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All good things must end…


So, it is late. My vacation, such that it was, is ended and I need to go to bed. It is also snowing like a MOTHER out there and when last I looked, there was at least 4-5″ on the ground. I detest Winter, I do. I am also DAMNED happy that we had a a few nice days last week so that we could pull all the stuff (well, almost all of it) out of the garage and thus go through so much. Now we can even get to other boxes and walk through the garage!! And, since we can now do this, yay!! I went through 3-4 boxes today, disposing of ruined stuff, old crap, paperwork I don’t need anymore… We’re gonna keep that up. Although, unlike most of the younglings here, we have “stuff,” and will continue to have it.

Trash Day

Another yay! As we have a number of bags this time. All the extra crap from the garage. I bought a bunch of the “extra trash” tags (I sure miss the construction dumpster that was in the neighborhood until a couple months back)… Anyway, been working on office some too. Found my shelves, so will be setting those up! ­čÖé Miss my full library and having it in shelves, vs. stacks of books. Wow, all the old Sci-Fi novels I have to re-read. Keeps me from wasting all that money on new books.


Ours is messing up, so we will have to call my friend Steve, from whom we bought it and the washer. Good stuff, older Maytag (not the new garbage, but the older quality ones). Anyway, it is getting too hot and shuts off. Lots of clothes to wash, hard to get dry.


Mine are like my children. But better. No dirty diapers. No hating me because I tell them to do their homework. My one dog doesn’t even chew my shit up anymore. Okay, that’s not quite true–when she get’s pissed at me, she will eat my pillows (hence, they go in the closet when I am not in there) and she will eat up certain books to get attention. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that describes her fully.

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be “fun” as my 4×4 is back in the shop. The new rear-end is making thunks and Dr. Terry wanted it back in to check out and make sure it doesn’t grenade again. I agree! We don’t need that again. He also has a friend who does sandblasting, so it looks like I can get the cancer off the frame. ­čÖé


Oh well, can you believe, I kinda look forward to getting back in my truck? It was at the main office for over 2 weeks, so I have not had her for almost a month >:-( Lots of electrical problems… she is a former Roadway truck that was leased from (and maintained by) Penske–let’s just say they didn’t do that hot a job… certainly all the wiring on it and her sister trucks is F-ed up! Little short jumpers, etc. Why can’t they just frigging fix shit right? I hate that. Part of what’s wrong w/ America… we all know it… a general malaise and lack of pride in one’s work. Not that many companies theses days give a tinker’s damn about their employees either. Look at the crap in Wisconsin… I may be a conservative, but unions DO have their place. We owe a LOT to unions and whilst many have seemingly went to far, without them, we’d be back working crazy hours for peanuts. And companies SURELY seem to be going back to a place where they think that their workers are slaves, owned by them. We see it in the news every day–don’t have many answers, but I DO think that we need to bring jobs back the f*ck HERE, not outsource them to China or India. Tariffs… why not? Really, why the HELL not? A real reason, not some BS one.

Anyway, enough, I go now.


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I hurt!


Okay, so I took vacation the last couple of weeks. Mainly to do my wife’s Spring cleaning and clean out the garage. Our garage has been FULL since we moved in. Actually, it used to be WAY worse. Over the last two years, I have went through and cleaned out boxes on a smaller scale, but this time, we pulled out most of the garage and went through all the “wardrobe” boxes that the movers just threw shit into. A LOT of that was ruined by the basement in the house we used to rented Ft. Loudon. We had it down there, because… well, it was a tiny house. This place is much bigger, but prob still not as big as what we had in Cali, and that was a trailer. A big trailer mind you, but anyway… I digre├č (BTW, this character: “├č” called an “essett” means the “ss” sound. It’s a German thing, I like it, I always have–I’m gonna just use it here; Deal w/ it!).

So anyway, we melted down about 18 wardrobe boxes (by that I mean we cleaned them out, kept some things, dx-ed a LOT of stuff (the tightwad in my screams at all my money wasted there <grits teeth> )). Lots of stuff out, found the shelves for my book shelfs… nice huh. Needed those for the last 5+ years. I found my chain mail, some other stuff. Some lost Roman things and my 4-Zelt tent of original WWII Zelts. So, all is good there, but I am beat! I am way too old for this kinda crap. My neighbor, who is 25 helped. Wow! W/out him, I’d have died. Anyway, my right elbow and arm ACHE. Neck has a crick in it and I am beat.

