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Time, money and a whining dog


So, where do I begin? I have time right now as I am looking for a job. Being laid off does that to you. Before, I never had time to do anything… Now I have lots of time, but little money. And as I sit here, waiting for the wife (imagine that), I have the dog sitting next to me WHINING and the pickup idling – idling you say? Yeah, I fixed the ac two days ago and it’s warmish out… Bite me.

Anyway, as my life is in limbo, I have time to think. I think on a war it looks like our idiot president and his cronies seem hell bent on starting – a war we really should not have ANY part of. Why do more of our tax dollars have to go for this? -and it only makes gas artificially high. WHY do more of our military people have to be killed or have their lives ruined because of this bullshit? My brother says that for what we have paid and are paying now, we could have paid off everyone’s mortgage. I think that’s a way better idea. Let the sand people kill each other off. Why not dump those oil-eating microbes in their oil fields? You know, the ones they developed to get rid of oil slicks… Then they can go back to being Bedouin peasants… Tell me why that’s bad. It is said that we have more oil in our reserves than anywhere – let’s let them user their oil reserves (which I think we are doing), but hasten that by letting the microbes eat their oil…

Contrary to what some turds say, I don’t think we’re a bad country – yes, we have our share of turds, but generally, we’re good. They aren’t.

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Ugh. The Post Office


You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!

No truer words can be spoken about this organization — okay, you can add incompetence and don’t forget the 4-isms of the Post Office:

  • Racism
  • Favoritism
  • Sexism
  • Nepotism

They are the true measure of the P.O. A demoralized workforce, led by a (mostly) incompetent leadership “team.” All the management has started at the bottom, which is WHY it is so bad. Truly good people just do not want to deal with constant flood of bullshit and hassle that is the P.O.

No, I am not making this up, those who have been there can confirm I speak the truth.