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Life has been more stressful lately. Problems at work. Problems at home. Problems in general. First, I hate incompetence and I hate bullies. Makes it hard to deal w/ things, doesn’t it?

Yesterday’s Day

Yesterday was essentially a 18 hour day. I got up at 05:15, left at 06:30 drove to Baltimore, fly to Raleigh then rode to Rocky Mount, wherein the truck would not start. >:-( Jumped off the APU and it then took from 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm for the APU to power the truck enough to get it to turn over and start. Got trailer and left at about 5:30. Got to yard in Baltimore at 10:30, off at 10:45. Drove home. Back at 01:00… it was more complicated than that, but that was the day in a nutshell.

Just a long day. And it was really hot and nasty down south yesterday. I was getting sick from the heat, which was a “fun” new experience. Joy.

Today’s Joy

This AM was a great fight w/ the wife. Over dumb stuff. Another joy. I just have too much to deal with. Worry, stress, drivers CONTINUING to call me about their checks and money… what can I tell them? Nada. Life is not ordered right now and that makes it worse. Causes me to stress out heavily.


Sounds like I get to fly to Georgia — a whole new set of stresses. Have to put Zoey in the kennel (who can’t take her till Monday) and she needs her distemper and lepto shots. Yay, $90. I don’t have.

The Internet

It’s not that fun anymore and I cannot do creative stuff under stress — a main reason my websites have not been really worked on for the last 8 months or so. Just too hard. The Roman one has been getting some work, but I keep getting disturbed. R-Net needs an update of software, which takes money first for some upgrades. one, before the other, always, but before that, THIS other thing HAS to be done.


Really windy early this AM. Lots of rain, lighting. Poor Angus went into Zoey’s crate (she was fine)… his 10th Birthday yesterday… He does seem to be feeling better on the Clucosamine Chondroitin I’ve been giving him. Getting stiff in his old age — I can relate — my left hand gets worse every day. ring finger and pinky and part of my palm there ache. Ring finger get’s “stuck” and I have to move it past a certain point to free it. Yay.

I’ll stop — you don’t need to read about my blather. Just another day in the countdown.