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Ack, it’s getting old (or is that me??)


So, now we’ve taken 3-4 loads (I’m losing count) and more to come. I AM getting way too old for this crap. Making a small dent in the house (not even started on the nightmare that is our basement here)…

A Truck
Probably will rent a U-Haul truck next weekend. Work had offered to loan me a straight truck, but as I think on it, it’s 2 hours away and it’s cheaper ($39.95) to just rent a U-Haul truck than to drive to Baltimore at 10 mpg… besides, my pickup is acting cranky and has low oil pressure… I Do appreciate their offer, but I think it would be better this way. Besides, it’s X-Mas in the P.O. and they need all their trucks.

House is Cool!
I AM quite excited to get the new place. I love it—it’s big, it’s modern and it’s w/ in 2 miles of a Starbucks, so my wife won’t need a 40 mile round trip for her coffee. 🙂 I know, you don’t wish to hear me blather about the house… suffice it to say, it will be great.

X-Mas 2008
Hey, so I won’t have to be delivering to any P.O.’s this year 🙂 YAY!!!!!! I’m the middle driver in a “pony express” type run… This won’t be a bad X-Mas… If I can just get through the move!!

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And we’re off…


So, we took load one to the new house last night. I hurt. Pacha had fun. I am still overwhelmed. I wish I had the $$ to pay some movers to get our crap and just take it there. This is gonna kill me.shocked Oh, don’t get me wrong, it will be cool when it’s done, but in the meantime… Ack! It’d one of those FEW times that I actually WOULD like to have a credit card, instead of not having the cc debt. Trade-off I guess… most people I know my age have like $50K in credit card debt idiot2 I will say that, I don’t. have that weight around my neck…

Wee was in her element last night. She has been agitated about the move… she always is, but once we get down to it, she is the glue that holds it all together. AND she has a great eye for how stuff should be in any house–she’d make a good decorator. This new place is awesome; twice as big as what we’re in now… we’ll finally get our lives back out of all the boxes in the basement.

Well, today is Thanksgiving, not for myself and most Mail drivers, of course, the powers-that-be in the P.O. (Post Office fer you un-informed folk) don’t much worry about that kinda thing–we get the day AFTER off. What’s funny is that no work gets done on holidays, especially X-Mas Day and Superbowl Sunday (really). On Superbowl, they all are in break rooms or looking at mini-TV’s and watching the game. Nothing get’s done at all… they’re eating and drinking, etc. And really, that’s how it SHOULD be, but management doesn’t much approve as they turn a blind eye to it. I think that’s because the Execs give them the dumb orders. Really, on holidays like Thanksgiving, X-Mas, etc. they should just close the plants and have a skeleton crew… they won’t, of course, but hey, what do I know? I’m just a stupid dumb-ass truck driver. I’ve only been dealing w/ these people for almost 24 years… And no, I don’t hate the P.O., I don’t hate the people—I just hate the hypocrisy of it, the corporate greed that says “They WILL work that day!” and ignores the fact that people are people, not some Orwellian drones.

I’ll stop blathering now.

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Hmmm, election musings…


Okay, so it looks like Obama will win—I didn’t vote for him. Is it good? I dunno. I doubt it. Is it bad, again, i don’t know. A lot of people voted, but what kills me about this country is that most are too frigging lazy to do ANY research and will vote how the party or Oprah or their church or something tells them.

Am I a McCain fan? No, not really, I just thought he was the lesser of two evils. I do like Sarah Palin and think she has a big future w/ the Right. Alas though, the Republicans ALWAYS step on their dicks, EVERY TIME they get in power, they can’t get over stupid shit like abortion… Or religion… they let themselves get nailed down. We’ve had 8 years of Bush and we had his father before Bill Clinton (I didn’t like Bush I at all)… Anyway, America seems to think ALL our ills are due to G.W. Bush… forget that Congress actually controls the purse strings. If the leader controlled things, do you think California would be so screwed right now? Not frigging likely. The stupidly left liberal legislature should be at the least, taken out and stoned to death. AFTER being flogged 500 lashes from the cat o’ nine. Something apropos.

So now, we’ll have probably 4 years of poor liberal decisions… maybe only 2 because as the Democrats in Congress raise taxes and truly fuck up the economy, they’ll get booted in the next mid-terms… at least I believe it’ll happen. Clinton had a Democratic congress and went nuts with stupid legislation, only to see them get booted out. It made him run to the center… All I can say is the next two years will probably suck shit for business and even freedom. Why freedom? Well you KNOW they’re gonna start renewing calls for gun control. It’s a liberal centerpiece—you don’t want the people having the ability to fight back. Oh well, hold on to your ass… it’ll be an interesting ride.

One other thing, SNL will probably go back to being unfunny and irrelevant as it has been for years. Oh well. Good luck America, we’re gonna need it.

[and yes, my wife voted straight Democratic ticket just to piss me off… oh well, that’s her right. At LEAST she voted!]