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Christmas 2009


Wow! Today was weird… Sent out Merry Christmas greeting and got a couple of wankers on one list I am on, who were actually offended by it and said I did it just to piss people off!? Unreal. I need to just stop trying to be nice. Oh well, I responded and should have not… telling them I Un-Merry Christmased them and wishing their boats would get the “pox” (a bad case of blisters in their fiberglass) and that they would be diagnosed with ED and anal herpes… Okay, so I’m an asshole. I try to be nice and really, I sent a nice message and got nothing but shit. I hate ding-dongs.

Freezing Rain today

Yuck, this morning on the way to work, but they had the Pike cleaned up and it got warmer through the day. Rain, rain, rain. I like rain… I took the dogs around the block for first time in a week or two as it’s been cold and icey. Got to wear my DDR rain cape–worked well too.
Gott sei Dank for our friends, the East Germans!

Sherlock Holmes
Went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie tonite after work… I liked it. Wendy did not. Of course… if you don’t like Sherlock Holmes before, you won’t like it now, not even if you’re just going to look at Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law like she was…

It had some new wrinkles in it, but I thought it interesting. I think I still like the English series with Jeremy Brett better–it has a good feel for the time. However, saying that, it was way too clean–this movie is much grittier and probably closer in the that regard.

As my friend David says, if a Conservative sees a liberal bumper sticker that offends him, he will simply frown or grumble. A liberal will key your car, or cut your tires/valve stems or cave in your door or maybe bust out a window. Or all of those for that matter. Someone recently threw food on my brother’s Excursion because they didn’t like either his license plate(Evil SUV) or the bumper sticker (Kiss my Harry Reid). Nice huh?!


And… if you don’t know what a “National Socialist” is, you should do some research and not vote until you get it.