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Politics, the rise of the new nazis (Antifa) and the decline of America…


So, the leftists and anti-Americans controlled by the nazi George soros are doing their best to tear us apart and bring down this country. Pretty disgusting really. You have paid political agitators protesting and causing violence. Destroying landmarks, suppressing their opponents free speech and even attacking them. I saw a video of some slug spraying tear gas in the face of some confederate reenactors. This turd was arrested, but you know he’ll get off ­čśí Saw another news article where a WWII group had a dinner and a couple of the employees then got fired for taking photos with them… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.


Nazis, yes, NAZIS in the guise of “anti fascists” what bullshit. They’re nothing more than Nazis. Many claim to be socialists, but ya know what? ALL SOCIALISTS ARE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS! Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not true.


And now, everyone is offended about something and the left whines constantly abut President Trump… at least now they’re off the Russia kick. I find it funny that he’s now a racist when over the years he was the only one hiring blacks and gays and other minorities… Hell, even Jessie Jackson gave him an award for that. The left just knows no shame; they’ll say anything, do anything to smear someone they believe to be an enemy. So many people se another civil war coming… I hope not.

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