th straight day I worked. Not grueling, but it makes you sore. It gets old. I know some people say I’m lazy or some crap, but they can all kiss my ass — I’ve been doing this shit for 23 years now. I have paid my dues IN FRIGGING FULL! I have driven in rain and sleet and dark of night. I have been to more post offices then most people out there and really, it’s not worth it anymore. I am thinking of some kind of animal business. Not one where I can’t take my dog(s), where they feel I need to be drug-tested all the time (it just grates, that’s all). Anyway, I’m off tomorrow and Tuesday. Then work Wed/Thrus. and off Fri (our 10th Anniversary) and then work again Sat. Be nicely broken up and less stressful. Oh how I need Google to pay off :-Þ I need to redo my WWII sections and “ad-etize” them tomorrow. Also, I will then convert the pages to the TP setup. Crap to do. My hands are hurting from typing (been a long time since that happend) and my ass is killing me from the dogshit seat in the jalopy I drive all day (needs the seat cushion swapped w/ the passenger side, but it seems this is on the back burner). For that matte,r the lumbar leaks out quickly and the damn seat frame digs into one’s back. I guess when ye olde truck has 1,317,000+ miles on it, things like that will happen (they’re only 2003 models though)

My home town. I hope things are going well there. Haven’t been for a couple of years. Miss my friends there and I miss the weather. I see it through the Internet. Oh well. Next project after r.Net’s revamp is to redo our Alumni website… it’s a pukey orange I’ve grown tired of and I intend to make it a Tiny Portal site like r.Net is going to be. It will help us a LOT!

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I hate mornings. Really… I’ve always beena night person and having a red someone decide I need to get up at 10 ’til 7 is a bit much. Fortunately, my wife came and took her out (she (my wife) stayed up all night?!?), but then it was still run around and cause crap in the bedroom w/ Angus. >:-0

The ‘Net
There has to be more in life than work. I’m just marking time here… it’s always been that way. I need to work on converting the website, but I am tired when I get home and like last night, there is always a tragedy. BTW, last night’s tragedy is still NOT fixed. Frigging internet explorer once AGAIN is messing up pages – in this case the r.Net MAIN page. Stuff is missing, layout is all over the place?! No matter what I try. I HATE Microsoft. How come they can’t play by the rules? Here’s my page as to WHY IE sucks. Here’s another great one I link to (from 2004, but still valid) and last, this blog that is about IE. IE DOES suck and I am tired of it – the sheeple use it “because that’s wut come with ma compewter.” Waugh! Expand your mind. Still, snce they do use it, yo have to write your site for it – how do you do that when they keep changing shit and messing it all up? Frak this!

I’m going to eat my oatmeal that my wife made me for breakfast, then get ready to go to the land of myoootants (Ohio). I seriously need to blog about WWI last weekend. Maybe tonite.

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WWI this weekend



Okay, so today’s the start of the GWA’s WWI Spring event. I am sitting here, trying to get motivated to go sew on the buttons to my pants. Then pack, then leave.

It’s only 30 miles and I got there late last fall. I am just tired and cranky since a certain red someone decided to wake me up early. Dogs are like that and she’s discovered if she saunters over and licks Daddy right on the mouth, he will sit bolt upright spitting and cursing. Then, she can act all cute and give me the “Me, pee, now” code. Of course, if Daddy says “Leave me alone, go night-night” and rolls back over, well, that means we need to be more aggressive and walk all over him, stepping on his head, licking his mouth again, licking behind the ears, barking in his face. Eventually… well you can’t really fight women of any species, can you?

Get Goin’ Fatso
Anyway, I need to go take my meds, eat something, shower, etc. and get out of here. I also need to stop and try and find a case of Keystone light for my friend. Only in LmF, Pa (as Kent calls it “Light my Fart) can you not just buy beer — nooooooo, you have to go to either a beer store or a bar. Wacky huh?! Some stupid Jesuphistical law, probably dating from 2 centuries back…

