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I hate mixers.


Yes, I do. Like dump truck drivers and other constructoid drivers, mixer drivers have this ignorance to them. Showing up next to my housU.e at 7 am… Yeah, one can expect that, but leaving your piece of shit in reverse, so I have to listen to the frigging backup alarm for an hour?? Or occasionally revving up the motor (thus allowing me to discover you are one of those ignorant fucked without a muffler)… that’s plain annoying or worse.hackers like this, wonder why people hate my profession… just a lack of carrying about those around you. Straight pipes on a truck are just like on a Harley… rudeness on purpose. There’s a reason that construction drivers are at the bottom of the driving hierarchy… And yeah, they are. If course though, I consider those aholes in big kenworths, pulling a”covered wagon”to be right up there too. If you ever notice on the road, they’re the ones speeding, tailgating and in general, doing ignorant stuff on the road. Not all mind you, but most.

Anyway, I just want to thank this asshole for this morning’s fine beginning.