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Don’t you just get tired of manipulative people?


The ones who act like everything is YOUR fault, when in fact, they are responsible for their own problems… Anyway, not much to say. Won’t rant here about this person, just tired of them. Tired of their hate, anger, BS, Games… I hate two-faced people. Hell, I have a “friend” I have known for YEARS who now, just won’t give me the time of day due to things happening and his own decisions. Whatever.

I miss having a fun life. Not perfect, but decent. Each day, it gets worse. Bad government. Bad home life. Probs w/ the job.. you can’t count on anything. Arrrggghhhh.

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Life On de Road


Just a quick blog… I have been doing stuff on the road for a few weeks, something that will probably be explained later.

Anyway, our latest (mis)adventure consists of the dogs and I bring put out of service at a way station outside of Lavonia, Ga. A suspension part crapped out on the trailer and it will be morning before they can get it. I was almost out of hours, so it worked out. It did earn me my first overweight tix in my life 😮 however, it’s on the company they told me. 🙂

The guys working the scale were really nice and even gave me some ice for my cooler… I have a very favorable impression of the DOT guys here and they were also very helpful about who to get to come out and fix the trailer. Hope that happens quick, as I need to warp to Jessup. My biggest irritation is that my apu took a shit Sunday afternoon 🙁 and this truck will only idle for 20 mins. Uggh. The heat woke me up in the middle of the night just now… turned truck on to cool us down in here for a little while. Well let that go a couple cycles and it will stay cool for a few.

We did have a tornado warning right here for about an hour. The alarm on my cell phone sure wakes you up. 😮

I can say, in my freight-hauling “adventures” I have had the good fortune to meet some really nice people, and only a few “not-so-nice” ones… the South is a pretty cool place to travel. And I will also say, North Carolina has the best rest stops, followed by Georgia and then South Carolina (still, very nice). Virginia’s are hit and miss… the ones in I-81… meh! The Old Dominion’s rest areas on I-85 are much nicer though.

So, back to sleep in a sec… just felt a need to write something. Oh, and congrats to Will and Kate!! And to Britain.