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The Olympics


Okay, I have to admit, I came home and Wendy was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (actually delayed 12 hours by a news media blackout here in the US by the shitheads at NBC). Anyway, it is nice to see in this fucked up world that some good things still exist.

In a world where a war was started today, where so many are suffering economic hardship, you can turn on the TV, watch the Olympics and feel good. Really… this is something positive in a world that has had some real shitty news lately.

My only real gripe (besides frigging NBC pissing all over America) is that, ONCE AGAIN, the U.S. Team has a butt ugly costume or whatever it is called. Yes, BUTT-UGLY!!! Whatever happened to the American Flag jacket? That was the sharpest we ever had!! I know, it’s so low class, it’s not designed by some New York fashion geek. It’d sure be nice to see it back — not this ugly-ass blue blazer and dorky hat. Just like the winter Olympics wherein our team ALWAYS has something frigging stupid like cowboy hats or some other ugly hat. How hard is it? Stop letting idiot fashion geeks design this stuff. You’re embarassing us… you dumbasses!

I saw SO MANY really good looking Olympic costumes/uniforms tonight and then BOOM, I get smacked in the face w/ this ugly shit >:-0

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