Im Graben
Sooooo, here is me last Fall, fatter, probably waaaay more stressed out. Cranky. I am a “member” of IR23 (I put it in quotes because it’s basically me and one other guy who have been showing up, of the 20 or so on our list — one of those things that blows about reenacting — trying to recruit and get people out there). Anyway… Here I am sitting in a trench… woohoo. Actually, I had fun BS-ing w/ people I hadn’t seen in years. I used to live for WWI — it truly was the “reenactor’s reenactment,” but hobby politics destroyed the unit I was in (IR63) and after that, well most of my friends are now elsewhere. Of that implosion, I will not say I was innocent, not at all… but unlike one A-hole — let’s call him “the Sith Lord,” I wasn’t out to take over or destroy the group. A sad time. Oh well… time to move on. It’s like my boss here — I don’t need to think of him. We were friends and now we’re not. Ya can’t dwell on it. Otherwise you’d be climbing the Texas Tower or walkin’ into work w/ an AK-47 or something (or just calling the DOT and the labor board perhaps).

A scene from Gettysburg


Okay, I actually uploaded my cam to the comp. Here’s me last Monday at Gettysburg. Maybe more will follow… I haven’t web-fixed any more of them so they’re all monstrously huge.

Anyway, this was taken in front of the “Angle” the place where the South got repelled and the North turned the tide of the war. Actually, it’s kind of somber — well except when there’s a bunch of worthless, out-of-control children screaming around there — their parents not watching or caring AT ALL what their spawn are doing. Kent told me when he was onthe Arizona Memorial there was some family w/ a bunch of their spawn running and screaming there ON THE MEMORIAL… he actually said something to them and they sheepishly suppressed the outrageous behavior of their spawn for a bit.

On Procreation
Ya know, some people should NOT be allowed to procreate. I KNOW if we were to offer them, say $1500. to get “fixed” (we’d explain it differently to them) then many (a lot we hope) would take the deal, thus removing their polluted and foul genes from the pool.

So Cynical I am
My, I sound cynical don’t I?! I just worry about our nation when so many get their history from the “Hitler Channel” as it’s called by reenactors. (It used to be that all Discovery showed was “Hitler and Bugs” so it was thusly called and the name soon transferred to the History Channel). Oh yes, let’s watch the History of Ketchup… ack!

Oh well, I’ll stop. Tired, need sleep. Must deal w/ stupid driving public on the ‘Morrow.



Women can be the most enraging thing on the planet! Women can be the most comforting thing there is. Hmmm, Just a thought on the obvious conflicts therein. Oh well, not like we could live without them.

Yes, men CAN live for a time without women, but it’s not pretty and it’s not comfortable. And of course women without men? Who’d take out the trash? Who would do all the nasty jobs “Oooh, it’s a SPIDER, kill it now!” No, without the calming effects of testosterone, the world would suddenly just explode some fine day. Are we ready for a woman in the White House? Probably, but it’s not Hillary “GD’ed” Clinton… no, nay, never! That would be a very, very bad thing πŸ™

Anyway, I’ll stop w/ my political blathering… I am about to take my fat ass to bed, as I have to get up and drive to Ohio tomorrow (everyday actually)… Wouldn’t a nice powerball win be cool?!

Oh yeah, hope things went well for Kent… he’s got a hot date πŸ™‚

Well FRAK!


Things were going so well! Of course something would have to mess it up. I took Zoey w/ me to see someone and she was cool, but as we were leaving, she lunged out and bit my friend on the leg :-0 Fortunately, it was someone I know and not some sue-happy ding-dong, but… I don’t need this. I -THINK- she did it because he was wearing dark clothes and dogs tend to not see that well, so it freaks them out, but… saying that, it’s no excuse πŸ™

I guess now she can’t go down there w/ out her muzzle again. And it was such a good day too. Ads are up, things are going well. And of course, now this. :’-( I guess I’ll post again later, I have to go to town and do some stuff (eat, buy blank DVDs (back up and clean out computer) and a new toilet seat (last one was made by Chinese slave laborers and somehow the pressed fibreboard cracked)).

Need to get to work on adding ads to WWII and then converting it to the new portal. Maybe later. For that matter, I need to do some stuff on the Leg. IX site and the Atascadero Alumni site…

It’s WORKING :-)


I added a bunch of ads last night and… I am DOUBLE where I have been. Yeah, so far today, it’s only $4.+ but… that’s a lot better than the NORMAL less than $2. per day. Frak, I wish I’d bought that book before this. Yes, it’s been a pain in the ass to add the ads, but now I am doing it, I can understand the channels WAY better.

