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Another day… probably deeper in debt.


Oh well. Ya can’t dwell on money. How about the oil prices? Crashing 🙂 It’d be so nice to see them crash hard and all the speculator scum lose everything! Oh, such Schadenfreude on my part :-0

On Another Note
Anyway, on another note, my friend Ken was telling me about the recent Iranian missile launches and how some people are thinking they did it to prove the feasibility of launching Scud missiles from cargo ships and the second was to see about detonating airborne nukes… he says to fire off an EMP pulse and knock us (modern world and the Satan USA) back to the 1900’s… I dunno. They’d have to be stupider than I thought they were. First, we’d retaliate and Tehran would glow green (I’d hope, but you never know with our cowardly, poll seeking government), second, we’d destroy Iran… and maybe that’s what they want? I don’t know. And article about the EMP threat is here. Ken also seemed to think GW would launch an “all out” against Iran in Nov.-Dec. if this was really thought to be in the works. I don’t know. Why? It’d be interesting to see how ole Barry Obama would deal w/ it. Who knows. I’d rather see peace and prosperity and lower gas prices… say $1.50 a gallon or below — where it SHOULD BE.

Okay, so I have rambled enough for today and my 3 readers will have something to comment on, rather than my marital crisises. :-0

Why did I get married?


Why did I get married?
I just can’t remember now. When someone talks about getting married, I surely cannot recommend it. No matter what, nothing is ever right; never good enough. Why did I do it? I just don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t do it again if I could go back.

For me, marriage has been a constant fight — one for survival. Why? I guess because I am married to someone who EXPECTS to be handed everything on a platter without working. Someone who won’t drive and expects to be driven everywhere. Who actually fights against everything I try to do to bring money into the house and succeed.

Maybe it’s just that we have changed, I don’t know. It didn’t used to be this way, but for a long time now, it has been teeth gritting every day. There are occasions when the person I fell in love with surfaces, but they’re rare. I’m not the latest thing anymore, the animals and I are pushed aside thing. Whatever… whatever!

So, for young people in love, guys especially, think it over. Don’t jump in. Make sure they like what you like and aren’t “hiding it” until later. I don’t know. I just know that I, and most guys I know, are miserable. Some women too.

I’ll stop now…

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Oh the horror!


So, we went to town today. Was cool as my truck wouldn’t run yesterday, resulting in my friend giving me a ride to and hither. Got home, got it to start 🙂 However, when we went to leave, it was running shitay! Started to die, but that was the front tank running out of gas (my fuel gauges work sporadically)… so, w/ a quick switch tot he rear tanks we were off! Of COURSE, it wouldn’t shift into 3rd gear and others were not working well. Ack! Stopped, looked, etc. but HAD to get to Wally World as Wendy had to have her BP meds (you don’t mess w/ that!)…

Anyway, while talking to my friend Kenny on the cell, I took the air cleaner off and fooled w/ it. Eventually I noticed that one of the vacuum lines was off the front of the carb base. All the vacuum lines are old and crappy too — the mechanics here look at me like I’m high on peyote when I say I want to replace them. ANYWAY, I hooked it up and it WORKED!! Turns out it was the vacuum line to the transmission shifter thingee (I forget the name of the part, but know how it works… so good enough). So… it came off the other night when I put in the new solenoid and changed the PCV and breather filters (whoops!)

Dinner and Gas (not Kent’s kind of gas)
Wee came out w/ her purchases, and we went to Hosse’s for dinner. A belated birthday dinner and I had charred beef of cow. And damned good beef it was! After, we stopped at Giant for some fruit and veggies and gas. Why gas at Giant? Well, w/ their card and Wee having spent over $100. there in the last few weeks, I got .10 off of every gallon!!! 😀 Woohoo! The tightwad in me leaped for joy, as it was now $3.89 a gallon (WTF, when did THAT become good??) So, was that it? We came home and had a fun night? Oh HELL NO! The plot doth thicken…

The Horror, the TRUE Horror!
When we got home and were going in the house. Suddenly, Wee let’s out an exclamation. Angus has puked in kitchen and it reeked… oh no, he also puked (and had diarrhea) on the couch and carpet and Zoey’s dog bed. It took us well over an HOUR of blotting to remove it from the carpet completely (isn’t the knowledge of Women great!?). NEVER have I had something that nasty… we had to spray it w/ cleaner and blot it up and blot it up and then spray again… and so-on and so-on. Clean now, but oh, the horror. And poor Angus, puked on the kitchen floor twice more 🙁

I need to go take old sicky out — I am sure he needs to go again. He’s sick and I don’t know why. Prob ate something in the yard. There’s no way he’d do this in the house otherwise. He’s quite finicky and will hold it for hours and hours. I feel so bad for him as he’s sick and just stands there w/ his tail down and a horrified look on his face :’-(

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Hmmm birthday ruminations


Okay, so it was my birthday, actually still is as I was born at midnight between the 15th and 16th. Anyway, it was one of those days. It got better when I got home and my wife made me a nice cake 🙂

Today, well yesterday now, I actually was thinking, for the first time of just selling off all my reenacting shit. I love WWI and the Roman stuff and I am very comfortable w/ WWII, but I just don’t know — I am so disgusted with some of these people… some in Roman actually, that I might just do it. I could put all the $$ into the sailboat. At least there, I’m not going to have a bunch of janitor-generals and puffy know-it-all’s bloviating on tunic colour. And for the record, I believe Romans wore RED, not white. And I don’t care what Fuentes wrote, his article was 20 years ago… new stuff has been written since then.

I just don’t know. I have never felt this much disgust for people in my hobby. It’ s not fun! Okay, I like the people form Lafe, they all try and just have fun and put their differences behind them. I’ll post the video here so you can look at it… fun and reenacting… not standing around for a bunch of bored touronz. Oh well, I need to take some valium or something.

Onward. I miss my boat — I need to get down and paint the bottom… Sara is getting me a gallon of bottom paint for my birthday 🙂 Gods I hope I can get Gaia in the water and use her this year.