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Some more Romaneß!


Well, I did some work on RiB and really updated the Roman medical area. If you’re into things like that, especially herbal and plant remedies,
why not give it a look?  I have been pulling Roman medical stuff together for months… I find the homeopathic and herbal remedies fascinating and am going to work to put together a kind of “med kit” of these things to try out. Who knows how it will go…

By the way, we also have a new domain: should be working soon. RiB is something that we are really passionate about! Bringing Rome to life!! And… of all the Roman lands, Roman Britain, is near the top in neatness factor!!


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Something Good!


So, I did go take the dogs for a nice walk, although it was a bit hot. I need to get them another water carrier. Still, we got to go way far away, smell things, pee some, crap a bit. Eat some grass and mud. Smell some more. Zoey got to roll in the grass somewhere different. Musta been enough, they’re both sacked out. 🙂

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I Hate Drama Mamas


People just need to chill the fuck out. They worry about what everyone else does. Some, like a person not to be named, get all worked up over dumb things and semantics. We’ve all worked for bosses that demand respect. Hell, in my company, there are managers who think their title means something… they think they’re important and can mess w/ people’s lives. Of course, then they wonder why they have ultra-high turnover. Hell, even I have a hard itme finding drivers. I hold it together by the skin of my doo dads. Rob Peter to pay Paul… cover the run. One of my “children” constantly complains it’s because we don’t have health insurance, but that’s not all of it. Some say we have a “bad name” around here, but that too, is not all of it. Mainly, people don’t wanna work anymore. “What, work on weekends and holidays? Eff you.” Why the Gubment will give them years of unemployment. They’re entitled. Why should they? AND, w/ the driver shortage, it’s harder and harder. We can’t hire a lot of experienced people due to stuff that happened 10-20 years ago — NO SHIT!!! Pennsylvania is especially bad as they don’t take things off your record after the time unless you petition it off. I had a guy had two tickets in his car, back like in 2001?! And I couldn’t hire him because of those tickets… WTF? All because some lawyer might use it in court about hiring someone who HAD A TICKET 10 YEARS AGO 😮 Soon, they’re gonna have to pay us $50. an hour. Most of these companies try and weasel out by hiring new drivers and training them. Sure, go ahead. Of course, in a couple of our terminals, English IS the second language and guess what their record’s like. Sad. I think we have a good company, but a lot of management just doesn’t get the part about needing to learn about management… it ain’t something you just know. Oh well, ain’t my name in chrome letters on the door. Discouragement is my middle name today.


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No more dipshits!


Okay, this a good one… hired a guy, older driver, experienced, etc. Anyway, we go through all the crap, get him onboard and he even pulls a run. does a fill-in, but can’t run city as he has no badge yet… is  “sick” Thursday nite when supposed to train. Okay, ran Friday to cover a run and then to train and get badge on Tuesday night. 45 mins before he is too go out, this guy calls and says he’s not gonna take the run. 😮 WTF? Says he doesn’t want to go to NJ, that he doesn’t want to do a 4 hour layover and not get paid (while he’s sleeping, mind you) AND he doesn’t like the idea of having to load and unload the trailer. WTF, WTF, WTF????

Some of the other drivers think one of our drivers scared him away, I don’t know. I do know that I shant hire another person from Huntingdon ever again. Every one of them has screwed us over in some way. I kinda shoulda known when he wanted to meet at the restaurant to do the paperwork, even when I told him that mornings were bad and I had to roll. Some people never get it.

And the day just got worse with an e-mail from the post office… eff this. Let me win the lotto — I’ve paid my dues

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So, this weekend is my 30th class reunion, I ain’t gettin’ to go. Work, money, life conspired against it. Well Fuck! Guess we’ll move on. No use being mad about it.

Damned riding mower is not running right and… left a nice puddle of gas in the garage, to be discovered at 02:20… fun to clean up. Mower is in driveway under a tarp… need to get it to JR or Greg. You know, of course, that it was all my fault that we had fumes in the house.

New driver starting tonite… first mail run, some shit ALWAYS goes wrong. I hope he has a good trip. I’ll be worried all night. He’ll be okay, been driving a long time longer than me.

Got this new app for my phone called Assistant… pretty cool and really allows some mods plus you can customize the avatar and voice. Training it is a bit of a pain, but working on. Wish it has a training program. Might make it easier. Thanks to Laura for telling me about it!!