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I am stuffed. Holly, my mother-in-law out did herself. The turkey was great, but the roast pork loin was AWESOME! The green beans and cranberries were smokin’ too. Mashed potatoes to die for. Mmmmmmm… I wish I didn’t have to drive home. Oohhhhhhh man 😮

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It’s MY Thanksgiving.


In Mail Hauling, usually, we get the day after the holiday off. After so many years, you just get used to it… it is what it is. We’re going to my mother-in-law’s place for our Thanksgiving dinner today. She is a great host!!

I haven’t posted in a while… lot’s going on and I didn’t feel like it. Was busy before WWI and real world stuff after. I will say again: Hobby politics blow and you would not believe the amount of just hateful and “angry” people in a hobby. It’s sad — they can’t see the positive, just wishing to be angry, to impose their views on others. To play games and to think their title in a hobby means something. I don’t have time in my life for angry, small people. Do you? Is it worth it? I am concentrating on doing stuff w/ my unit and hoping we can move away from the one unsafe unit out there. My knee hurt so bad that it makes me really reconsider if I can keep doing this.

On the Hiring Front

So, as usual, we are short-handed. I actually found another person, willing to do the Sat night run and fill-in. Oh yeah, the promises. Yes, yes, yes. I spent an hour explaining to her (yes a “her”) all about the job. I went over every little thing. And then, I had to jump through hoops to hire her. And… she made it hard. She could not, would not follow instructions. Would not do the paperwork for her app, she questioned and argued about the paperwork for the Post Office, etc. On her app, she wrote all over thepage, her whole life story. THREE TIMES we had to redo that?!

I tried to help her, to get her onboard, well in excess of what I would for a guy (preferential treatment already?!) and she still would argue, etc. Ack! I explained NUMEROUS times this is not freight-hauling, it’s MAIL HAULING. Some drivers don’t get that and think they can “bargain” with you for stuff (“Well, why can’t ah picks the truck up here, by ma house?”). Well, after about 3-4 weeks work, I get this ding-dong on and what does she do??? She frigging quits. Yes. Quits. “What happened?” you ask… you guys must have been mean to her… Hardly: first, on her training run, she proceeds to argue the WHOLE night with her trainer. Just on and on and on. The morning after the training run, she gets back and she QUITS. “Why?” asketh you. Well, she didn’t like the computer (all trucks will be going to them now and it’s pretty simple to use), she didn’t like going to New Jersey (WTF?! I explained, FULLY, where we go and what we do…). She didn’t like the idea of laying over in the truck once in a while for a day (again WTF?!?!? I explained all this at LENGTH and she had said “Oh, that wouldn’t bother me at all.”). She didn’t like the fact that you have to “go” and cannot just stop when you feel like it. We “rush” her she said. There are “bed bugs” in the truck sleeper… That’s MY truck you drove, dipshit, there are no bedbugs in there. WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? I should have just dumped her when my warning klaxons started going off. She always had some “reason” for problems or inconsistencies, always some excuse. My dog has more common sense than this person.

So what does this idiot’s actions end up doing? Well, she cost the company a bunch of money to hire her worthless ass. She goes makes ME look like an ass to my boss (after I jumped through 40 hoops to get them to let me hire her) — think that will happen again? By quitting like that, she screwed the other drivers who were scheduled off, now one had to run over the Holiday and others had their schedules all messed up. And you know who else she screwed? Any other woman who wants to drive for us — will they go out of their way to hire someone who really is not qualified or cannot do the job? Will they give people the chance to “prove themselves?” HELL NO. Horrible huh? I tried to be fair, more than fair. We went WAY out to accommodate her and she pissed all over that. >:-( No more accommodations — if someone cannot do the job the way we need it or how we tell them to do it, they ain’t gettin’ hired. My boss has told me a couple times: “You can can bend over backwards for these people and they will then turn around and try and screw you.” and it’s TRUE. It really is. Every time they do this crap, it makes me (and other managers) less nice, less forgiving, less accommodating. And lest some jack-ass think I am some sexist scumbag, one of the BEST drivers I EVER had was a woman. I am just too trusting, too naive — thinking there’s good in people. House is right, “Everybody lies!”

What Else?

Some good things at work… I do have a great crew! Without good people, nothing really get’s done. Treat them right, look out for them and they’ll look out for you. If you DO get a bad apple, you get rid of it before it contaminates the rest. My crew really steps up and does the job. I can say, without reservation: I have the BEST crew in the company. My guys take care of the trucks, they come to work and run the run correctly. They don’t tear up the equipment. They keep our stuff in better shape than in other areas… yes, my guys are great!!


I still like Herman Cain! We need, desperately, a BUSINESSMAN in the White House, not another career politician, not another do-nothing, no-experience leech, sucking off the teat of America. From what I’ve read, Mr. Cain believes in many of the things that I do. He says he’s not an “African-American” but a “Conservative-American!” That’s what we need. Not a divider, but someone who is part of US, not part of his own little group. And… I don’t care if the fleabaggers on the left (isn’t that a great and totally apropos term for these idiots) don’t like Mr. Cain — I think he’s a good guy for the job. Maybe Cain/Gingrich??

Now, like they always do, the fleabaggers and neo-Bolsheviks on the left, are trying to tear down the candidate running against them. They conspire against ANYONE who dares run against their current socialist hero. The left, really, is an insidious and hateful political machine. They’re funded by that Nazi Collaborator, George Soros (yes, he as a teenager in Hungary, he collaborated with the Nazis), who will spend his billions (click here to read just how he made his money) to advance the causes he supports (seemingly the socialist domination of Ameirca and the world). The things these people say and do say just disgust me. Now, the right isn’t much better and do not seem to learn either AND all the IDIOTS in Congress seem hell bent on destroying the United States of America.

I am tired of hateful, partisan scumbags ruining our country. I have written my senators, congressman and President to tell them that they were doing a poor job and as their employer, I was not happy with their performance, and out of them all, the President was the only one who did not bother to respond — the White House just went and  put me on their spam mailing list. Hell, at least Bill Clinton would respond. I think if everyone wrote them, perhaps they’d try and work together, but probably not. Things are so polarized that I don’t see anything good coming. And really, I don’t care that much: I have no descendants — what do I give a shit about? I have a nephew and a niece. My nephew will be okay and my niece, well, I worry about her, but she has parents–I cannot save the world. I think people need to start learning Chinese and reading their Koran. Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر).