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Truck Stop Women


Now there’s a loaded topic… Women at truck stops and no, were not discussing “lot lizards” (hookers). The truck stops I go to seem to go through a lot of women working there and I can bet why. Being around most of these billy bobs would be damned scary! Alone in a truck for weeks at a time, the only women they see are the girls at the fuel desk or in the restaurant… you KNOW these guys are hitting these girls up CONSTANTLY. Ack! And the thing is, they think they’re suave, debonair, a rogue… just irresistible to the girls… Actually, what they are is, again, a lot of bit scary.

It’s like going to Hooters… ever been? Holy crap, those women could have a guy eating fried dog shit and PAYING them for the privilege of doing it. No, I am not kidding. They come, they sit down AT YOUR TABLE and talk to you… “Oh wow, so you’re a proctologist… that’s SO cool! What can I get you? Can we start you off with some wings?” Guys eat this stuff up. $20. tips are nothing. It’s almost the same at a truck stop, it’s just the women aren’t wearing shorts and a low cut t-shirt nor sitting at your table. Aii carumba!!

A Damned Interesting Investment Idea
Here’s an idea a Hooters Truckstop... LOL! Actually, it’d make money, scads of it, but all that money would all be used up cleaning up the blood and damage from crazed truck drivers in lust. What carnage it would be 😮

Anyway, the women at truck stops, for the most part, TRY to be nice to drivers… well, at first they do, but after a few months, Wow! They can sure be nasty (think of just how nasty a woman can be when she wants to be). But really, is there a place for some rude-ass wench at a truck stop treating a driver that way? You really DO see some serious contempt for drivers at these places… I find that offensive. Not much I can do considering just how rude and low-class some of my “brethren” are >:-(

Of course, drivers are kinda stuck, as most Wally World’s (or other big stores) won’t let you park there. In fact, most places won’t and in the Communistwealth of Virginia, they’ll wake you up at a rest area and make you drive illegally (and unsafely) to some other place. What friggin’ bastards! Oh, they say it’s about safety, but it’s really about “revenue enhancement.” Personally, were I an owner operator, I’d NEVER go to or through Virginia. If they ALL did this and maybe grew a set, this kind of shit would stop.

The French
Ya know, it’s popular in America to make fun of the French, to call them cowards or losers. Well, let me ask you this: how come when French truck drivers go on strike, they get EVERYTHING they want? I’ll tell you why, because they have BALLS and aren’t afraid to lock it up– to block on ramps, to block fuel islands, intersections, etc. Here in the “Land of the Free” well, most of us won’t participate because “Ah got’s ta pay me ma pickemup payment or fer ma quads. I gots to buy ma kids that thar xbox, so I don’t dare rock the boat.” blah, blah, blah! Company drivers, well were in a bad spot because we CAN’T decide to strike unless some kind of wacky violence happens… sucks really!

Hey jackasses, don’t insult the French anymore… they HAVE cojones… unlike many American drivers (ooh, bad me for callin’ a spade a spade!)… Alas, our country has become all form and NO SUBSTANCE 🙁

French Truckers on STRIKE!
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Old Skewl Truckin’


Yeah, I think most truckers nowadays are a bunch of cry babies and posers. Back in the day, when I learned, these guys were real. They didn’t need, nor have, a/c, cd players, AUTO-frigging-matic transmissions, power steering, etc. Hell, we drove CABOVERS (they sucked BTW!)

Back when, we didn’t have the standardized trannies we have now… there were multi-sticks like a 4×4 and that stuff was hard to learn. 13 speeds were common. Now, it’s all 9’s and 10’s. You give some of these pussies a super 10 or a double-over tranny and they just can’t do it. “But ah done been me to truckin’ school…”

I sometimes look at trucker forums and just have to burst out into laughter. And they have special forums to bitch about big companies like J.B. Hunt, Swift, etc. And INVARIABLY, you will see some Billy-Bob’s wife going on about how her wonderful other half got fired by this meanie company — of course, when it comes out, he had 3 accidents right out of trucking school, but two wern’t his fault… Spare me, dumbasses! These big companies go through some drivers now. And they Do fire people because they are self-insured. They get to work them hard and stuff because THEY (the big company) train them and take on the onus of putting some doofus who JUST GOT HIS LICENSE into a $85,000 tractor hauling expensive loads. Guess what, do you really think they’re safe? Do you really?? I’ve been driving a tractor trailer for 24 years now and know that I learn something EACH day I go out. You don’t know that when you start… you think you got it. You don’t.

And BTW, don’t think the CDL program is making things safer. It ain’t. These companies just teach the billies how to get a license, not how to drive–you can’t teach it in a classroom, you have to go out and DRIVE. And yes, that’s true. It’s all a buch of crap… like America has become, all form and no substance.

Did you know that the DOT has intentionally made it more unsafe? Oh yeah! It used to be teams could drive 5 hours, sleep 5 hours. NOW, w/ the new rules, oh no, you have to drive 10-11 hours before you then MUST take 10 hours off. And once you start “
on duty,” 14 hours later, that’s it, you MUST go off duty and cannot drive over the 14th hour and have to be off duty for 10 more hours. Totally unsafe, but it appears good tot he suits and ignoramuses in Congress, so let’s keep it.

Why am I ranting, I dunno, probably because I talked to a friend I knew back when I started trucking and remembered his Dad (now passed away) ; he was a real trucker, from back in the day. I mean it. An owner operator when that meant something. I learned some things from him. Actually, I learned from a few good drivers back then. Things like you NEVER use the clutch except to start and stop. You certainly don’t shift with it. You stop and help other drivers out. If there’s a car (or truck or cop) on the shoulder, you get over in the other lane. You ALWAYS do this; ALWAYS!!! The modern inbreds we have driving today don’t do this shit nowadays.

