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Cold it is


Damn, it’s been pretty much a cold summer and it seems like Fall is already here. Trees are turning in places… cold at night. I like the Fall! I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have a shitty-ass cold winter >:-( Winter is my least favourite season.

What’s new? They’re having a neighborhood yard sale this Saturday. So, Wendy will be selling stuff I paid big $$ for, for pennies. Joy. Yes, I AM a tightwad–so hate me, I guess.

Hoping that my other car will be done soon. It’s been at the Mech’s since LAST November… I even bought a new rear-end. I hope he can get to it. I need to go to the boat and can’t w/ the one I’m driving–no oil pressure (go Lucas oil treatment!) and needs tires, PLUS it gets 10mpg, YES, 10! A frigging H1 Hummer prob gets better gas mileage. I shoulda went for the cash for clunkers thing, but… I didn’t want a damned payment. New car would be nice, but ya know, not having another $300. bill each month is nicer. I will say this: yeah, I’m poor, but I don’t have $50K in credit card debt like everyone else I know my age. D’OH!

Need to go take trash out and go to bed. Crap to do in the AM before work. Pay rent and meet someone. Oh, I put my check in and after the $200. the bank stole form me and paying my rent, I have a dollar, as in $1.00. Neat huh!? I DO wish to see banking reform happen and a banking customer Bill of Rights. Frigging thieves!!