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Does it get better?


So, today started out with ice, then the joyful discovery that I had a flat. After Nationwide roadside came out and aired me up… Went and got a used tire, then home for argument with wife.

Next, my driver called and he will be out for a while (or longer) due to heart problems. Hopefully one of the new people we have in the pipeline will work out.

In WWI, the thing we do twice a year is still holding me, when I’m usually two months into Roman work. It seems the drama has died, but in a hobby with huge passions…

In the Roman world, we seem to be moving forward, with recruits, an immersion event before Military Through the Ages (MTA) which is In March at Jamestown Settlement. I haven’t Ben since 1999, the unit went last year (I was stuck working). Sadly, the unit we went with got banned and we were in trouble for a few things. Our centurio did a lot of liasing with them and got us invited back. We have work to do!

Anyway, just a lot to do and not enough time or money for everything.