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It just doesn’t seem to be getting better


With work AFU. I now not only have THAT stress, but I have craziness at home. I am just kind of tired of my life. Yes, really. No matter what I do, some fucktard will be unhappy with me or my decisions. And this frigging thing, it will let any shithead spammer register and try to post, but not my friends. Damifino why. I asked on the wordpress forum and got a bunch of BS> No people, it DOESN’T work. Just like damned google analytics on my php website. No, it does not work.

Anyway, I am tired of people. It isn’t the same as it used to be. Sure, nothing is, but my country is wiping the bowl! Whether it’s demolishing an ancient Indian mound for a WalMart parking lot or deciding to sell off Detroit’s museum’s art collection (how effing dumb is that) to our president surrendering to the terrorists. There is no decency, no honor and you damned -well cannot trust ANYONE anymore. I’ve had friends stab me in the back. Hell, sometimes it seems those closest to me want me to fail. Fuck it.