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Okay, so that’s tomorrow. Right now, I’m grilling because someone started nagging me. It’s 2:15. It’s just us. A friend loaned me some money and I was able to buy fresh food. Of course, my “roommate” is not happy with what I dared buy… No, no. We must only buy what said person feels is apropos…

Anyway, it’s just hamburgers and some “donkey dick” as Mark calls it. Got some Amish potato salad and avocados too. Even enough for tomorrow too. Anyway, I am sitting on the deck ruminating about things. Oh shit, need to set timer for grill ­čśŤ

It’s not like most people will even think of this date in 1776… To the masses, it’s just a day to drink beer (it was complained that I dared not buy any Redd’s Apple Ale–which I like too). See, some people like to spend the money down to zero, like a money locust… I don’t. Anyway, whilst I am not that hip on the Civil War period, I do find the Revolution quote interesting. We were a “Brexit” before it was cool. Most people in this country though, are simpletons… People so shallow they can’t even tell you about our history, yet will be voting for Hillary (now that their socialist hero Bernie is out–unless Hillary gets properly indicted). They truly should have to pass a test to vote in this country. Simpletons is a good word for many.

Anyway, it’s a nice day–not cranking hot like last weekend. I wish I could have went sailing yesterday… Nice weather there and wind. None for today it tomorrow, it says. Perhaps next weekend. I know for sure, I’m going sailing on the 16th–wind or no wind.

Hope to be going to get the truck after that. Somehow, I will get to Ohio… I just hope they get her done.


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