You waved at the other drivers you passed (or when they passed you). You cleared them w/ your lights day and night when passing and you’d NEVER do something so frigging retarded as to pull behind someone backing up at a truck stop (union drivers like those at Roadway and Yellow Freight are famous for this).

I learned how to back up from Mr. Coley at the Washington DC post office. I have NEVER seen a better person for backing up. I saw him blind-side a trailer into a hole INSIDE a tunnel inside the North Cap Post Office under Union Station in almost pitch black conditions!?! 😮 The thought of ME trying that still makes my asshole pucker TO THIS DAY.

Just know this: It isn’t better. It’s not close to better and no matter what the DOT idiots and Congress (and the ATA dipshits) will tell you, it’s not. It’s still easy for some dumbshit to get a license and these dipshits still drive waaaay too fast and aren’t really in control of their rigs. No, I’m not making it up and I’m not paranoid. I’m a truck driver — I damn well know of what I speak. Be careful on the road and give these Billies (especially from the big companies) a WIDE berth.

We arent even going to talk about all the inbred, rude scumbags on the CB radio nowdays 🙁 I am disgusted with them–they make me EMBARRASSED to be a truck driver :’-( The only good thing is the CB is kinda dying off as most have cell phones and satellite radios. I could go on about states that think talking on a cell phone (and I mean w/ a hand-free) is bad… what stupidity! MANY the times my cell phone and me yapping to someone on it, has kept me awake and not hitting a bridge abutment. Oh, but holding a CB mic is okay… dumbasses.

I should take a second to mention another disturbing trend: truck stacks on pickups… I’ll just print the really cool bumper sticker my friend Kenny saw:

“Stacks are for semis…DUMB ASS!”

Nowadays, drivers are just a bunch of whiners and pussies. Oh, wait, this is where we came in.

This is about the vintage truck I started hauling Mail in–a 1964 White Freightliner cabover (COE) w/ a 180 Cummins engine. The crybabies of today would NOT be able to deal w/ this. It WAS a 10 speed, but had a double over and NO power steering or a/c. The radio worked sometimes and the wipers were AIR powered–this meant they sucked (and didn’t work well). Spring suspension you wimps!
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Okay, so I am weird. I like happy endings and such. Hell, chick flicks are usually okay. Some anyway. Some are just a waste of digital space. Sex and the City the movie or whatever it is. I always thought that was a dumb show on TV and ya know what… the red head, I could SWEAR I met her one night in a strip club on Times Square. This chick, who I remember as looking JUST LIKE her, was “in acting” and wouldn’t let anyone take her pix. It was at some live sex show that Ricky Jackson and Brian wanted to go see. Hmmmmm. I digress.

I like stuff like Love Actually, The Holiday, Under the Tuscan Sun… chick flicks all–oh well… that oughta give Rich some ammo :-Þ Now don’t get me wrong, I DO like a good war movie, but the problem is, the Hollywood dipshits don’t make good war stuff anymore. We have Tom Cruise bullshit. Or it’s always got to be PC and show the evyil Nazis and such. F-that! Why not remake The Longest Day? Oh, I know, because today’s crop of shithead commies wouldn’t be par tof an ensemble cast.

Lord of the Rings was cool… in The Two Towers, the ride out of Helm’s Deep by the Rohirrin is just too goddamned cool! I mean Theoden and his men just ride out and take on the whole frigging orc army and then as it happens, the Rohirrin led by Gandalf, ride down the mountain and just ride the damend Orcs under. So cool!!!! However, I doubt well see good war movies anymore. I know, let’s make us some dumb shit stuff liek a U.S. Navy crew stealing a U-Boat to get the code machine (complete witha black sailor how PC… even though the Navy was not integrated in WWII). Let’s forget that it was the POLISH who got the Enigma code machine… Or let’s have Tom Cruise as Count von Stauffenberg?! Where’s a good actor liek John Wayne or Sean Connery when you need him. Even the new James Bond is in some stupid partisan flick. I suppose redoing the Battle of the Bulge into something accurate, rather than the hollywierd “splendor” that it became would be out of the question. Why, it might show how the war was. How real men fought and died for their countries.

I’ll stop now.

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The BITCH! Oh, the BITCH!


I bet you were thinking this was about something else… it’s about m dog Zoey. She’s a Australian Cattle Dog, or, as many call them, a Red Heeler (or Queensland Heeler). She’s smart, I’ll give her that. She’s a good dog, but… if you’re out side her family group or on her street… watch out! Tonight we were walking and a neighbor girl was walking her dog… Zoey goes nuts!! Nothing new, I made her sit. I took Angus in and figured we’d walk around… they come back around the block and I sit her down (I was holding her as she doesn’t like that)… so, I am kneeling there, holding her and she starts snarling and all. I (foolishly) put my hand around her snout and BAM, she got me. Good too. OWWWWWW. That earned her a bit of a spanking (sorry Jessica) and I picked her up and carried her back to the house, head down (she really doesn’t like that). And bad me, I bit her a couple of times… making sure she couldn’t bite back–a Heeler specialty. I know, the “experten” say you shouldn’t do it. Sometimes I do.

She has this temper around other dogs–it’s a Heeler thing. However, she needs to chill and I gues it will be muzzle time on walks now 🙁 Kills me too as she gets a lot of joy from it. I need to buy her a basket muzzle… always about money. She’s always pretty lovey. The times she get sme are when I get in the way. I need to NOT try and grab her mouth, just rein her in and take her away. MY BAD! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember. But will she?