Anyway, it’s a workin’!!!! Also have been working on Legio IX’s portal, stashed at until it’s ready. (Kim, give it a look).

Some good


I was thinking about good stuff today and had to admit that one of the BEST things to come out of me not being a manager anymore (besides the return of my health) is the fact that my old friend Kent and I are friends again. For a while there, it was touch and go. The job was really killing our friendship. πŸ™ Now it’s back to the way it was πŸ™‚

I will post some pix from our Gettysburg trip, possibly tomorrow. I have to get them off the camera, size them, etc. Was busy watching Battlestar Galactica tonight — it’s still wacky. Moore and Eick really screwed the pooch I think. Now it’s having to do weird shit to return to plot. Oh well… I ain’t responsible.

Is that Light at End of the Tunnel?
Maybe. Depends on if the 2-3 web jobs I have pan out. No, not at the company here. I offered them a sweet deal which they basically blew off to find something better. Oh well, I am pretty much decided that I will have to withdraw the offer. I know if I take their job, it will mean I will be expected to do web stuff ALL the hours I’m not in the truck — F-that! Besides, they don’t know enough about the Internet and what is needed. No, they need to pay someone the big bucks. Anyway, I have some other customers I’m talking with and I have high hopes of coming to an agreement with them
I’m gonna go to bed. Early for me, I know, but I’m just beat! G’nite fer now πŸ™‚

Frak! It didn’t work!


I wasted a bunch of time adding ads… only to find a simple link box I added did WAAAAY better. Guess what I added to my main page :-0 I am not impressed w/ this crap. Tomorrow better do better. For that matter, my Amazon sales have went WAY down πŸ™ WTF?! I get good traffic dammit — DAMN good!!

On other fronts
I have a cat laying on my chest and shoulder. I find I do my best work when “encatted” vs. when dogs are here. I don’t know why. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, I just think better w/ cats.

It’s getting hot. My yahoo weather widget says “rain” but it ain’t. Oh well, I do like rain better though. Soon enough it will be steamy, butt-ass hot here πŸ™ I like Fall best. Winter, the least.

I also need to get some $ together to pay for my bill at the marina :-0 Looks like I have a web prospect or two!! That’s cool and I am grateful for the work! I really like to do new stuff (rather than fight my OLD stuff)… bad me! This website conversion is going slow. I expected it, it’s just that it’s tedious. πŸ™ Will probably move the Civil War section to the Portal next, as I am finding that interesting. Rob and Harry were going to do WWII, so I’m not going to do it if they are — I know they wish to make some changes to it.

On a health note
I am feeling better. Think I am gaining the weight back though πŸ™ Need to remember my night drugs here… Wendy’s didn’t do my “old people pill case” so I have it all together. It’s Hell getting old.

Starting to slide


Wow, It’s been a coupla days. Well, I’ve been busy. A friend reworked the Forums and I have been working to add all of r.Net’s content to it. :-0 Yeah, it’s gonna be work.

So tired today. But, it’s Friday for me. Going to Gettysburg tomorrow w/ Kent. Haven’t been in a couple of years — it’ll be fun!! Certainly to get away. Wee is going to her Mom’s for a few days and maybe in that time, I can get a lot of the site work done?! I dunno though — it’s a bit intensive and I can only do so much. Am hoping to get the T/A webmasters up to speed on helping. It needs to be someone who is into that time period, that knows it, vs. ME… I don’t claim to know but a couple of them and am a bit crispified on one of those.

Change is in the wind!
I am really excited though about the changes on r.Net — stuff I’ve wanted to do for years. I really have wanted to make the site into a content management system, but every time I cracked a book on it, my eyes glazed over, little puffs of smoke came out of my ears and the Borders/B&N employees would then come over and tell me to “Wake up and go home.” Programming is just a bit hard for me. I’m more visual.

Well, let’s hope all goes well, that I can get the articles ported over and the site to present them how I want. That’s a big part of the problem… the program isn’t as specific as I’d like and I have to learn how to do “end-arounds” to make it show up as I want.