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A thought… a profound and important thought.


…I was not angry since I came to France Until this instant.
Take a trumpet, herald; Ride thou unto the horsemen on yond hill;
If they will fight with us, bid them come down
Or void the field; they do offend our sight.
If they’ll do neither, we will come to them
And make them skirr away as swift as stones
Enforced from the old Assyrian slings;
Besides, we’ll cut the throats of those we have,
And not a man of them shall we take
That shall taste our mercy.
Go and tell them so.

Henry V, Act IV, scene vii

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Ideations? Again? Now?


Bosun, we shall beat to quarters! Get the stun’sls and t’gallents off her. Prepare to cut across their quarter and rake them as we bear…

Why do I feel so shitty? I just don’t know. Money? Not right now. My boat/ No, pretty much caught up and have her squared right now. Work? Nah, it’s okay right now… I’m handling things okay…though: it looks like I’m is be de’ manager-person again, at least for awhile. Had a good talk w/ the boss man and he asked me if I could help. I replied I could. I shall endeavour to do my best for King and company! ­čÖé Actually, things are going well and people are working together. I DO have good people and they know their jobs–it took some time for things to fall into place when we started here, but working well now. Still, I need some beer. And a couple vicodin would be nice.

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So much BS!


Wow! Our government sure puts out some BS! For that matter, am I alone (I know I’m not) in being tired of Orwellian double-speak coming from this administration and our congress. What lies. America these days is all form and no substance. Okay, there are still some good Americans, but SO MANY of them care only for their latest gadget, their new car, etc. Let’s play xbox or watch MTV or the “Hitler Channel” and its History of Ketchup (or whatever blah non-historical crap they’re showing).

It’s sad. People talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. I worry for our country. Health care… what a complete load of unwanted shit. Oh, we want health care, we just don’t want the government involved and we don’t want to pay for it–people here all want something for nothing–the bigger better deal it’s called. No one is ever happy w/ what they have and they always have to be better than the Jones.

Why is that?