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Bye Dad.


My father, Mike Wise passed away on April 18th, 2014. I’m going to miss him. In the end, it was congestive heart failure, brought about with complications from his diabetes… The diabetes had given him an increasing dementia and he had been I the hospital for the congestive heart failure. They had been telling him he was going home, and had set up hospice care, telling my step mother he had six months. That turned into two weeks, then one week and then, after he was home, he stopped eating and that night she called me that he had passed after midnight. I miss him.

it was sad and horrifying to see how this caused his increasing descent and in someways I am happy he is in a better place (as people say)… He believed in Christianity and I hope he’s there… I’m not religious and am not going to discuss all that.

We will be having a memorial for him June 22nd in Reno. Vaya con Dios Dad!