We DID find out about the cardboard recycling place around the corner. Cool. Open 24/7 and free. Takes office paper too, so that when I write things (reenacting stuff) and whole forests quail, I can get rid of the proof copies. Kewl. Anyway, I thought I’d write about this. It’s been a long proce├č and I think we’ve turned the corner on it. I just am whining because I feel old and beat. Oh, and I wasted my vacation on it and won’t get to go anywhere cool. Oh well, screw it, not like I’ve had a real vacation since 1998. I didn’t win the Powerball either. That’s a bunch of crap–we all know I should be the one to win, not the usual type of winner who is usually from West Virginia or an illegal alien (they should have to forfeit it if that’s the case) or some 90 year old person. Let ME win. I will put it to good use… and NO, you will not EVER hear ME say something stupid like: “Ahm’s is gonna keep on drivin’ a truck!” Uh, no. I would be done w/ that for good. In fact, I believe I would fly to Amsterdam to celebrate by legally smoking the demon Marijuana… something I’ve not been able to really do for WAY too many years. Oh well. Some day. I sure wish Cali would have legalized it, that would have sure helped balance their budget AND maybe made it happen around the country. We won’t discu├č it here right now, I am tired and not in the mood. Just rambling.

Damn people are rude these days. Ever notice that? Look on yahoo’s discussion forums after EVERY news article and crap, there are some nasty SCUMBAGS there. And on both sides. The liberal f*cktards ranting about George Bush and the right wing zealots going on (and ON and ON) about Obama. Screw them all–I am tired of this. Can’t WE, as a NATION just frigging stop this shit? No wonder we’re going down the godsdamned toilet. I’ll stop here too. It’s just kinda fun to be blogging on the computer, vs. the damned phone which is slow and hard to type on.


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Wow… Unpacking :-o


Been going thru boxes from the last two moves… Lots of things I’ve been missing since Cali. I miss my life, my things–things I know I have, yet haven’t seen in 4 years… My “Schrank,” it sure would be nice to be able to use it, instead of still being taped closed w/ boxes around it. Well this week I’ll get to some of that. Hell, getting my library set up again would be nice. Soldatenjahrb├╝cher and Militaria Magazines out and accessable… ­čÖé

Wendy wants to hang up some of my Roman crap–okay… Why not? Won’t scare peoples like my WWII German stuff (which misses me, I’m sure). “Bis unsere der Sieg ist!” Or… “Am Ende ist der Sieg!”, both very apropos slogans for my life right now.

Oh well, I’ll stop now… It’s a real pain in the ass to type this on my phone :-p

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Is hope lost?


Is hope lost? I don’t know. Sometimes I think it is. I see our modern world collapsing, yet I wonder if it is always that way; as you get older, yearning for the past. I don’t yearn for the past per-se, but I just look at it and think it was easier 15, even 10 years ago, with more hope (and even a confidence) that things were going to get better.

Today, I, like most Americans, feel our government has, well if not betrayed us, then failed to do their job, and through their failure (and perhaps a bit of criminal incompetence thrown in there), dug us into a hole of poverty and a decreasing standard of living that I see no relief from.

What can WE as a nation do? I don’t know. I don’t think the left “gets it” yet. Hey, you on the left, it ain’t a blank check in an unlimited account… Somehow we gotta pay for your grand ideas. Now, don’t get me labeled, as I think the Republicans are being just as stupid in their race to slash the budget. Sorry guys, but some social programs NEED to be there. And what happens to people when the unemployment runs out?? It’s all well and good to tell people to “go work at McDonald’s!” (my brother is famous at this) but hey, even McDonald’s isn’t hiring everyone, even WalMart isn’t and… Wally World is now trying to screw all their workers by MAKING most of them go part-time… Nice huh?! Now, why aren’t they cutting their management, of which I am told, they have an abundance.

Anyway, we need jobs here, not in China. Maybe more tariffs ARE the answer. Maybe a REALLY large tax on those companies that “outsource” jobs overseas–make it UNprofitable to do that kind of ignorant shit. WHY wouldn’t people support that? Well, they want cheap stuff of course. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

So, for right now, I’m gonna have to say hope is lost. The dream is dead. :’-0 Hey, why not comment on me blog and tell me WHY I am wrong and WHY I suck… :-├×

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Hoops that they want you to jump through


Okay, so the wife and I are trying to buy a house–we’ve been living here for 2 years, paying the rent, paying the bills. Are we perfect? No, but they sure make it hard. I make good money and have no debt, other than a dumb student loan I have. Small too. However, it seems they’d rather I were like everyone else my age–$40 THOUSAND DOLLARS deep in credit card debt. No wonder our country is doomed… And look at the scam that is mortgage remod… Holy sheepshit Margaret, what a rip-off–just a way to generate fees from the desperate >:-0

Anyway, I am just now, not comfortable in my own home, not fun. My animals are my children… Oh, did I mention I have the most unpleasant neighbors I’ve had in my life…

I worry about where my industry is headed… The PO is WAY far in debt and is cutting stuff into the bone…Not good. Hey, let’s break faith w/ our employees and vendors, some advocate… No honor, no loyalty… When some company comes along w these two things, methinks they will be snowed under w/apps!

And when I look at our nation, I really worry–everyone feels “entitled and “special” — what Pferdeschei├če! If we don’t get after it, if we don’t knuckle down, we are doomed.