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Neighbors… The good, the bad and ugly


We all have them, the good neighbors who you can not only count on, but who you enjoy being around. Of course, every neighborhood has, as a local cop told me, the “bad apples.” He was referring to our other neighbors — a more unpleasant pair of people I have never met!

And it’s like they live for drama… Really! The rest of us just want to live our lives, they seem to just want to fight or argue or play games ­čÖü Eff that. I am too old for other people’s drama.

And on another front, one of my chillens is spooled up about nothing. As always, no one ever listens to what I say… They all think they know so much better than I. However, that’s normal in life AND in reenacting.

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Another one bites the dust


Well, we can now add another restaurant to the grand list of places we “can’t eat at because they pissed off my wife. Ryans, the place she chose for its “fish fry” is now banned. Hey, they have great steak, but no…she doesn’t eat that–much like going to a steakhouse and ordering chicken parm… D’oh! To say I am embarrassed is an understatement…