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Everyone’s Suffering


As my brother Jim says, everyone is suffering these days. It’s seen in their eyes and by careful reading of what they say. What has caused this? Partly, I think by a lowering of our standards of living… What has caused this? A lot of it is bad government, not taking care of things that have needed doing. I see, right now, that Pennsylvania is trying to raise the gas tax .28 a gallon… Do these fucktards think this will help? Just like with Obammy and gas, when gas goes up, our economy and standard of living goes down.

Other than short upticks, things just seem to be getting shittier. How? Why? Partly, it seems we all realize that someone has squandered the riches of our country. The lead we had, the prosperity. Mainly, I think most of us know our “leaders” have led us down the path to destruction. Bush was barely holding the line when he got stuck with a democrat congress. When they suddenly had control of it all, they just squandered it. (Yes, I think Bush was better than he gets credit for). This idiot we have now, has tripled the National Debt. Tripled. How does that get paid off? It won’t. What will happen? I don’t know…. Makes your brain sizzle. I don’t have a solution, do you?

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Health Care


Anyone who knows me, knows I am for a single-payer system. I thought “Okay, now we’ll get health care in this country, even if I don’t like Obama.” Of course, I should have known he and his cronies were more after shaking up and destroying what we had and giving us something much worse — to further us along in his attempts to bring America down to the level of his native Kenya.

I see no good coming out of this and all the problems are only showing it to be what it is, a poorly hatched plan to control people once again. A bad president put in office by people who can’t even understand the issues. It’s like we nee dot pass a law requiring voters to take a test before they can vote. Oh no, that will disenfranchise the stupid, say the liberales. So what, say I. Dumb people shouldn’t get to vote. Learning isn’t hard. Read. “But ah don’ laik me no boooks, theys is full of too many wurdzzz, ah don’ laik me wordzzz.” Which is it in a nutshell. The simpletons survive on a mental diet of American Idol, the Khardasians and Honey Boo-Boo… Ugh.

Sadly, I have no answers EXCEPT making people have to take a test. But, they will object, “I am a citizen.” So what, if you can’t understand the issues, you should not have a say until you do. Learn. Or go back to your simpleton TV shows — people don’t even read anymore. Just quick videos on facebook or the news. Sad.

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Snakes of the World


Isn’t it interesting how people are? Polite to your face or when they want something, but as soon as they don’t need you anymore, well, that goes away. I dunno, just maybe I’m tired of angry, unhappy people. People who hold grudges for YEARS. Ugh. Sad and it kind of makes you a bit ill. Or not. Just a thought.