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Hacked, we were.


In the world, there are good people and bad. I think most people are probably good. And some of them are on the edge, but… the bad ones, they need to go. Why DON’T we cane people for being ignorant scumbags? Caning works. Do you think people spit on the streets in Singapore? Much less vandalize things? Well, maybe once. If you’ve ever watched the videos of someone being caned, you would realize just what a deterrent it is. Go look here and tell me that would be fun. Anyway, I think we need to cane frigging hackers and not just slap their wrists and give them a job in security. I am sure they don’t see it that way, but hey, tell me that to my face, not hiding on the Internet, behind a keyboard.


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A day off, things were done!


Well, it seems of late I get little done on my days off. Today, I got some wood our builders gave me. Been wanting to get — part to re-frame my office door and a big 2 x 12 that I want make some ramps to work on my truck. No, not like you think… Layers to get it up in air — damned thing hits me on the chest when trying work under it.

I also want to start building shelves in the garage… They have some more good wood, so I’ll try and get it. Then some plywood and voila! Alles gute!

A Dog’s Life

What else? Well Angus, who is well behaved, got to go w/ me to get wood — he seemed to dig that. It was only fair that I took Zoey for a walk 🙂 she is so much calmer when Angus is not there. When it gets warmer, I will start taking them separately. I need to walk anyway, Im getting old and now more out of shape.

Amazon Enlightenment

The biggest thing was I called Amazon Associates while the wife was in Wally World. The guy there gave me some good advice on making my bookstore work better. My associates payouts have really went down in last year or two. He looked at things and he was right, it was too hard to get to the books. Also, much to my chagrin, I noticed a bunch of my links to bookstore pages were Effed-up and some of the pages were WAY hosed.

I fixed WWII and RevWar. Civil War is okay, I did it last winter — same w/ Middle Ages and 1870-1900. Of course, after I got it all untangled and uploaded, I saw that the WWI area was AFU. 😮 Oh well, my head hurt too bad to deal with it. I need to just do a bit a day and get into new system, vs. old static pages. When done, it will be great. My problem is that I see something wrong and need to fix said problems, but when I do, I then always seem to find TWO OTHER frigging things to do. Just damned frustrating. And having to go back and see the same shit again and again is stultifying 🙁

Anyway, I DID get some good done. If I could just buckle down and do at least one time area book set a day, or even a week, it will soon be good.

And then

It will also be time to get the RIB up to speed. The Google ads are still in need of tweakage. I am hoping to slowly start updating the pages, beginning with the military pages — that will be easier. I have a lot of info on that :-p The Military area of RIB is pretty weak. Not bad, just weak. Then, once military is under control, I plan on just going through and upgrading other areas; in many cases, just adding more and better pix.

I hope and plan to make RIB a useful and great place for those who have an interest on Roman-Britain (or even in Roman life anywhere).

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Broken down in Madison


So, the truck that meets me out of Columbus craps yesterday. Losing power… Have driver go to T/A and they say turbo… Company head mechanic has him drive to P.O. and then freight this AM (freight, ick!)… Of course, he messes up and logs in too early: violationD’OH! So, other guy brings me the Mail and I had brought him different tractor to switch out as they (mechs) wanted me to get truck to my shop or even our NJ shop 😮 OF COURSE, on the way back, the truck starts losing power and I am down to 30mph on I-70; no where to pull off. I call and as I get ye olde waffling, I make command decision to stop @ Gary’s truck repair. “Can’t you make it back to Willow Hill?” “Uh, NO!” Says I. “I CANNOT take this truck on the pike” if it were anyone else they might have ordered it… 3-4 beefy hills betwixt here and thar… HELL NO! This could have been fixed yesterday, but nooooooooooooooooo. So here I sit, undoubtedly not getting paid for a breakdown and other’s poor decisions.

Gonna be at least another hour before I leave, as this mech (who quickly diagnosed problem) has to run and get part. Ack. My poor dogs 🙁 Dat be some boolshit, dat be what dat be. Frak!

Wonderfully Sumtin’
So, I am missing a trailer — a nice newish MAIL trailer vs. a freight box. On a dedicated run when some Billy Bob rear ends it and bends the ICC bar. Orders come to get it to Kearny to go to main shop in Maryland… Of course, someone IGNORES el Jefé’s order and starts to use it on untermensch runs. And don’t ya know, it is now missing… We are searching ask post offices, but no trace. Also, it’s satellite tracker appears to have stopped working last march, D’oh! Where o’ where is my trailer? WHY did we wait so long to look for it? Knowing the P.O., they sent it on someone else’s run… Is it stolen? Maybe.

Still Sitting
Gonna be late tonight. 😮 ¡$?,/!$#@%/?!

Did I mention it was snowing today? fortunately not sticking and not really cold just a damp nastiness that sucks the warmth out of your bones and psyche. 🙁 So far, it’s been a decent winter w/little snow and not ass-reamingly cold. Few more weeks until Spring. Ah hates me Winter, ah does.