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Added some annuals to my bed out front. I had to make this around the water trunk as the contractor effed up and made it stick too high out of the ground. Anyway, hopefully, they’ll do well this summer. I’ve been building beds w/ rock from the lots around here.I have a big flat one, I need to get it over here for a stepping stone. Might need some help.

Also, removing the bricks I have around the trees and will be doing that with rock. Last will be my Roman herb garden inspired by my friend Mark’s… It’s been a bit hot though. Maybe soon.

Have to go to Richmond tomorrow. Hope that is fruitful–the guy down there is so against the computers. It’s sad really. Don’t wanna dwell on that.

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It just ain’t there


You always see on TV or movies how women support their man. Well, I just don’t see it. Okay, maybe 1 in a 1000 do that. Most times, it just gets nastier and nastier. I am sorry, but control freaks just aren’t cool. Or threats… if you don’t… and the thing is, I see this with most people I know. The silent treatment or the “cut your nose off to spite your face” those are good tricks. And I’m a bastard? Oh sure.

Sadly, that’s about all this blog has become… I don’t really write in it because I am just too angry to write anything decent. And really, the whole world is turned to shit.

You don’t wish to see me write about our corrupt president. Nor about the absolutely stupid people out there. I don’t have this idea that I’m some modern day Mark Twain like a couple people I know. I am just me. Tired of the crap and looking to have a decent life.