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Trust and having one’s back


Actually, short of my dogs, I really don’t have anyone that has my back. My brother maybe, but he lives thousands of miles away. I thought I did here, but not. Hell, I have lots of friends, but non I trust to really get drunk or something w/. Hell, my first WWII event, I got WASTED on beer and moonshine… they really messed w/ me while drunk–guys in my own UNIT did this. It sucked and while I was drunk, they ripped me off, so I won’t get that way EVER again at a reenactment. Just can’t trust people. And in life, you have friends, but anymore, people are only out for themselves. I get tired of people sitting there and giving me shit. One reason, I prefer dogs–they’re loyal and they aren’t back-stabbing snake-fuckers like many people nowadays.

In lighter news
My tomato plants actually have some red tomatoes on them… the cherry ones are almost gone though. The peppers got knocked off in a storm my wife says and so, all I have left are some bigger tomatoes. Good enough.

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Migraines and such


So, today was a migraine day. Didn’t much start off that way, but work, idiot co-workers and being called a liar tends to do that. Anyway, it was just a shitty day w/ a line being drawn downwards and covering the right side of my head and that arm. Maybe it’s not a migraine, but I’ve had them and it sure felt that way to me.

Back in Cali, my doctor felt that truck driving was causing me to get migraines. I know there were a couple of times she had to inject me in the back of my head and neck before I could function. It was so bad, she thought I should seek re-training… and the state agreed!! However, I had to have a way to live while I went through the training. Since my wife doesn’t work, nor drive (don’t ask, just don’t), that was kind of out of the question. Then, I went to work for this place. It was fun at first, although I DID still have a lot of migraines when I first moved here. When Wendy moved here, she kinda of helped me do stuff to make them stop, but before that, there were a number of times Kent would come home and I’d be laying on the floor w/ a bag of ice under my neck and one on my head :-O Sucks, it does.

I still wonder if there was someway I could have done the re-training… trucking is a dead-end field these days—it’s not like the old days where it was a good profession. Well paying AND one you could count on. Now companies go under at the drop of a hat and you never can plan. Hell, looks like Roadway/Yellow Freight is gonna go belly up or so I read… :-O Scary!!! What would I do IF I did get re-trained? Damned if I know. HR maybe. I like working w/ people and helping them. I wanted to do that here, but the boss’s wife said never. C’est La Vie! Besides, as a manager, I was told often that I took the driver’s side waaaay too often. I’ve always been one of those people who believed that if you lookout for people, they’ll look out for you. Mostly it’s true, but there are scumbags in the world. Still, there’s more good people than bad ones. People like to feel they’re part of a team, not just a number or the owner’s property.

Anyway, I felt I should blog this while I remembered it, not like anyone cares about my bloviations.

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Angus is AWESOME!


Now, another story… this AM as I was taking dogs out for morning walk, we were talkign to neighbor behind. I let Angy off his leash to go as he is THE MOST persnickety dog when it comes to “dropping a deuce” (as Kent calls it). Anyway, after, he goes and says “HI!” to her. Zoey might do it different, so she stayed w/ Anyway, when time to go, I said to him to come back. Does he go around the big old drainage ditch, HELL NO! He went for it at a sudden distance, high-speed run… then, like some grand steeple chase horse, he leaps the whole damn thing in one go!!!! Just awesome. I could see the neighbor was impressed too, but tried to conceal it. I was damned impressed though!!! Just an Angy story.

Cats can be dumb


My cat is frigging stupid!! I was playing w/ him w/ a couple glow sticks while working on the computer, so, idiot bites one. I look p, see glowing cat, foaming mouth freaking out. Ack! Snatch his ass up, bust into bathroom and wash out mouth for awhile. Scrubbed out his mouth w/ water and my finger. Then he drank a little. I am pretty sure he’s okay though, as he then ate some food and treats. Dumb-ass! Don’t do that shit when I ain’t got money for an e-vet visit :-0

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Bank Fuckery


Well, once again, I’ve been fucked by Orrstown Bank. A good couple of hundred, made for them by manipulating the way they pay checks. One of them was complaining to me about an overdraft (on my card mind you, not a frigging check) and all I could think was “Witht he amount of money you fucked me out of last year, you should be buying me a giant goddamned Thanksgiving turkey and an expensive bottle of French champagne. And my bank is not alone, now all banks it seems, do this kind of dishonest shit. The pay checks (or debit charges) NOT in the order they come in, but oh no… in the order of highest to lowest in order to maximize bounce. And, they run the checks BEFORE the deposits to again, maximize bounce. Fuckers.